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Canadian media’s promotion of sports betting should have limits
  • I don’t even watch sports and I get buried in gambling ads.

    Only started after moving to a somewhat struggling blue collar town, but it was immediate, and the pure volume of it was shocking. Really hit me wrong.

    Adblock and VPN everywhere possible now. Degoogling, containerized browsing, hardened settings, like damn basic privacy shouldn’t have to be so much work.

  • White Woman Wins Miss Universe Zimbabwe, Sparks Mixed Reactions On Social Media
  • Ok. I find beauty pageants in general to be reductive and gross… but yeah. You can smell the stink on that decision from Canada.

    I mean just look at Yamikani.

    In no universe are they on the same level.

  • Unlimited Kagi searches for $10 per month
  • The regex redirect feature is another massive pro. I hope they bring it into Orion as well.

    I already use Stop the Madness for this, and probably will continue to as it’s a more global solution, but having it built right into the search engine at least shows they’re taking real steps to hand control back to the user.

  • Want a healthier heart? Seriously consider skipping the drinks - Harvard Health
  • The irony in this statement, talking about a known depressant lol

    Drinking for me is increasingly borrowing happiness from tomorrow, and the older I get, the higher the interest rate climbs.

    I’ll still enjoy a drink, but have definitely become more choosy about when and whether it’s worth it.

  • What are some of the best questions to ask someone new to you, to better get to know them?
  • My go-to is to ask what they like to do in their spare time.

    A lot of the time you’ll get answers about how they have none or how it’s filled with chores, but you can always redirect and say, if you suddenly had a bunch of free time just for yourself, and you couldn’t use it to work, what would you fill it with?

    In my mind the latter gets you down to what brings them joy, and in some cases how they want to see themselves, which can tell you a lot about a person.

  • Are there any privacy respecting podcast clients/methods?
  • Oh I didn’t mean to imply otherwise - Overcast is awesome.

    I guess I worded my question poorly. I’m more asking if there’s any way to block trackers without blocking the entire podcast.

    The stream/download just hangs, or errors out because it “cannot connect to” or whatever - just won’t load at all until I unblock and it’s able to do its dirty work.

    Not sure if this is even within the capabilities of a client… I’m starting to think not, and that I’ve asked a stupid question lol

  • Are there any privacy respecting podcast clients/methods?

    I’ve been using Overcast (on IOS) for years and for the most part love it, but having explored the privacy reports in its settings, I’m wondering if there is any way to actually do something about all the trackers podcasts are using these days.

    I’ve tried blocking the specific trackers with AdGuard DNS, but when I do that, the podcast refuses to play at all.

    Using a VPN helps to obscure some of the gross invasively personal dynamic ads, but is pretending I’m in Amsterdam really the best I can do? Doesn’t feel like it’s actually addressing the problem :/

    What are some adventurous outdoor activities with low risk of injury?
  • If you live near water, kayaking can be an incredibly immersive pursuit in nature that doesn’t really tax the body (unless you want it to)

    Trail running is another one of my favourite things to do, but while much safer than MTB still can have some risks… minimal though, comparatively speaking

  • People in Ontario just can't stop crashing their cars into buildings
  • Ok this actually got a laugh out of me.

    You’re not wrong.

  • How do I find the best rates on tenant insurance?
  • Honestly insurance is such a scammy nightmare.

    We used for like ten years (in Ontario) and they actually turned out to be pretty great when I ended up filing a claim on a damaged computer.

    Chose them principally based on the fact you could build your own policy and instantly sign up online, without any phone calls or the other typical “request a quote so we (and all the companies we sell your info to) can harass you forever” bullshit.

    Since we finally bought last year we’re with CAA now, but only because sq1 didn’t offer homeowners.

    Worth looking into anyway.

  • Very specific feelings
  • I love this.

    It’s one of my passing hobbies to look up word lists like this - some of them are beautiful, and there’s something really satisfying about knowing this obscure and weird thing you’re experiencing is at least “normal” enough to have its own name.

    Then I promptly forget, which is annoying, bit also means I get to discover them all over again a few months later.

