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is this muslim argument accurate? "we can't doubt god testing us because it is gayeb (cannot be perceived or known by humans), something that only allah knows for example: children dying at birth"
  • It could have a point if it went:"God, why did that child die?" "Because he'd grow up to be Hitler" "Who's Hitler?"
    But we all know how history went..

  • I don't have long left
  • Mr.Magorium vibes

  • Egypt pyramids: Scientists may have solved mystery behind construction
  • Ah yes, the ancient Egyptian seven simple machines: lever, wheel, pulley, incline, wedge, screw and Agrav engine.

  • In Self-Defense - 1876/10/28
  • Depends.. I bet in the head of Mr. Chiv there, it's still a slave.

  • New York City said 'no injuries' at Columbia arrests; students' medical records say otherwise
  • Oh, do they mean the unconstitutional arrests of peaceful protesters?

  • Sure Firefox
  • I've yet to discover how to delete only some cookies on Firefox mobile, this is beyond me.

  • Billionaire hasn't heard of Streisand effect
  • Hopefully she’s smartened up by then.

    Very recent news would suggest otherwise.

  • Maine Cybertruck Owner Sad Everyone Hates His Truck
  • They probably just wanted to see if it's really bulletproof..

  • Sovcit rebukes the demons.
  • "I was protected by the word"
    "Now on to the lawsuits"

  • Opinion | Will A.I. Ever Live Up to Its Hype?
  • Problem is, it was marketed as HAL9000 when it is T9/2024.

  • It's complicated
  • You forgot the part where they kill the goat and the cabbage. And then the boat too.

  • Air Force is “growing concerned” about the pace of Vulcan rocket launches
  • Imagine their faces when they'll tell em it's a work of fiction..

  • Super Mario 64's "Unopenable" Door Finally Opened After 28 Years
  • Uh-oh, is that some horrible obscure YT drama?

  • As a leftist when I saw this post in twitter I had to be rushed to the hospital. My blood pressure read 2567 over 1547
  • It's like watching a kid doing a thing that he, and only he, thinks would make you very angry. They're so deep in their propaganda cult hole that they have their own subterranean culture. You know, like molochs.

  • Will forums fix the Internet?
  • Echo chambers are platform-agnostic I think, so it wouldn't change much going back to forums. I've seen forum-based communities fight about homemade CPU waterblocks.. yeah I don't think they would help much.
    That said, I preferred forums to the recent "Get Discord or get fucnothing!" trend.

  • Chinese zoo under fire after dyeing dogs to resemble pandas
  • Plays victim, deflect questions. Seen other times. Not worthy the time.

  • Rep. Rashida Tlaib: Arrest Netanyahu for 'crimes against humanity' -
  • These are times that don't invite much chill.. I'm sorry, I'm glad that you're so nice, but I would wish it on those perpretrating those atrocities.

  • /kbin meta SharkAttak
    Can we help against spammers?

    Is there any way we, as users, can help deal with the waves of spam-meds-bots? When I get the chance I downvote, but that's not possible for microblog. Do reporting them have any effect, or they go in the pile and are more a nuisance than a help? If we blocked the culprit users, would it do anything other than us personally, even by just reducing their visibility?

    SharkAttak SharkAttak

    Ran away from reddit, trying to wrap my head around this Fediverse thing.

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