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Trying to buy a laptop for college. What specs should I look out for?
  • Yes but the reasons to do so are specific and few and far between. OP did not say anything about Filmmaking, which is one of the few areas that there aren't a whole lot of alternatives.

    You definitely don't need a Mac for CS/coding and nearly all other college work which is what OP mentioned.

    And a used MacBook means you are a lot closer to a SSD failure, that you can't easily replace because it's all soldered just like Apple wants

  • Trying to buy a laptop for college. What specs should I look out for?
  • It would be better to get just about any other laptop and just install Linux. At least OP could get a laptop specced lower on ram and storage and upgrade later unlike Apples entire M line of MacBooks. No upgrades, and when (Not if, when) the storage dies you're just screwed.

    Plus, you just get more computer per dollar when you don't have to pay the Apple Tax

  • Trying to buy a laptop for college. What specs should I look out for?
  • get a Mac.

    No. Please stop supporting their soldered-in designed-ewaste ways

    Just install Linux OP, you'll get far more computer for the money AND you'll be able to upgrade it in the future by avoiding a Mac

  • What's something you used to dislike that you have come to enjoy?
  • Is not a cure-all by any means, they have their own problems

    Did you know that a bank is specifically forbidden from taking money from a checking or savings accounts to satisfy a payment owed without your express authorization if you also have a loan/credit card through the same bank?

    Did you also know that CUs are exempted from that consumer protection regulation? That's right and many of them exercise their ability, I learned this the hard way, when MF'in NFCU ripped a 300$ payment out of my account that was 2 or 3 weeks late on an unsecured loan (it wasnt even a couple months) and screwed over my ability to make my rent that month.

    They also have the DUMBEST online account security practices. "We can't have you set your own username for "security" so you'll have to wait for us to mail you a letter with a user ID on it, oh and to log in for the first time you'll have to wait another week for us to also mail you a new account pin"

    CUs might be a tad better than banks, but they are NO savior.

  • TikTok pushed far-right AfD party on young voters in Germany
  • I am a fairly radical leftist and a pacifist and you wouldn't believe the amount of hoo-ra military, toxic masculinity, explosions and people dying, gun-lover bullshit the YouTube algorithm has attempted to force down my throat in the past year. I block every single channel that they recommend yet I am still inundated.

    I really want to know why their algorithm varies so wildly from person to person, this isn't the first time I've seen people say this about YT.

    But in comparison, their algorithm seems to be fairly good in recommending what I'm actually interested in and none of all that other crap people always say. And when it does recommend something I'm not interested in, it's usually something benign, like a video on knitting or something.

    None of this out of nowhere far right BS gets pushed to me and a lot of it I can tell why it's recommending me it.

    For example my feed is starting to show some lawn care/landscaping videos and I know it's likely related to the fact I was looking up videos on how to restring my weed trimmer.

  • What technology will date us in the future?
  • It's mentioned a few times, replicators can work "in reverse". They'll put in trash, dirty dishes, old clothes, whatever is no longer needed back in for the replicator to break back down into energy for later use

  • Ngl, I would really like to try some good ol Leola Root!


    Ah Data, you're a savage one

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    Is this tree healthy?

    The tree is an adjoining neighbors backyard with large branches that come pretty close to my house (Though there is a sizable gap, if it comes down under the wrong wind direction...) and are actually touching another neighbors roof.

    If it is unhealthy, is it recoverable? I'd rather not have them cut the whole thing down (it provides a lot of shade for my backyard (well, when it's healthy that is lmao)) Should I talk with them directly (I don't really know them, at all) or let the city know?

    datahoarder cm0002

    Looking for some advice on moving 100TBs of data from the cloud to tape

    With Google Workspace cracking down on storage (Been using them for unlimited storage for years now) I was lucky to get a limit of 300TBs, but now I have to actually watch what gets stored lol

    A good portion is uh "Linux ISOs", but the rest is very seldom (In many cases last access was years ago) accessed files that I think would be perfect for tape archival. Things like byte-to-byte drive images and old backups. I figure these would be a good candidate for tape and estimate this portion would be about 100TBs or more

    But I've never done tape before, so I'm looking for some purchasing advice and such. I seen from some of my research that I should target picking up an LTO8 drive as it's compatible with LTO9 for when they come down in price.

    And then it spiraled from there with discussions on library tape drives that are cheaper but need modifications and all sorts of things


    EA gonna EA


    Chuckles I'm in danger


    To the person in asklemmy who doesn't like memes

    Not naming names lol IYKYK


    Anybody got a good system for blocking religious artists on Spotify?

    I like to let Spotify leave my playlist and just have it play whatever so I can add new songs to my playlist.

    But from time to time it'll play songs from some religious band (Usually Christian rock or Christian rap or something). The annoying part is it'll sound pretty good, until I start paying attention to the lyrics and then I realize it's a propaganda song lol and have to block the artist and move on.

    Anybody know of a good list of religious artists on Spotify so I can write a script to block them ahead of time? (Or even better an existing FOSS project to do just that lol)


    Star Trek

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    > Author.


    The future is the past, the past is the future...


    Oh what I would give to have LCARS as a major well supported real OS


    Humanities response: "YOLO, lmao"


    NVR software recommendations that supports SSO/LDAP

    Hi everyone, looking for some NVR software to run a bunch of Cisco 6630 cameras I picked up (I know I know, but at <20$/camera....)

    I looked at a few like ZoneMinder and Frigate but they all seem to only support basic HTTP auth and I spent a lot of time and effort getting Authentik working nice and smooth and dammit I want to use it for everything I can lol

    Just "classic" LDAP is fine too, at least it's still using some part of my central authentication infra lmao

    Bikini Bottom Twitter cm0002

    I have more in the archives, 200,000 are ready with a million more on the way

    Bikini Bottom Twitter cm0002

    Hi everyone, please take your shoes off at the door

    Bikini Bottom Twitter cm0002

    Soon my precious will be here!

    Bikini Bottom Twitter cm0002


    Bikini Bottom Twitter cm0002

    What's you best "order mistake" story? 🍕🌮🍟

    Bikini Bottom Twitter cm0002

    Gotta make sure everything is up to code

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