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Old timers know
  • Fair point

  • Old timers know
  • I mean, a lot of docker files out there with COPY . .

  • Boeing CEO Admits It's Retaliated Against Whistleblowers
  • Murdered. Boeing murdered whistleblowers.

  • Poisoned trees gave a wealthy couple in Maine a killer ocean view. Residents wonder, at what cost?
  • Think of how much better their neighbors view will be without that house there

  • Cosmic apps all freeze after latest update

    Hi all, I've been running the latest Pop_OS 22.04 LTS, and recently discovered all the new cosmic apps from the upcoming Cosmic DE. They are seriously impressive in both UI/UX and performance, but I got updates to all of the cosmic apps yesterday, and now when i try and launch any of them, they simply hard lock my computer, forcing a hard reboot to recover.

    I noticed a few recent reports of similar behavior over on Reddit, but Reddit 'tis a silly place, so I'm posting to Lemmy instead.

    Since I cannot copy/paste any errors, i took a picture and hand typed out what happens when i launch cosmic-store from a terminal. It appears to be a json-ish error.

    ERROR winit::platform_impl::platform] X11 error: XError { description: "BadMatch (invalid parameter attributes)", error_code: 8, request_code: 149, minor_code: 4 ) os info: ```sh kernel: 6.9.3-76060903-generic


    There are no updates available via sudo apt update && apt upgrade as of time of this post, and this is from an xorg session. ```sh ~$ ps -e | grep -E '(Xorg|wayland)'

    2207 tty2 00:00:12 Xorg ```

    Two definitions of self hosted
  • I'll argue it's on prem even if it's hosted in azure behind a private v-net

  • NGD
  • Nice!

  • Self-inflicted wound
  • Just circle the area of the map where you want the climate change to go.

  • Where do you take someone who’s been in a peek-a-boo accident?
  • be sure to take an am-boo-lance to get there!

  • What happened with Starfield?
  • I can't speak for everyone, only myself. It seemed to be mostly a case of 'What was promised is not what was delivered.' They promised a ton of locations to travel to and explore, and we got a lot, but they are 99% empty with maybe one POI per location. However, what really killed it for me is the inventory system. Hauling resources around for crafting is an incredible chore, meaning your only real option is to use the lodge's infinite weight box. I hated it.

  • AI will capture carbon through reverse buzzwordolysis
  • Purchase more carbon credits

    Indulgences never really went away did they

  • YouTube looks to be testing server-side ad injection to counter ad blockers
  • It sounds like this would be easy for tools like SponsorBlock to label and skip segments as ads. However, it would be tough on smaller channels where people might not be labeling them as such.

  • After 10 years in early access, 7 Days To Die finally has a release date for version 1.0
  • This is probably in my top five games of all time. I think it really works if you try hard not to compare it to other games, and just play it on its own merit. It can definitely be janky, but that's part of the charm.

  • break fast 🥣 move things 🛒
  • "we've had one break fast, yes. What about second break fast?"

  • Boeing sales tumble as the company gets no orders for the 737 Max for the second straight month
  • At least they won't have to wonder where these severed horse head in the middle of the bed came from.

  • Firefox Browser Blocks Anti-Censorship Add-Ons at Russia’s Request
  • I guess there isn't a good path here. There never is when Russia is involved. I guess just less bad maybe, I dunno

  • Firefox Browser Blocks Anti-Censorship Add-Ons at Russia’s Request
  • Think about it, pretend you are the Mozilla CEO. You get a request demand from Putin that you block these addons, and you have two options. A) Make a stink and stick to your principles, of which Putin has none, and so you get Firefox banned in Russia altogether. Now, Russians who want to use it cannot, and are forced to use other browsers that Putin can control. or B) Comply with the request, knowing users can still load extensions from the side.

    Only one of these two options leads to the possibility of Russians being able to use Firefox with these addons, and it's B.

    Oh and fuck Putin, just because.

