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"Privacy-Preserving" Attribution: Mozilla Disappoints Us Yet Again
  • Web 2.0 was the mid-2000s idea that every website and service would be accessible via an http api and that it would allow easy integration. It was ads that killed Web 2.0, as users accessing a site via its api rather than its ad-filled website wouldn’t see any of those ads.

  • NYC's massive Link5G towers aren't actually providing 5G (yet)
  • These look like mmWave towers. We have them in my city, they’re more comparable to streetlights (often installed on top of one) than traditional cell towers. They’re mostly used for home internet rather than cellphones.

  • AI is overhyped and unreliable -Goldman Sachs
  • Remember that time the dot com bubble burst and that was the end of internet commerce? Crazy people thought they could buy and sell goods and services over the internet. Glad we live in saner times now.

  • AI is overhyped and unreliable -Goldman Sachs
  • At least in the US, the research is fairly isolated from capital markets. The military pours huge amounts of money into research on new tech like this, often over ambitiously and with no real expectation of short term returns. Even if there is a financial bubble burst that shuts down a lot of the commercial operations, universities and military contractors will continue working and publishing papers improving the state of the art until industry decides it’s time to try commercializing it again. It’s the basic pattern that has brought us most of the major tech innovations in the US.

  • AI is overhyped and unreliable -Goldman Sachs
  • There are millions of people devoting huge amounts of time and energy into improving AI capabilities, publishing paper after paper finding new ways to improve models, training, etc. Perhaps some companies are using AI hype to get free money but that doesn’t discredit the hard work of others.

  • Stoltenberg bashes China for creeping closer to NATO
  • The problem I have with that kind of argument is that the US has historically been rather authoritarian, and has supported and installed extremely authoritarian governments in other countries. The US also has a history of state terrorism, invading countries and committing g war crimes to enforce their political wills onto foreign populations. That doesn’t excuse Russia or China, but the notion that the US isn’t also a major authoritarian power or is otherwise categorically different is nonsense.

  • Intel's CPUs Are Failing, ft. Wendell of Level1 Techs
  • Factory overclocking is a marketing term. Overclocking means running a processor above its specified speed, but if it intentionally ships that way from the factory it is by definition operating within specification.

  • Microsoft is reportedly banning Palestinians in the U.S. for life for calling relatives in Gaza
  • Without America, Palestine would be united and free by now. A single multicultural country from the river to the sea that can recognize and celebrate its diverse people and history. Instead though we have a genocidal European colony.

  • Biden introduces Zelenskiy as ‘President Putin’ at Nato summit
  • The US funds and arms Israel, which they use to enforce their apartheid, a kind of segregation, as well as carry out the genocide of Palestinians. Biden enthusiastically supplies these weapons knowing they are used to kill innocent civilians every single day.

  • Israel’s Gallant rejects French initiative to defuse Lebanon tensions

    Defence minister says Israel will not participate in trilateral group with US and France due to Paris’s ‘hostile policies’.

    Israel’s Gallant rejects French initiative to defuse Lebanon tensions

    US antitrust case against Apple's App Store is 'firing on all cylinders' US antitrust case against Apple App Store is 'firing on all cylinders'

    The US antitrust case against Apple’s App Store exclusivity is “firing on all cylinders” according to the head of the...

    US antitrust case against Apple App Store is 'firing on all cylinders'

    Photo collage app reccomendations

    I want to be able to be create some image collages to share with friends from my iPhone. I’ve been searching around, but I’ve found that most every app requires an expensive subscription (often $40+ year) and many are limited to squares. I don’t need many features, just the minimum to put together a collage. Does anyone have any suggestions?