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Republican calls for ‘civil war’ if Trump loses
  • I promise you they don't read this shit and either have free volunteering moronic and willing slave laborers read this or pay a few interns minimum wage to read all this shit and send back pre-written canned replies.

    Sending this is likely a complete waste of fucking time. I wouldn't know for sure, but I'm willing to bet money on it.

  • Apple AI Released a 7B Open-Source Language Model Trained on 2.5T Tokens on Open Datasets.
  • How am I "internet police" when I never demanded anything from you and simply pointed a hypocrisy and shared the observation with you?

    You sound like you have deeper issues that need a professional to help you resolve. Or don't, and just stagnate. I'm not the fucking internet police telling you what to do and what not.

  • Intermittent contact ruel
  • Most mods on lemmy simply ban/delete/censor people they personally don't like; the price of destroying conversations and interesting discussions to change nothing about the "safety" of the nearly non-existent community.

  • Traveling this summer? Maybe don’t let the airport scan your face.
  • How do you know it is auto deleted?

    What if it relies on specific personnel to actively purge the database? What if said personnel are poorly trained, low pay, exteme limited time, and simply does not care?

    How likely does a TSA agent fall under all of those criteria? (Hint: very likely)

    Edit: here's the fucking clincher directly from their website

    During periodic testing and development, TSA and DHS Office of Science and Technology (S&T) may retain passenger data for up to 24 months.

    I am pretty sure I read somewhere that they plan to test this system for the next decade. So technically they don't delete anything due to being a long as fuck period of "testing".

  • Proton Mail goes AI, security-focused userbase goes ‘what on earth’
  • The fact that you never realized that you should've self hosted since all corporations will inevitably follow the money, and that politics will always be tied to money, therefore all corporations will make political decisions against your interests makes me lose hope in common sense.

  • 32 percent of Americans believe a military regime or authoritarian leader would be a good way of governing the country.
  • An overwhelming majority of California and New York leftists disagree with you and have neutered themselves in order to prevent black people from organizing during the segregation era protests and now the reason is for children's safety from school shooters.

    What do you say to those people?

  • Sets my mind at ease
  • Imagine I say that tuberculosis not a big deal and post a Victorian era news article talking about miasma and plague doctor masks with scented oils inside proving my point, is what you essentially did.

    Please provide a relevant recent source of info to back your shit up or stfu with your bullshit.

    It's so easy to prove me wrong, please for fucks sake prove me wrong.