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Nike Pledged to Shrink Its Carbon Footprint. It Just Slashed the Staff Charged With Making That Happen.
  • Wow, not a fan of Nike generally, but i def learned a few new things from that burst of typespiration.

    Theres a book called "Shoe Dog", (i haven't read it), about the beginning of Nike, maybe you should write a response book called "Dog Shoes - A Nike Exploitation story".

  • Funding to educate the community to do better than the bin

    The WasteSorted Community Education Grants Program is now open to community organisations, local governments, charitable recycling groups, businesses, peak industry bodies as well as research and educational institutions.

    Funding to educate the community to do better than the bin

    If anybody has any ideas for a waste education program the Government is interested in supporting you.

    aussie zone growth
  • I think this is a question for @lodion or @nath

  • aussie zone growth
  • Hmm, i've re-read your comment a fair bit over the last day, and i'm not sure we're talking about quite the same thing.

    I'm not so much talking about creating another community in order to grow through the addition of one more niche community, (in which case i totally agree with you), i'm meaning to form a community dedicated to strategising other methods on how to grow aussie zone in particular and lemmy and the fediverse in general.

    So my aim isn't so much additional content for entertainment, but a forum for us to discuss whats next.

    My fear is, at the moment and from the outside, aussie zone - lemmy seems nice and friendly but, essentially a less busy version of reddit that is reasonably undiscoverable by the majority of people not looking specifically for it. That, i think will change eventually, and theres no reason to assume it will change in a positive direction on its own.

    I also think that theres a lot of potential for the development of new social media alternatives through activity pub, and instead of commercial interests only taking up this opportunity, as the creators of lemmy have begun, theres room to create a more real 'online public square' but this takes public participation like aussie zone has.

    I hope that explains my thoughts a bit more, so if people are happy to use the [email protected] for this, thats where i'll start posing these sorts of discussions.

  • Antinatalism Rule
  • Well said.

  • Drivers caught off guard as new road train signage rules come into place
  • It really sounds like it, i can't see it being very easy to get any data on real changes in behaviour from the trial, and its indicated that there was simply a positive response from the public.

  • Drivers caught off guard as new road train signage rules come into place

    With some road trains almost 60 metres long, new rules in WA mean truckies will have to display signs alerting other drivers to their vehicles' length. But the haulage industry says the change will be costly and ineffective.

    Drivers caught off guard as new road train signage rules come into place

    I like the idea at the end of the article more. Spend some time educating people on how to overtake roadtrains safely. Me, i have no ideaif the random bits i've been told would actually be useful or not.


    aussie zone growth

    Would people be interested in a community dedicated to discussing lemmy's in general but, specifically aussie zone's growth?

    I'm thinking a pretty wide ranging set of ideas including,

    • exposure and promotion of fediverse-lemmy-aussie zone,
    • discussions on server structures and dispersal of user-bases,
    • philosophical discussions on growth as an objective in the case of lemmy,
    • discussions on different platforms aussie zone users might want to gather round as the potential use cases of the federated social web start to be explored.

    I'm thinking like [email protected] , but a sister community that has regard to aussie zone user's corner of the fediverse.

    To be used by aussie zone as a general compass setting and project brainstorming community for how we might like to develop, if at all.

    Or is [email protected] the better place for these sorts of discussions?

    2024 Curtinnovation Awards celebrate world-leading innovators | News at Curtin
  • Mine are either the abalone food packaging, or the small satellite space thruster design.

    The Noongar language/culture game is cool, but i've heard about that one before, so i's not surprised and interested as much by that one.

  • 2024 Curtinnovation Awards celebrate world-leading innovators | News at Curtin

    A pioneering gene therapy formulation to restore vision in children, a predictive tool to optimise patient recovery from radiotherapy, and novel food packag ...

    2024 Curtinnovation Awards celebrate world-leading innovators | News at Curtin

    Pick your favourites! :)

    The Pinnacles: Deep Time, not Termite Mounds – Earth News | Particle
  • The most interesting thing i found about the article was the fact that the "pinnacles" as an attraction will slowly move location as some get buried and others get uncovered.

  • The Pinnacles: Deep Time, not Termite Mounds – Earth News | Particle

    The Pinnacles are a popular tourist destination in Nambung National Park. Despite research into how they were formed, some mystery remains.

    The Pinnacles: Deep Time, not Termite Mounds – Earth News | Particle

    They're unhatched Megachidna eggs for sure.

