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I hate to say it but I haven't been very active on lemmy, but I want to be

Hopefully things change once updates to 0.19 with scaled sorting. And maybe you guys and gals have some advice for fixing my issue.

To keep my feed fresh I subscribed to all the big communities full of memes. They do have engagement beyond funny jokes, but I'm tired of how political everything is.

I'm not trying to bury my head in the sand, on the contrary, im highly aware how much fascism has taken its grips on the world. But I don't need to be reminded everytime I'm on lemmy.

So I'm hoping once scaled sorting is on, the lemmyverse will transform. I hope I start seeing my hobbyist community come to life.

Or if people have recommendations for large communities not full of politics that works too. Maybe memes and shitposts aren't for me.