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Exclusive: Majority Of Voters Want Next Government To Take UK Back Into European Union
  • I dont think so. Its in the EU interest for them to come back in. It will show others that leaving is not a good idea. However, they wkbt want it to be easy as it might encourage others to leave. They will join in the same terms as new entrants.

    They will have to join the euro and they wont get their previous favourabke rebate for agriculture.

    Its still a good deal for both sides but Britain make a mistake, as most are aware.

  • chief slams EU over ‘dumb’ regulations
  • Yep, EU are preventing price fixing. He's trying to present it as good for HIS customers. Competition is better for all customers.

    Booking tries to be the place you shop around. However, they control the market instead. Ow a cheaper vonpetitior can still attract hotels and not be more expensive for consumers.

  • GOP resolution calls on SCOTUS to ‘intervene’ in Trump’s hush money case
  • While I agree with your point, political motivation is prosecution is a bad thing. Look at the way the hunter Biden story is paraded around as if Joe biden did something wrong. Selectively prosecuting people for political reasons is a hallmark of fascism. So, it does matter, but just not in this case.

  • I hate it here.
  • I'm no tankie, and chinas efforts to scrub history is one reason we should have an open Internet, not the corporate one were getting. (Yay fefiverse).

    But to compare chinas prison risk with America's is a poor argument. More prisoners in America and more racial disparity. Still a problem in China, but america seems by far the worst offender of inappropriate imprisonment from an outside perspective.

  • bug - refreshing after data outage unresponsive

    My phone coverage stopped for a period. I was using connect at the time and a comment failed. I initially thought it was a big but noted after restarting, it still was out. Then I checked with a test search to find it was all internet.

    A few minutes later internet was back. Went back into Lemmy and refreshed. No data showing. I checked down-for-me for my instance and it was up. Refreshed again. No data.

    Again restarted app and it was fine then. So, it seems he connection outage did not allow refresh after it came back, despite a restart during the outage.