    3 Permanent ban for settlement agent who raided trust account

    West Leederville settlement agent struck off for unauthorised withdrawals Illegally transferred over $29,000 into own bank accounts, a credit card account SAT orders follow extensive Consumer Protection investigation

    Its quiet applications of the law like this that build my confidence that we live in a relatively just society still.

    things to do after work CBD
  • We got the banquet, so tried quite a few things. I enjoyed it all. My one problem was how fast it started coming out, they could've taken it a little slower.

  • things to do after work CBD
  • My partner was saying they've recently updated their menu. So maybe they had a few problem dishes before.

  • Passive depressive bumper sticker spotted in the wild
  • Hmm, I identify with this bumper sticker a little more than i'd like to.

  • Australian online bookseller Booktopia in freefall as administrators called in
  • "It's not an industry problem, it's a particular business problem," Mr Egan said, describing the business' structure and scale as a "value-destruction exercise".

    This little statement is so under-explained, and yet its probably the most important statement in the article.

    Instead of wasting a bunch of lines at the end by tacking on that human interest story trash, the writer/editor should have spent those words explaining the problem with the business structure.

  • International Co-Op Day is on in Freo this Saturday. Come along! - Fremantle Shipping News

    We are told regularly we have a housing crisis. With rising housing pressures linked to soaring house prices, which in turn are outpacing wage growth, and then add in shortages of material and labour in the construction industry, it’s not a surprise to find our own WA Cook Labor government resorting...

    International Co-Op Day is on in Freo this Saturday. Come along! - Fremantle Shipping News
    Please don't
  • Ha! Yep, Spam and bin folders must get a real workout in that reception.

  • Laws to ban live sheep exports by 2028 pass parliament following lengthy debate
  • Its a pretty long standing policy now, hard to have assurance of continuity of business for sure.

  • Laws to ban live sheep exports by 2028 pass parliament following lengthy debate
  • Its been a long time coming. The sentiment of the rest of Australia has only grown in this direction as the terrible animal treatment in other countries and the arguments for deepening of our own economic value adding processes have strengthened.

    Farmers had over a decade since the last serious push for them to set up a different business model themselves and they haven't as an industry done it.

    Its time government stepped in to provide the new direction for the industry and finally take heed of the wider Australian moral sentiment about the treatment of our animals in these circumstances.

  • Please don't
  • Haha, I love it especially because it looks like they've updated their signage over time, but kept the line. It makes me imagine the owner is excessively humoured by their own tagline, and maybe they've become known about town as that "show us your crack place".

  • things to do after work CBD
  • I know its not to everyones taste but the Ellington has live music during the week.

    Probably a good sort of music you'd want to unwind to at the end of a day as well. I don't know about always, but the events are often ticketed.

    I also just tried the greek restaurant across the square from the Ellington, its called Brika, and damn its good.

    So those two paired might be a nice evening. Or either separately would be good to

  • A brand new nature playground has opened at Serpentine Dam
  • Wow! Thats a pretty awesome one. Thats probably the one @nath is talking about.

  • PM issues [Labor senator] Fatima Payman indefinite suspension, with future at Labor unclear
  • Maybe. The potential for an invitation to go across to be seen as a craven political point scoring exercise over an issue as catastrophic as this could damage perceptions of the party's sincerity in their actions.

    For instance,

    The Greens purport to want higher Palestinian autonomy, ending with Statehood, but they don't have the numbers themselves to affect Australia's policy. Ergo, they need to negotiate with other parties to push towards their desired outcome, their best partner in this is currently Labor; so should they royally piss off their best partner in this matter by poaching a few members of Labor who are most in line with the Greens on this one issue.


    Senator Payman is also pushing in the same direction as the Greens on this matter, but inside the Labor tent, that also has some value.

  • A brand new nature playground has opened at Serpentine Dam
  • I can't think which one you mean near yhe CBD. I suppose the hyde park one is good, and of course kings park, but can't think of any closer than those.

  • 'Against all scientific advice': Perth council looks set to press ahead with plan for industrial park near wetland

    Conservationists' efforts to protect a swathe of significant wetlands in Perth's south-east take a hit with a local council looking set to push on with plans for industrial park, despite concerns raised by the Environmental Protection Authority.

    'Against all scientific advice': Perth council looks set to press ahead with plan for industrial park near wetland
    2 A brand new nature playground has opened at Serpentine Dam

    A new playground has officially opened at Serpentine Dam, inspired by the surrounding natural landscape. As well as the new playground, the recreation

    A brand new nature playground has opened at Serpentine Dam

    For all the parents of young kids new playground at serpentine dam. They're calling it a nature playground. Might be a good lunch spot.

