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New app releases for Apple Vision Pro have fallen dramatically since launch
  • These VR/AR stuff needs to be cheaper but more importantly comfortable like a pair of glasses. When it comes to form factor stuff like the Viture or Xreal come much closer to what I thought Apple was going to put out when they ventured into the VR/AR space.

  • Why are so many young people addicted to video games?
  • Yep I would try to find ways around. Games my parents wouldn't get me I'd give money to my friends to buy me a copy when they went off to get their own. And that's fine. Important thing is boundaries are something they are aware of even if they break them. That to me seems like parenting. It's not fool proof and rules are going to get broken, but it's not a reason to not make an effort.

  • Why are so many young people addicted to video games?
  • Parents not being good at setting boundaries. Not setting times to go to bed, not limiting time spent playing games or on electronics, and not checking in on how they are doing with school work. They are the ones controlling the finances of what can be bought and used in the household, but they just become pushovers.

  • Sony’s Horizon Netflix series is reportedly not moving forward
  • Maybe because I played it after Witcher 3 but I ended up dropping the first game because I found the characters so dull, and side quests were especially lacking. Funny thing is I played BOTW afterwards and that hooked me despite worse graphics and much weaker story, but the gameplay and exploration I found so fun.

  • issue with getting to [email protected] and [email protected] from account

    Instead of going to the Android community it goes to /c/all when I try to visit while logged into I tried logging out and back in to see if that would solve it.

    Used VPN for cheaper YouTube Premium? Congrats, your subscription has been canceled
  • To add on to this for iOS/macOS/iPadOS if you use safari you can send YouTube to your TV through airplay. Skips all the ads and if you use sponsorblock skips that too, so if you are too lazy to install smart tube this is a setup that works nicely.