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  • The outer edges (and the shade) of the green make me think green olives, not avocado.I would think maybe prosciutto, a spreadable white cheese (cream, goat, brie), green olive, black olive.

  • Considerations for buying Used Pixel Phone?
  • I've bought used Pixels on Swappa. You'll want to make sure you get one that has an unlockable bootloader. Carrier unlocked will be your safest bet, absolutely avoid anything Verizon branded. On Swappa, you can message the seller (publicly) and ask them to confirm the bootloader is unlockable.

    Enable the developer options menu by going to Settings > About phone and repeatedly pressing the build number menu entry until developer mode is enabled.

    Next, go to Settings > System > Developer options and the ‘OEM unlocking’ setting will hopefully not be greyed out.

  • WHO: Nearly 1.8 billion people at risk due to inactivity
  • My weight has bounced up and down a bit over the past few years, and while I've never been obese (just overweight), I very much notice how gaining weight begins to restrict my range of motion, so I think it is often a bit of a snowball effect. As you gain weight, moving gets harder, and when moving gets harder, you probably move less, making it even easier to keep putting on weight.

    Like you mentioned, I've also noticed that my pain levels often increase when I move less. I was very hesitant to run or do squats for a long time due to a family history of knee problems, but I have a strong suspicion now that those knee problems were likely made worse due to inactivity. I am still pretty cautious about any knee aches, but I found my knees became less achy as I worked to strengthen my leg muscles.

    I think car culture is also a major factor. I currently live in a location where I can comfortably function without a car. I do make an effort to exercise for the sole purpose of exercise, but even if I didn't, daily life still forces me to get up and move around quite a bit. Not too long ago, I was visiting family and borrowed the car to run some errands. I had 2 stops that were less than a block apart, so I decided to walk, and I will never make that mistake again, because the way everything is designed there really encourages driving and punishes pedestrians.

  • Daily multivitamins do not help people live longer, major study finds
  • I can't speak for anyone else, but the supplements I take are primarily intended to improve the quality of my life, not quantity. For example, I take a B multivitamin because I find that my nails don't break quite so easily when I do.

  • Mythbusters
  • I could be completely wrong, but my life experience so far suggests that the best way to get better at something is to put yourself into situations where you have to actually practice the skill. I've been fostering cats and kittens for a few years, and I think it has really pushed me to learn how to manage my emotions better.

  • Ironing
  • Yep. The dry cycle also takes about twice as long, but supposedly it's more gentle on fabrics. It's a pretty nifty option for small spaces without a way to properly vent the dryer, but I can see why they're not more popular. The machine came with the place, so I didn't exactly choose it, but I hang dry most stuff anyway, and definitely prefer it over dealing with shared, coin operated machines.

  • Ironing
  • Ooops. Millennial here and I often iron my bed sheets. I have a weird ventless washer/dryer combo thing, and no matter how quickly I pull my sheets out or what dryness level I set it to, they come out quite wrinkled. I don't really mind if the main sheet is a bit wrinkly, but it drives me nuts when the top edge gets all folded, and then those folds become permanent creases.

  • Shopping for shoes to address toe numbness/"pressure neuropathy"?
  • Oooh! It looks like Topos may have "too much" arch support for many people, which makes me very optimistic. Haha. The only thing that makes me a little hesitant is that they're all pretty low drop compared to my current shoes, and I've heard it's recommended to shift to lower drop gradually. I'm very curious to try some of those on and will check to see if I can find them in stock anywhere locally.

  • Shopping for shoes to address toe numbness/"pressure neuropathy"?
  • Thanks for the explanation! Looking at my foot scans, it looks like my feet are just a little wide: a C width would probably be ideal, but basically non-existent, so I'm thinking that brands/models that run wide will probably work well.

    As I mentioned elsewhere, I need something with good arch support, but one of the challenges I've run into in the past is that the arch support often hits in the wrong spot. I tried on the Ghosts in both a B and a D, and it seems that the narrow width may be at least part of the issue there.

