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Ditto for 'Game of Thrones'
  • House of dragon hasn't been bad, but it hasn't gripped me either. Feels like diet GoT. They're trying to do what Hollywood does: figure out the recipe and cash in.

    The problem here is the discontinuity in the timeline. Some actors age, some don't, some get replaced... All on top of a fairly emotionless story. After season one of the original, you have a developing cast that's interesting and a climax that makes you go 'WTF?'

    At the end of HoD, I just let out a "meh." I may go back, assuming I have nothing better. I'm far more interested in season 2 of Severance or many other higher quality series out there.

  • 1990 - 2005 Gaming Build
  • Oh the nostalgia from seeing those icons. You should join the Microsoft Network! Crack open ICQ! Get on AOL and see if "you've got mail." Heck, I may still have one of those CDs with 2500 hours on it!

  • Wells Fargo has fired a bunch of employees after finding out they were pretending to work with "simulation of keyboard activity"
  • Thanks for the words of warning. I used this once upon a time but haven't in a long while (too much going on to worry about it). In a past life I did a lot of log analysis and our shop forced the screensaver on a fairly short timeout. This was an easy workaround.

    That being said, it doesn't need installation and you need to manually add it to your startup programs (if you choose to).

  • Elon Musk wins back his $44.9 billion Tesla pay package in shareholder vote
  • There are many options. Why should 1 person get to direct all of it just because they started something? Did they do it alone? No way, they never do. I believe in a more proportional equity in those situations.

    Secondly, Elon didn't found Tesla. It's a very capitalist idea to think a leader should come away with everything. It's part of why the world is in it's current state.

  • Elon Musk wins back his $44.9 billion Tesla pay package in shareholder vote
  • Come on man. How much good could be done with that instead of sending it to one person? I think personal wealth should get capped at 1 billion period (not even per year). Even if that cash went directly to employees, it would do more good for the company itself.

    It is as ridiculous as arrangement no matter the form of currency. The inequality is grotesque at this point.

  • Clutter - what's it all for?

    I'm further along in the game and have an outpost set up where I can easily dump resources, along with production from other places providing all kinds of resources.

    Thing is, what was I supposed to do with it all? I started making quite the tower of solid storage along with a good amount of resources, but 6 stories later, I shut down my mine and disabled the resources coming in from other planets because I got tired of trying to keep up with the intake. I still have more than I know what to do with and even if I start automated production of components, what do I do with that?

    Am I missing something?

    I mainly just want to dump all the resources from my ship and have most of the stuff when I'm building something (which I do).

    Resource drop-off had been sketchy lately. It works sometimes, sometimes not (stuck in the output hopper). Any advice on that would be fantastic.


    Desmond Dekker - Fu Manchu


    Notes from a new starship thief

    So I stole 2 ships yesterday and find it to be lots of fun.

    I learned some important things and thought I'd share.

    • When you steal a ship, you have to register it which costs about 9.6k. Apparently you can't sell the ships for much more than that, but I haven't tried yet.

    • If you sit in the pilot seat of the ship, you'll see a message about potentially making it your home ship if you take off. If you do not take off in it and just leave, it does not become one of your ships and will disappear if you leave the planet.

    • if there are ecliptic mercs nearby, attempt to steal the ship before killing them. Sometimes you can, sometimes you cannot. If you kill the mercs, the ship takes off.

    • If the ship is sitting there, it may be empty and ripe for the taking. If there's a crew aboard, there may be something you can do (chat with the captain and get something), but most likely you'll piss off your companion if you just "take care" of them.


    Latest from Joel Haver

    I don't think there's anything that counts as spoilers here.


    Simple request

    Would it be possible to make the NSFW blur customizable? The big red box stands out like a sore thumb and there doesn't seem to be a way to make it a different color or use a graphic or something.