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Is missing from the fediverse explorer?
  • I'd call that a win

  • Raspberry Pi becomes a public company
  • Well, they've been going on for a couple of years now, Master Jedi

  • The Time I Built an Remote Operated Vehicles to Solve Missing Person Cases
  • No, that is not the reason. Many people prefer multiple pages for reading long-form online articles. Also quite common on major newspapers.

  • Bought a new pack of a hair product which now uses 6% less natural ingredients and is no longer vegan
  • Okay, but Ephera's comment was about the (non-)vegan ingredients.

  • Raspberry Pi launches its IPO
  • Why could you not run a modern OS after a couple of years? Those SBC manufacturers did not invent an entirely new processor architecture for their computers, you can just generically compile the kernel (plus maybe some slight device tree work).

  • Raspberry Pi launches its IPO
  • They already have that proprietary and opaque GPU that has full memory access akin to the Intel ME, and its programming is very difficult to audit. There has been something quite fishy about them ever since they left their educational mission behind after the Pi 1 and went for-profit.

  • When watching a film, do you generally try to empathize with the lead and immerse yourself, or do you try to watch it more objectively?
  • I do immerse myself in the story, but I don't necessarily emphasise with the protagonist. The most recent example of that would be Dune for me, where I've read the first two novels before the movies and therefore didn't really want Paul to succeed.

  • wayland was a mistake
  • Wayland at this point is just Works on my Machine™ tbh. That being said, it does work on my machine!

  • That's All I Have to Say About That
  • That's hella sus

  • Trying to get some sleep
  • Imagine your brain not being in your sudoers file

  • Watch: Adobe angers artists with new Photoshop terms
  • I love GIMP and I will die on that hill

    Thank you for saying that out loud. I always find the GIMP hate to be phenomenally ridiculous. I love GIMP too.

  • PSA: Alternatives for the most popular communities
  • Principally it is possible if you can iterate over all the posts and comments and inject them into the database of their new home.

  • Solar modules deployed in France in 1992 still provide 75.9% of original output power
  • What you are not considering is that silicon crystallisation and the PV panel manufacturing process in its entirety are very resource-intensive and energy-intensive. The longevity of solar panels is one of their core properties that contribute to their high degree of sustainability.

  • The Problem
  • It's not so much that they have dissenting views, but rather that they throw the ban hammer around for anyone remotely suggesting that they have a really skewed perception of history and that they are actively disseminating propaganda and engaging in historical revisionism. The post that OP mentioned illustrates that very well, and those are things that have happened on .ml for months now.

    I agree about the instance level moderation policy, and I'd like for the LW team to take it up with the ML admins. But at the same time, we should seriously consider defederating in the case that they are unwilling to compromise.

  • A Dyson hand dryer in Star Trek (2009)
  • Your hands are supposed to be clean from washing with soap and water. The dryer is just there to make your hands dry because moving around with wet hands isn't very comfortable.

  • tankie censorship problem
  • I agree completely. Blocked the instance only now despite them becoming more and more annoying each month.

  • 42 key points of the secret #EUGoingDark surveillance plan for the new EU Commission
  • How can that be legal? Many European countries have the secrecy of correspondence enshrined in their constitutions, any EU legislation on that matter would doubtlessly be challenged in court in those countries and become ineffectual.

  • Linux on Microsoft Copilot+ PCs?

    Do you think it will be possible to run GNU/Linux operating systems on Microsoft's brand new "Copilot+ PCs"? The latter ones were unveiled just yesterday, and honestly, the sales pitch is quite impressive! A Verge article on them: Link


    [The Verge] Apple is a $3 trillion company — again Apple is a $3 trillion company — again

    That price may have more to do with the iPhone 15 than the Vision Pro.

    "While developers start work on building Vision Pro apps, the potential for people upgrading to the iPhone 15 this year is a big reason for investor optimism."


    [The Verge] You don’t have to freak out about aspartame in your diet soda You don’t have to freak out about aspartame in your diet soda

    Aspartame being a possible carcinogen doesn’t mean what you think.

    "The IARC will reportedly classify aspartame as a possible carcinogen. But this isn’t a food safety agency, and the context matters."