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Ask me for help, never respond to my questions, then complain when the issue doesn't get resolved
  • You can also slightly change how you respond. Instead of "Are you available for me to come look at the issue?" you could ask "What time will you be available for me to come look at the issue?"

    The idea is that your response clearly requires additional input from them. Asking if they're available now means that you are available now, and some people assume that means you're on the way.

  • F14 and the canopy is filling in nicely.
  • I usually see F# in the context of hybrid generations. Is that what you mean by F14? Can you expand more on that process? Love all the progress pictures even though I don't do any indoor grows myself. Thank you!

  • JPMorgan Forecast Over 85% Upside for Two Biopharma Stocks Targeting Obesity and Chronic Conditions
  • One issue is that processed foods are made to be hyperpalatable. Pair that with agriculture subsidies that make meat and sugar (corn) cheaper than they should be and you have a recipe for an obesity crisis.

    I believe reallocating those subsidies to healthier foods would be a great step towards fixing the issue, but healthy foods at the grocery store being cheap doesn't really compete with the convenience of fast food.

  • Number of monthly active Lemmy users rising again
  • What I don't miss from reddit is the bot comments. Not the novelty bots that reply if your comment is in alphabetical order or something like that, but actual chat gpt responses to regular posts or comments.

    I have no idea what the point of them is, but they're awful.

  • GameDeals PlantJam

    [Epic Games] A Plague Tale: Innocence | 100% off/giveaway

    This game is absolutely worth its full price of $40. The gameplay is very linear, but in a way that I quite enjoyed. The sequel, A Plague Tale: Requiem, is equally amazing. Easily two of my favorite games of all time.


    Bug: Inconsistent post scroll bar size and progress rate

    When scrolling through a text post, the size and progress rate of the scroll bar varies dramatically depending on the length of the current comment. In the example below, the post body is very long, resulting in a tiny scroll bar with slow progress. Once you're down into the comments, the scroll bar is much larger and progresses faster.



    Request: Keyword filter for comments

    I would like to filter comments based on keywords similar to how the post keyword filter works.


    Request: Domain filter for posts

    I would like to be able to block links from certain domains. For example, mute all posts leading to instagram.


    Request: Keyword/wildcard filter for communities

    Example: I would like to be able to filter out all communities that start with the word "shitty" by having a community filter for "shitty*".