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I don’t understand quantum physics
  • Renormalization

    Whoa there! I bet you don't even know anymore how many things you have to not understand before you can fail to understand renormalization.

    Anyway, when normal people talk about quantum physics, they aren't talking about that.

  • Nuclear too slow to replace coal, and baseload “simply can’t compete” with wind and solar, AEMO boss says
  • Less people travel by planes than other modes of transport.

    If you look unitary numbers, planes in general are safer than most things, not by any absurd margin. And Boeing has more than one model that just isn't safer than most things.

    That should show you how bad management can destroy any kind of safety policy. But I guess it won't, not by fault of the facts.

  • The Definition of Political Violence
  • It doesn't cut a large populated land in half. It's also the one everybody already know where to find anything.

    But anyway, how the fuck the projection isn't symmetrical for the North and South hemispheres? How does one achieve that?

  • Nearly 1 in 3 software development professionals unaware of secure practices
  • Closer to 1/4 than to 1/3, and "feel unaware of secure practices" as in if someone asks "do you know modern security practices?" they answer "no".

    That's a quite bad thing to measure. IMO, the original report is not worth reading. The report of the report linked here is even less so.

  • Political violence is not acceptable in a democracy. If you are not in one, the above does not apply.

    What the US did on the remote past does not apply to their current situation.

  • Is everyone here leftist?
  • decentralised platform that supports everybody and is free from the machinations of millionaires

    Hum... Isn't that part of the "Freedooomm!!!!" dreams that comes bundled with minimum state and individual empowerment? I'm pretty sure it is.

  • If everyone is fired by AI, who's going to buy the products and services made by the companies if no one has money anymore?
  • AI owners will.

    And if you then go around wandering "oh, but not every AI builds something those few people want", "that's way too few people to fill a market", or "and what about all the rest?"... Maybe you should read Keynes, because that would not be the first time this kind of buying-power change happens, and yes, it always suck a lot for everybody (even for the rich people).

  • Why do all those US universities have dealings with Israel?

    All those student protests on the US seem to be about stopping their universities from supporting the Israel government. But supporting a foreign government is not a normal thing for a university to do, why do they do it?

    Is there some educational or research resource they get?


    What do I do with the !community@instance links?

    The links like [email protected].

    I have had a pretty bad time making those work. I have tried searching for them at the communities page, and removing the exclamation mark and pasting them on my instance ([email protected]).

    Some times one of those works, other times my instance finds nothing. And if I go directly to the home instance of the community, it doesn't bring my login.

    What is the recommended way to use those?