    I've seen a few like this they seem quute nice.


    A little update from the reasons for closure of the Guildford cafe, "Poste"

    OG link,

    Couple quotes from this article,

    > We generally as a rule do not object nor support an application (but) simply put in a submission pointing out where it does and doesn’t fit in within the city’s planning guidelines – from the R codes and the local area policies – that’s what we do,’’ she said.

    > Swan chief executive officer Stephen Cain said city staff had sought to work collaboratively with the café owners providing guidance and extensions along the way. “It was the decision of the owners not to lodge the development application that could have resolved their non-compliance,’’ he said.

    I'm leaning towards this story being a disgruntled failing business owner wanting to lob some manure to save their own feelings of embarrassment as they exit the business. The thing is, the business owner should hold their heads high, they ran a business for a good few years and they had a go! No shame in that.

    0 Introducing Margaret River’s Next Crop - Margaret River Wine

    From 3 July, fifteen dynamic and skilled members of the Margaret River grape and wine community will embark on the Next Crop program, which aims to empower emerging leaders within the region to enhance their leadership capacity for their businesses and our overall regional development. The professio...

    Introducing Margaret River’s Next Crop - Margaret River Wine
    2 Julian Assange released from prison and has left UK, WikiLeaks says

    WikiLeaks says its founder, Julian Assange, has been released from prison and has left the United Kingdom, shortly after court documents revealed a plea deal that would allow him to return to Australia.

    Julian Assange released from prison and has left UK, WikiLeaks says
    3 'It's a natural amphitheatre': Weird and wonderful solstice party in the west

    A full-size Stonehenge replica on Western Australia's south coast is hosting a new winter solstice festival to boost tourism in the region.

    'It's a natural amphitheatre': Weird and wonderful solstice party in the west

    Why is the southwest WA so pagan? Its such an interestingly funny quirk down there.

    From Bridgetown, Margaret River all the way to Denmark, Albany and Esperance theres this streak of interest in all this kind of stuff. :)

    1 Could We Build a Carbon-Zero Internet? — Tech News | Particle

    Sub-sea fibre optic cables connect Perth to the world, and we need more of them. But are they sustainable?

    Could We Build a Carbon-Zero Internet? — Tech News | Particle

    Didn't know the cables came through City Beach.

    0 Louise Kingston resigns from WA Nationals after accusing Opposition Leader Shane Love of bullying

    Nationals WA MP Louise Kingston resigns from the party, telling parliament it was because of bullying by party leader Shane Love.

    Louise Kingston resigns from WA Nationals after accusing Opposition Leader Shane Love of bullying

    How can you allow your party to have a fallout like this when they are in such a weak position already? Its unbelievably poor leadership by S. Love, let alone being so immature as to bully colleagues in the parliament. Who the hell would want to vote for such a foolish behaviour.

    Nationals should remove him as leader immediately. Cut the snake off at the head, deal with the many smaller heads that are bound to spring up quickly, before the WA election starts getting going.

    Otherwise they're going into the election with proverbial 'cement for shoes'.


    Bingeable Cities

    The articles above inspired me to to meld the two premises in the articles together in the post below. A lunch time read for anyone interested. :)

    Australians are a nation of travellers, it's been said that at any one time during the year there are over a million Australians abroad. It's worth noting that it's not said that a good chunk of that cohort are in Bali, our go-to destination of tropical delights!

    But what are we doing when abroad? True many spend precious, and too fleeting, moments with distant families, but many are also touring a destination they may have no or minimal familial connection with. I think I have an answer, not the answer, just an answer. And this answer contains an insight into how today we are failing to design and build our own cities to capture the imagination. Bear with me, i'm gona be pulling some long bows on this one.

    “Don't feel bad about bingeing TV. Humans have binged stories for thousands of years.” An article offered by Darius von Guttner Sporzynski from Australian Catholic University this week on The Conversation website is a short exploration of the consumption of storytelling.

    D. Sporzynski wastes no time dispelling the negative connotations around bingeing. Instead offering an anthropic historical record of the “human desire to be completely immersed in a story.” He lauds bingeing as an act of unrestrained and excessive indulgence. Using examples as far ranging as Palawa Aboriginal (Tassie) oral stories that could refer to events 12,000 years in our pasts to theatre, television, or the moral panics brought on by serialised literature.