    On this list I can easily identify with 7/8 too

    Other words you might appreciate:

    Routineer: one that adheres to or insists on routine

    Fika: a moment to slow down and appreciate the little things in life

    Philocalist: lover of beauty; someone who finds beauty in all things

    Querencia: a sanctuary where you feel safe …or even better, Snuggery: a cozy room

    Fleshment: excitement associated with a successful beginning (we won’t talk about finishing the project)

    Acatalepsy: the idea that it is impossible to truly comprehend anything

  • After a week of blocking every porn sub I see I’m feeling defeated
  • You can filter out instances with Memmy now, via Settings > Filters

  • A little webcomic that's probably relatable to a nonzero amount of you.
  • Evolutionary psychology is behind one of the primary theories, in the simple way that it’s prudent for us to be wary of things that might hurt us. Bugs can sting, bite, invade, cause sickness/death, or poison us.

    There’s also the disgust aversion angle, which is tied to the relationship between a lot of bugs and indirect environmental threats (also ties into evolutionary reasoning) like rotting things, or corpses specifically.

    In the broadest strokes, we associate bugs with pain, disease, death, and decay.

  • Executive what?
  • I will never not laugh at this.

    I mean at some point it’s got to burn itself clean …right?

  • People Who Buy Big 4K TVs and Watch Without Your Contacts or Glasses On. Why?
  • Because I’m tired of wearing them by the end of the day, and most of what’s on our household tv I’m not really watching anyway.

    Also if I’m messing around on my phone, glasses need to be off b/c distance, and I’m not about to put them on/off every time I switch focus when I’m just trying to relax.

    I will wear them if I’m watching something intentionally, though. Like a nature documentary or something with visuals worth appreciating.

  • Has anyone used Kagi Search (search engine)?
  • Oh damn, good to know. I’m still kind of newly figuring out better privacy-minded options for myself. Thank you!

  • Has anyone used Kagi Search (search engine)?
  • If you like google’s engine without all the trackers and other garbage, check out

  • The shady world of Brave selling copyrighted data for AI training
  • Ungoogled Chromium is my current favourite

    Previously was using Firefox Developer’s edition which is also decent. But I like a minimalist browser that acts more like a framework to which I can just add what I want, and doesn’t come with a lot of bullshit I don’t need.

  • How do I get a nice cheap house not too far from toronto?
  • I mean… you don’t.

    It’s like the old “pick two” saying

    You can have cheap and nice, but it’ll be really far (from any city these days, not just the gta)

    Or you can have cheap and not far, but absolutely not nice. Lucky if it’s not condemned, honestly.

    You cannot have all three. Genuinely sorry :/

  • Antisemitic flyers linked to U.S.-based hate group raise concerns in Peterborough, Ont. | CTV News
  • I can’t say why Peterborough specifically, but it would not be surprising if small towns in general were being targeted for this sort of recruitment effort.

    The bigots are easier to target in a smaller pool. They come right out, group up and make themselves known.

    Also a lot of small town Canada is a cross section of people who are (a) mostly from a singular culture with little exposure to others and (b) see any prospect of change as a threat to their way of life. These are easy vulnerabilities to exploit, unfortunately.

    I don’t really think there are more bigots in small town, they’re just so much more obvious about it. And the majority decent folk have to live here, so you really have to be careful about choosing your battles when you know you’re going to have to see these people all the time, and if you challenge them they will remember you, and go out of their way to make your life difficult.

  • Guide to stains
  • I just wanted you to know how much joy the idea of cleaning stains with a hammer gives me

    Imagine if it worked? So satisfying

    Seriously speaking though, the only “trick” I know is to have dedicated reno clothes

  • Seared Salmon, Summer Salad

    Delicious alliteration

    I’ve been eating terribly lately, but I made an effort here. It actually turned out pretty great!

    Salmon is chipotle & lime, with cilantro crema, peperoncini & scallion on top, seared in a cast iron pan with a little butter

    Salad is field greens, fresh basil & oregano, cucumber, blue cheese, roasted beets, strawberries, almonds, and a bit of balsamic vinegar

    They might not classically go together, idk, but they made me happy


    Are we doing community icons?

    I spent way too much time drawing these lol

    You're welcome to crop & use them on your personal devices, if any strike your fancy

    No charge, but I do accept dopamine and compliments

    No commercial use, please. I'm happy letting y'all use them if you like em, but they're still my work