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Will 2025 be better or worse than 2024?
  • Expect the best, prepare for the worst.

  • Can a relationship be fixed if my boyfriend (M21) can‘t give me the bare minimum (according to himself)
  • Of course he wants to meet up for sex— he likes the perks of a relationship but doesn't want to put the work & effort of the mental and emotional work he would have to do in order to make you happy and secure.

    If he wanted to, he would.

    I'm so sorry, OP, but if he has clearly stated & shown you his priorities and made it clear that it does not include you.

    If you're looking for an actual loving, caring relationship, then please realize that you don't deserve to be treated like this.

  • Does one have to be an iconoclast or revolutionary these days to be validly left? I consider myself to be left of center, and very much in favor of progressive policies.
  • Hey OP. Please look up the "Stonewall riots".

    Directly fighting against the forces that are making & enforcing laws that can & will do harm is the right thing to do. If the people in power / enforcing unfair practices see they are unopposed, they will become stronger in their positions. Complacency allows imbalance.

    Will I break windows for Gaza? No. I will not. Who will that help? Who am I fighting? That kind of thing is nonsense.

    Will I fight police that are attacking students for protesting? YES. YES I WILL. Because if you fight back, they will understand that you will not allow yourself to be walked all over by unjust enforcement. They will think twice about attacking students next time, because they know people are willing to fight back. If they do not encounter opposition, they know they are safe to do whatever they want.

    In short: once a bully realizes that you will hit back, they are less inclined to bully you. Even more so if you are backed up by more people who also hate the bully.

    EDIT: To be fair, I don't hope for "collapse". However, I do understand why people do. The corrupt system goes so deep that collapse may be the only way to dismantle it, as it is beyond any kind of reform.

    Do I want collapse? No. But, unfortunately, it may be necessary. The system cannot be fixed without being dismantled, and I'm not optimistic that we will experience a miracle.

  • The tradition these men have
  • Go to the gym until you are able to fling them into the air with ease!

    ....My teen would actually love that, ngl.

  • Be our guest
  • Your cute themed meal privileges have been revoked. 🫵

  • The tradition these men have
  • As long as the baby has control of their head and neck & isn't a squirmy worm, it's usually fine! You're not leaving them up on a ledge alone or anything— you're literally holding them.

    It's okay if folks don't want to risk it with their kids due to their own preferences & trust in their strength and/or the child's temperament. I used to do it when my kid was tiny! But I get if people don't feel comfortable doing it with their own kids.

    There's a higher risk of your baby injured in a car accident, tbh.

  • The tradition these men have
  • My brother used to balance his kids up in the air with one hand, singing out "March of the Gladiators" as he did. They love it!

    Only accident I've witnessed was when the father was a). intoxicated and b). around a lot of obstacles that could be easily tripped over (someone else caught the baby, don't worry). Worst wedding I've ever attended.

    If you're sober, not a moron, and in an open space, try it out! (assuming your child has hit the phase where they can easily support their own head & neck, of course).

  • Tinder and Bumble kinda suck tbh.
  • I'm sure if the plan is to kidnap you, the end goal will result in

    Tap for spoiler

    torture and/or death

    — not living as a pet in the basement.

  • Tinder and Bumble kinda suck tbh.
  • A dating community sounds like fun!

    No idea how it would be modded, though. But I don't plan to communicate on an 18+ level without at least meeting in-person first. I'm aware that many people do not take the same approach, though.

    Idk. Still kind of interested in a dating instance!

  • Tinder and Bumble kinda suck tbh.
  • There's a lot of European users! In fact, I recall an entire community of folks centered in.. maybe Scotland?– sharing local news and going-ons with each other. So it can definitely be so with other areas!

    Though, yeah, I think it may be less efficient if you're looking for folks who are local. May be more for folks just casting a net for someone, anywhere.

  • No place for political violence in America!!!
  • No place for political violence against rich white people men.

  • Tinder and Bumble kinda suck tbh.
  • I'd date on Lemmy, since it seems many folks here align more closely with my political views than anywhere else I've been.

    Problem is, many folks are so privacy-focused (some to the point of paranoia) they won't give you much info about themselves or their personal lives.

