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What are some adventurous outdoor activities with low risk of injury?

I really just want to experience the outdoors as much as possible. I'm a cyclist (mountain, in this context), and I used to snowboard, but as a I age these activities feel a bit riskier (meaning I may hurt myself) to me personally. What are some good ways to experienced the outdoors with relatively low risk of injury?

More words:

I don't want to be inside anymore. I was on a river trip this weekend. At some point I was floating in the river and taking in the scenery when I realized I feel like I'm doing nothing most of the time. I work from home, but it definitely has me inside most of the time. I find myself in mood to do whatever I need to, drastic changes, buying equipment, etc, to change this.

I just can't do it anymore. I need to outside doing something. If I need to sneak off during the workday to do so, so be it.