  • Shopping for shoes to address toe numbness/"pressure neuropathy"?

    Edit 2: I kinda want to just delete this entire post and start over, but in case it's relevant to anyone, I'll leave it up. I've added my new thoughts in a comment:

    TL;DR: My outer/little toes often go numb when walking/running. My doctor's advice was to try different shoes/inserts so that I don't land so much on the outside edge of my foot. In terms of shopping for new shoes, what does this mean I should I be looking for?

    First off, I've already spoken to my doctor about this, so I'm not looking for medical advice. They told me to try different shoes, and the options are overwhelming!

    My little/outer toes on my right foot frequently go numb when I'm running, and often even when I'm walking. Its not consistent though, in fact, they went numb on a short walk yesterday, but were fine on my 5k run this morning, both in the same shoes. I've tried some suggestions found in an old reddit post, as many of the complaints and assumptions lined up with my situation, but the symptoms did not clear up.

    I was finally able to see a doctor the other day, and they believe it's "pressure neuropathy". The wear pattern on my current shoes suggests that I'm running on the outside of my feet, putting disproportionate pressure on this area. It's not in my after visit notes, but their suggestion was to try inserts or different shoes, so I'm trying to understand exactly what I'm looking for in my next shoe or insert.

    I had been wearing Nike Free Runs (I really like the slip ons), but when I switched to running outdoors, I found that hitting even the shallowest of puddles (anywhere the ground was shiny) in those resulted in soggy socks, and the ground here is almost always wet, so I went to the local running store and got fitted for shoes. Since then, I've gone through a couple pairs of Brooks Ghost 15s, and have otherwise been pretty satisfied.

    I've been doing a very loose C25K and am running about 90% of the route now, averaging a bit under 7 min/km or 34 min total. My neighborhood is rather hilly, although my training route isn't too bad. I'm not training for anything specific, just trying stay active and counteract the effects of some less healthy choices. I popped in to the running store yesterday and explained the situation, and of the shoes I tried on, the Hoka Arahi's felt comfortable, but I didn't buy them yet.

    So, what exactly should I be looking for? Should I just be looking for a "stability" shoe? Anything else to look for or avoid?

    Edit: The more I dig into this, the more and more confused I am. I'm pretty sure my doctor mentioned "stability" shoes, but the wear pattern on my shoes (which we looked at together) indicates supination/underprotonation, and everything I'm reading online says that stability shoes are intended to address overprotonation, so would likely make things worse for me. Also, when I search for shoe recommendations for supination, many of the articles recommend the Ghosts.

    A few other things that will affect my final decision:

    • I'm hoping to find a "standard" model so that I can just keep buying the same model whenever my current ones wear out.
    • Arch support. My arches are on the higher side, and I prefer something that gently hugs them.
    • Some form of protection against at least the shallowest of puddles. Waterproofing would be nice, but as long as the rubber on the bottom extends up a bit, that should do the trick also.
    • I wear a women's US 10 wide (D) or men's 8.5. I don't really care if it's a "men's" or "women's" shoe, as long as it fits well. The Brooks are nice since a women's wide is identical to a men's regular, but I understand that the difference between a men's shoe and a women's shoe is variable across brands, and options for a women's wide are often quite limited compared to a men's medium.
    • If there's anything good available that happens to be slip-on/elastic closure, like the Free Runs, that would be amazing, but otherwise, I can swap in some elastic laces. I understand that most serious runners don't like elastic laces, but I'm super sensitive to my shoes feeling "uneven", so traditional laces mean I end up adjusting/retying them a dozen times every single time I put them on, or tying them so loose that I can just slip them on and off (which just doesn't work for running). I tried the Ghosts with standard laces for the first week or so and just couldn't handle it, but the elastic laces seem to be working for my needs.

    Reporting posts/comments

    Does Thunder currently support the ability to report posts and/or comments? I'm having trouble finding any way to do this from the app.

    Foster Animals QualifiedKitten

    Almost time to send these little ones off to their forever homes! 😿😻