    Kind of funny, tbh.

  • What would cause a person to speak in different accents randomly?
  • For myself, I sometimes still slip into it when I'm in a place where my anxiety is heightened. I was told I have "borderline DID" (disassociative identity disorder) stemming from PTSD, and that causes these kinds of "defenses" to pop up. Stress can absolutely trigger something like that.

    It could very well be a brain injury, an autism quirk, or something else. Sounds like it's nothing to be concerned about, but I agree that it can be confusing or jarring!

    As for her aggressive behavior, definitely talk to your superior about it. Regardless of her issue(s), a coworker should not be so hostile towards anyone.

  • Hes alive so this meme is OK right?
  • Were people hurt?? Ffs America

  • Hes alive so this meme is OK right?
  • Wait

    What's going on...?

  • Anon has a German girlfriend
  • We're in the US. I just don't think he was used to the amount of extended ignorance, sometimes purposeful.

  • Anon has a German girlfriend
  • Met a guy at a German language meet-up who let me know that I was first person who didn't ask him any questions about / discuss WW2 or nazis.

    He actually grew up in East Germany in the 80's— also not great, but no one he talked to even knew that Germany had once split. They only wanted to talk about WW2. It made him very uncomfortable.

    We got to discuss a lot about American culture and people's weird obsessions and developed a close relationship. It was fun!

  • Where's the best unexpected place in Michigan you've ever eaten?

    Let me recommend: Bill's Hot Dog Stand in Ypsilanti.

    It's a drive-in. Open your window and eat in the parking lot. Get their dogs with everything on it + a mug of root beer. If you don't eat dogs, at least get the root beer!!! I don't even like root beer that much, but I now dream about the root beer from Bill's.

    Absolute reasonable prices, too: got 4 dogs & 2 mugs of root beer for around 10$ total!

    What's your recommendation for unexpectedly good food in Michigan?


    A car ran up the curb, into my yard, and stopped in front of my living room window.

    The noise scared my lizard something frightful!

    Everyone was okay and no one was badly injured. Except for a patch of my lilies. But they're pretty resilient.


    When you try to be social and casually contribute to a conversation

    Illustration by Igor Oleynikov, for the story “The Boy and the Pooka”.

    The story is from a collection in the book "The King with Horse’s Ears and Other Irish Folktales", retold by Batt Burns.


    American Robin fledgling

    Taken between June 5th - June 10th, 2024, Michigan.

    Not a professional photo in any sense. Apologies for that. But I saw this grumpy-looking little guy/gal in a bush and took a photo from a distance away. Wanted to share it, even if it's not as good as any of the other photos posted here.

    One of the babies I've been observing since the nest was built above my deck. It was fascinating to see them grow up & finally leave the nest! All 4 are finally gone.

    I wish them the best in their growth and hope they are able thrive safely.


    Could you post a photo of your cat and tell me what makes them so special?

    My cat passed away around 2 years ago now. I miss him a lot, but just haven't been financially stable enough to adopt another.

    Could you post nice stories and funny things about your cat(s) and talk about how much you love them? Thank you!


    How long have you gone without being in a romantic relationship?

    How much time have you spent being single?

    If you're currently single: is it by choice or circumstance?

    Do you / did you enjoy single life?

    What are / were the pros and cons?

    Is / was partnership a goal of yours?

    If you're currently not single: Did your goals change after getting into a relationship?

    What are the pros and cons?


    Refrigerator leaking black liquid?

    Refrigerator is a Frigidaire LTFR1832TF0.

    Leak came from the front-right side.

    I did not notice any temperature fluctuations, but I also don't notice much of anything. It still seemed cold when I unplugged it, though!

    Checked the drain pan & it seems dry? Not overflowing or anything.

    No water on inside of refrigerator.

    Anyone have any idea what might be going on? I'd really appreciate it, as no one can take a look for another 3 days.

    I don't want my food to spoil, as I don't have a lot of money. I just want to know if it'd be safe to plug it back in!

    Thank you.

    EDIT: had my BIL stop by to take a look. More than likely it's refrigerant. The compressor was fine, but one of the lines on it would not get cold, so that's that. Probably a leak in the line, more than likely from a failed seal.

