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current best HDD-model choice
  • I have 2 x 20TB in ZFS1

    In a separate server running 6 x 20TB in dual ZFS1 mirrored pools.

    I have 2 x 18TB in a remote country being updated every 7 days for viral copies.

    I also have 14TB single cold storage drives tucked away in a pelican case in the basement.

    I'm currently using all Exos or Ultra stars.

    Next iteration will be 3 x 24TB in ZFS1 and 8 x 20TB in ZFS2.

  • Sonos updates its privacy policy and seemingly hints they'll begin selling user data
  • I wanted a sound bar, and got some affordable ones.

    Then I went into budget audiophile.

    Got a cheap Sony receiver and 2 bookshelf speakers. Got the whole gig for $175 total. Beats any kind of sound bar.

    Did a Sonos test in store and really could hear much difference despite being much cheaper and completely offline.

    Now my wife is telling me to go Sonos because it looks better with her aesthetics.

    Told her I'm not getting anything that requires an account software to run. Guess we're going to stick with bookshelves for a while

  • This is my reason for joining "Fuck Cars"
  • I concur. I offset my gas consumption by using public transportation as often as I can. I reserve car usage for places that take more than 20% to get there via public transportation.

    So if I go to a place and it takes 5 hours to get there by car, then 6 hours by public transportation is acceptable.

    So the more remote a place is, I tend to drive.

  • Anybody using a framework laptop?
  • I'm very very lazy. Id rather have the OEM supply their own model than to get a 3rd party.

    Then again I'm one of those heathens who pay for OEM camera batteries rather than wasabi power (which are amazing in their own right)

  • Need suggestions for VPS
  • If you're okay being in the EU, I use Ionos. €1 a month with a IPv4 address and no contract.

    On the US side, Oracle has a free tier for 2 arm CPUs. You could load balance between them, but they're still kinda slow.

    Either of these you can test for very low costs and see what you enjoy.

  • Inventorying high value items with receipts

    Is there a FOSS program where I can inventory my high value items in case there is an insurance claim?

    I was thinking of the item, the picture of the item and serial number, maybe the UPC, and then an attachment of the receipt.

    I'm guessing some kind of database that integrates file attachments per item.