  • Is it just a coincidence that Chromium and Firefox have similar version numbers?
  • My memory is hazy here, but I was under recollection that Microsoft opted not to call it the Xbox 2 because it coincided with the release of the PlayStation 3, and since three is more than two, obviously the PlayStation is better. And as much as I absolutely hate Microsoft, I almost can't blame them. Remember that a&w lost to McDonald's because people thought a 1/3 lb hamburger was less than a 1/4 lb hamburger. People are fucking stupid.

  • Automatically launch f launcher after sleep

    Does anyone know if there's a way to launch f launcher instead of the shitty Google home screen when the unit resumes from sleep? I essentially want to make it where I never ever see the Google home screen ever


    I thought I would buy a 3 kg spool because lazy, don't be me.

    Just thought I would quickly share what can happen if you're not paying attention with a heavy mass spool if you're not careful. I have all my spools on a dowel rod attached to the top of my printer enclosure and fed through an opening in the top. Never had the slightest issue with 1 kg spools, and I thought I would save a little bit of money and time changing filament by trying a 3 kg spool. It spins perfectly fine without friction, but the much heavier mass is enough to cause it to have significant strain on the extruder pulling it in to the hot end. You can see in the result where I provided strain relief by hand while watching it print. !


    I think the universe is trying to tell me something about my e string bends

    In the span of 2 days, I've managed to break the E string on two of main jam guitars. Bad luck, or bad technique? I'm betting on the latter lol



    Spotted this in a store today and promptly put my shit that I didn't need back on the shelf and walked out.

    Edit: it has been pointed out this sign is most likely ironic, in line with the companies schtick. I would counter that while that may be true, behind every good joke is a little bit of the truth. They mean this unironically also.


    PrusaSlicer - Need some quick help with prototype printing

    Hi everyone - I'm doing some prototyping on a part I'm designing. The final part will take up nearly the entire build plate, but for a test print, I'm using a negative modifier to remove 80% of the part, leaving only a sliver to print. The problem is that once sliced, the part left to be printed is way over on the edge of the build plate, and I'd rather it be in the center if possible. If I position it where the edge i want printed is in the middle, it of course complains that part of the file is off the build plate and won't let me slice, even though it's all being removed with the negative modifier. Any ideas on how to get it to cut the piece and still center it?

    Functional 3D Printing ArtVandelay

    I made a simple sanding block for my own use.

    All the sanding blocks I have seen are the nut and bolt type, but i found myself wanting something more of just a ... block. No adjusting, loosening, tightening, moving, just wrap your sandpaper around an edge and go. So I spent 15 minutes in FreeCAD and made one. So far it's working great.

    In case anyone else wants it, or has feedback.


    For funsies, i designed and 3D printed a TS9 style light switch cover.

    I won't profess to be a design mastermind, but it was a fun process. I learned a lot and it was a lot of fun.


    Prusa MK4 with enclosure filament feeding

    I'm contemplating a Prusa MK4 + official enclosure and I'm looking at the way the enclosure handles filament feeding into the (N)extruder. Normally, filament is loaded directly from the spool into the extruder, but with the official enclosure, I see it's fed through a PTFE tube and coupler. It seems to me this would make changing filaments mid print quite a pain. Would I be ok simply feeding the filament into a PTFE tube, but cutting it way short of the extruder and simply feeding it in from there into the extruder without the tube?


    Question about Z screw coupler

    Hi all, I have a quick question about my z screw coupler (as i understand it, the metal cylinder at the bottom you can manually move your z axis up and down with).

    When I manually raise the z axis (with steppers disabled) by rotating the coupler clockwise, after I let it go, it reverses it's rotation on it's own and sinks back down. This is frustrating because it takes forever to actually move it any distance. Am i doing anything wrong? Should you only ever move the z axis with software, and if so, is there a way to fix the issue of it going back down? I don't know how to adjust the tightness of this part, I'm still pretty new.


    One month ago, I didn't really know what 3D printing was. Yesterday, I designed in FreeCAD my first model and printed it. What an amazing experience.