    The cost to refill the refrigerant / repair the line / seal would cost waaaaay more than a new fridge, unfortunately.

    Thanks, y'all. Appreciate the help and advice.


    Black liquid leaking from underneath refrigerator

    Refrigerator is a Frigidaire LTFR1832TF0.

    Leak came from the front-right side.

    I did not notice any temperature fluctuations, but I also don't notice much of anything. It still seemed cold when I unplugged it, though!

    Checked the drain pan & it seems dry? Not overflowing or anything.

    No water on inside of refrigerator.

    Anyone have any idea what might be going on? I'd really appreciate it, as no one can take a look for another 3 days.

    I don't want my food to spoil, as I don't have a lot of money. I just want to know if it'd be safe to plug it back in!

    Thank you.


    Rulemin Valley


    Just wanted to let y'all know: you can't kidnap seagulls from a parking lot.

    Seagulls are protected under the "Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918". This means that it is illegal to capture, kill, or keep a seagull in your home (unless you have a special permit).

    So, no: you cannot go into the Meijer parking lot, yoink a seagull from the flock, and take it home.

    This PSA has been brought to you by an argument with my son during a grocery pick-up.

    Thank you.


    Hello. This is kind of a gross question.

    I'm new to colitis, but was diagnosed with ischemic colitis last year for the first time after a hospital visit.

    Well, it happened again yesterday. I'm still mostly unfamiliar with the whole thing, but it absolutely sucks.

    Question: how long does it take to stop shitting straight blood? This sucks.


    EDIT: Seems to have stopped almost exactly 24 hours after it started. Cool.

    The pain becomes mild discomfort and minor cramping around the 48 hour mark.

    EDIT 2: Watermelon will save you life for both food and hydration.

    But dumb fuck that I am, I felt the dire need for chips and salsa con queso today. It's like I never learn! Fuckin' idiot....


    God forbid that you actually openly communicate with a woman!

    It's painfully obvious that the Lemmy population is primarily men.


    edit: to save my sanity, I choose believe that the majority of comments here are trolling. Y'all cannot genuinely be this dense.

    I wanted to talk with other women about this to get more clarity and it turns into..this. Damn.


    I am unable to visit Japan.

    I head up a small community for fans of a niche indie brand. The founder is doing an event in Japan with an exclusive item for people who attend! I was so excited and was looking into booking a plane ticket to go!

    However.. turns out that Japan has a law that absolutely forbids stimulant medication in the country. And, no, I don't really want to upend my regimen of 8 years and risk going on a new medication for the trip.

    I'm really shattered, as I wanted to attend this cool event and meet up with other enthusiasts. It really hurts to be barred from an opportunity like this.

    I hate ADHD. I really do.


    What are some items that make your life easier?

    My recommendation is a small thing: a trashcan with a swinging lid!

    Covers the trash, reduces smells, will prevent trash tetris (sometimes), and very good instead of foot-pedal opening trash cans or trash cans put in a cupboard.

    Another thing are toothbrush holders that stick to mirrors. Might jog that memory of needing to brush your teeth!

    Wall-mounted keyholder by your door, too. Anything I put on a flat surface will eventually be lost or covered with more junk & papers. My keys are WALL-ONLY!!!

    What item(s) have helped you with your struggles?


    DARE rule


    In my DARE program, they would let us submit anonymous questions and every week a cop would read out "Would SpongeBob smoke weed?" and get mad.


    God made you special! rule

    Panel 1: "God created you just the way you are, and God doesn't make mistakes."

    Panel 2: "Wait, so... God purposely, pointedly, intentionally made me to be the way I am..?"


    Panel 3: "Bastard."



    After this "fun" little catastrophe of a thread concerning the use of the word "female", looking at the comment section, it's painfully obvious that the majority of Lemmy's userbase are men. That's not a generalization, that's a literal fact.

    "It's just a word!", "Maybe English isn't their first language!", and "Overact much?" seem to be the most common replies.

    So let's do what should have been done in the first place and ask women their opinion:

    What do you think of the word "female" being used? Especially in the context of the linked post in question? When is the use of the word appropriate vs. not appropriate?

    EDIT: I think the post linked got taken down. Good.