    Of course, from a certain point of view touring a destination could then also be regarded as a form of bingeing. Certainly experiences in my pre-poll of one, (me), bear out the “unrestrained and excessive indulgence” of touring a destination, my trips to Paris were deluxe all those years ago, thank you for asking. ;) Instead of a piece of art, or literature, or even beer, I suggest we can binge on a destination, in fact why not indulge on whole cities.

    Australia might not have fully bingeable cities like Paris or New York, Sydney comes closest (maybe even is), plenty of places around the country have flashes in the pan but fall a little short at the moment. Maybe it's simply due to our country being reasonably young, but I think part of it is the buildings we're constructing in this era. Even the ones where we're trying, for example One Barangaroo, (that big tall new one in Sydney), it's nice, but i'm not sure it adds a great deal to the feel or life of Sydney.

    In Western Australia if there's a single destination that has the potential to be bingeable it's Fremantle. Roel Loopers’ Fremantle Herald article, Just Over the Horizon, tells us the city of Fremantle is “embarking on a spatial vision City Plan to shape the future…”

    In the article R.Loopers laments sameness, and demands diversity in type, form and use of the buildings developers should be forced to build in the city of Fremantle, stating “level 2 looks the same as level 12, etc and that needs to change.”

    He offers suggestions like high rises surrounded by townhouses, single function buildings broken up by different facades, he even suggests the historic Fremantle prison becoming part/neighbouring a mixed use development along with the football field.

    It is right to demand this of developers in our cities, especially in those places around our country like Fremantle or Sydney who have the potential to create a touring destination, that, in its discovery and excitement can be a dopamine hit that demolishes the dopamine hits of the latest tv series. But a bingeable city isn't accidentally created, it is demanded and loved.

    D.Sporzynski describes “humans desire to escape from reality and engage emotionally with stories.” I say that is what our one million travellers abroad are doing. They are engaging emotionally with far off cities like Paris, London, Tokyo, and of course even our beloved Bali. As D.Sporzynski says, we are developing the 17th and 18th century enlightenment ideal of a critical view of the world through our experiences abroad, but we should take the opportunity now and use our foresight to make our cities bingeable destinations. Sorry developers, concrete and glass boxes aren't enough.

    By Gorgritch_umie_killa

    0 Future looks sweet for WA honey

    Researchers from UWA have developed a new technique to authenticate the origin of honey through its nectar signature.

    Future looks sweet for WA honey

    Below is the linked abstract in the article from PeerJ Analytical Chemistry.

    Jarrah (Eucalyptus marginata) is a dominant forest tree endemic to the southwest of Western Australia. Its honey is appreciated for its highly desirable taste, golden colour, slow crystallisation, and high levels of bioactivity, which have placed Jarrah in the premium product range. However, whilst customers are willing to pay a high price for this natural product, there is currently no standard method for its authentication. As honey is naturally sourced from flower nectar, a novel route of authentication is to identify the nectar signature within the honey.

    This study reports on a high-performance thin layer chromatography (HPTLC)-based authentication system which allows the tracing of six key marker compounds present in Jarrah flower nectar and Jarrah honey. Four of these markers have been confirmed to be epigallocatechin, lumichrome, taxifolin and o-anisic acid with two (Rf 0.22 and 0.41) still chemically unidentified. To assist with the characterisation of Jarrah honey, a range of physicochemical tests following Codex Alimentarius guidelines were carried out.

    A blend of authenticated Jarrah honey samples was used to define the properties of this honey type. The blend was found to have a pH of 4.95, an electric conductivity of 1.31 mS/cm and a moisture content of 16.8%. Its water-insoluble content was 0.04%, its free acidity 19 milli-equivalents acid/kg and its diastase content 13.2 (DN). It also contains fructose (42.5%), glucose (20.8%), maltose (1.9%) and sucrose (<0.5%).

    The HPTLC-based authentication system proposed in this study has been demonstrated to be a useful tool for identifying Jarrah honey and might also act as a template for the authentication of other honey types.

    *Cite this as

    Islam MK, Barbour E, Locher C. 2024. Authentication of Jarrah (Eucalyptus marginata) honey through its nectar signature and assessment of its typical physicochemical characteristics. PeerJ Analytical Chemistry 6:e33*

    0 Drivers react to Perth street circuit plans | Supercars

    "The action would be so cool and just so much fun to race there"

    Drivers react to Perth street circuit plans | Supercars

    Gona do a race around the casino? Maybe they can race around the entrance and call it 'Packers u-bend'. Really drive home the key beneficiary of this plan.

    Of course.. i can't think of anywhere else around Perth you'd have it so maybe i should shut up :)

    The article has a bit more to it, but heres the watoday article,