    I still have no idea what I'm doing really. Just too determined to give up I guess, and it's been such fun. Anyway I made a guitar pedal light switch cover. Still a lot of work to do, and every time I look at FreeCAD the wrong way, the model breaks, but it's been a fun experience nonetheless.

    On a side note, anybody have any idea why the face of the model is rough textured, while the foot switch on the lower half is flawless?



    An "almost" perfect first layer help

    Good morning friends! I'm still fairly new to 3D printing, although I'm learning a lot more to be dangerous now. I'm printing this part, and I have cleaned and leveled the bed, as I do before every print, and usually have very few issues. This time, my first layer went down almost perfect, with the exception of the bottom right corner being a little bit tight, but as you can see in the picture, every once in a while, I get exactly one line of it not adhering on the first layer. Subsequent layers all seem to lay down perfectly fine, so I'm suspecting bed adhesion, it's just weird that it's only in one single line. Anyone ever experienced issues like this, and seen a remedy?



    Issues with layer adhesion (i think)

    I'm a beginner 3D printing novice. I have done about 5-6 successful prints so far, and my last two have technically come out fine, but they seem very brittle. By brittle, i mean that both prints have snapped cleanly into several pieces, not by design. My extremely novice research has led me to think it's a layer adhesion issue - it is very cold here where I am right now, and I print in a non-climate controlled shed because of reasons. I do have an enclosure though, so i tried printing my PLA at 205 instead of 200, but same result. Is there a better way to correct prints snapping apart like that? I don't feel like i used any excessive force.

    Ender 3 Pro Polymaker dual matte white/black PLA 1.75mm


    Generally speaking, how much temperature can an ambient enclosure account for?

    I'm getting into 3D printing, and due to the nature of my living constraints, I find myself with a large 12 ft x 20 ft non-climate controlled but clean shed from which to print. I bought one of these small microenvironment enclosures for my ender 3 pro, but temperatures here in the winter can reach the teens, and summers over 100 Fahrenheit. I guess my question is how much temperature can those micro enclosures account for when it's extremely cold on the outside?


    Absolute beginner with questions

    Hello community, I'll try to be brief. My 13 year old son got a 3d printer as a gift, and I'd like to learn alongside him. We have 0 experience. However, I am a data scientist, so lots of professional Python experience, if that helps. We're a foss/Linux family so my questions are:

    What tools are the best to learn for 3d printing for me? I am ready to learn CAD programming. Can you all recommend a tech stack and resources to learn it?


    A question regarding USB-C charging on newest Lemur Pros

    My new Lemur Pro arrives tomorrow, and I'd like some guidance on charging via USB-C - is it recommended at all? I know it lists it supported, but i want to make sure I'm not doing anything ill-advised, and grab the right charger.



    Sync identifies a comment as me, if it's from someone with the same username but on a different instance.

    I was very confused until I realized a comment I read was from someone with my username, but registered to a different Lemmy instance. By identifies, I mean the username is highlighted and the blue avatar indicating it's me is present. Also, this doesn't feel like the best place to report bugs, is there a better way?


    Does the Jellyfin API expose play history for a specified user?

    I'm looking at making a fun project for generating media recommendations based on past viewing behavior and I'd like to know if the API exposes something like "previous N items that user X played"

    Looking through the swagger docs on my server, i see an endpoint of /Users/{UserID}/Views but that only seems to return all of my libraries, not the individual media for that given user's playback history. I'd like to get the last X (configurable) items that a given user Id has played, but no luck so far.

    I'm using the python library here


    New guitar day, all the way from England - it's PJD Guitars!

    After 7 long, agonizing months waiting, I got my PJD Woodford Elite today! It's a custom design, which Leigh at PJD was very gracious to allow me to choose


    • Color: Highland Purple, quilted
    • Fretboard: Roasted birdseye maple
    • Pickups: Cream T P90s

    It sounds so amazing, i legit teared up when i first plugged it in - think Strat but on steroids. I immediately gravitated towards Andy Timmons, so I had to try a bit of Electric Gypsy, through my Quad Cortex Mesa Lonestar preset, and it nailed it.

    So happy today!!

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