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Russia had no justification for invading Ukraine.
  • It's going to boil down to your definition of "justified".

    In my experience, almost all confrontations between nations comes down to resources or access to resources. In this case, I read an opinion article suggesting that Russia wanted access to the Black Sea for access to or less expensive transport of oil. I also read that Russia was displeased with Ukraine's strenghtening alignment with the USA.

    Another perspective is that Ukraine used to be part of the USSR and Putin, whose popularity was waning, wanted to "make Russia great again" by reuniting the USSR under Russia control.

    Back to my original point, was it "justified"? Not in my opinion, but in the minds of some Russians, Ukraine is acting very "un-Russian" and so they must be put in their place or taught a lesson.

    Another observation of mine is that countries continue to behave like toddlers in the sandbox. They don't talk out their differences, they take the toy that they want, regardless of who has it and if things don't go their way, they throw sand.

  • Privacy-Preserving" Attribution: Mozilla Disappoints Us Yet Again
  • I'm not as enraged by this as most, but I think the true test will be to see if this feature is disabled by default in future releases. If they actually do listen to their users, that's better than any of the other big players.

    I read a bit about the new "feature" and it seems to me that they're trying out a way to allow ad companies to know if their advertisement was effective in a way that also preserves the privacy of the user. I can respect that. I did shut it off, but am also less concerned because I have multiple advertisement removal tools, so this feature is irrelevant.

    The fact that it's enabled by default isn't comforting, but who would actually turn this on if it were buried in about:config? In order to prove its effectiveness to promote a privacy respecting but advertisement friendly mechanism, this is what they felt that they had to do.

    Of course, I could easily be all wrong about this and time will tell.

  • What is the worst experience you have ever had involving Viruses/Malware?
  • I don't know if this applies directly, but in my early days of hosting a server for fun, I installed a telnet server because my phone didn't have SSH at the time. I forgot to close it when i was done and someone got in and installed a password sniffer. This was a Slackware box, IIRC. My only indication that there was a problem was that the "." & ".." directories didn't appear from an "ls -Alf". I pulled the network cable and booted to a boot image and discovered that many key system utilities were replaced with imposters that would mask that there was an intruder. The '"ps", "ls" and other utils were symlinked to the "..." dir in /usr/local/lib.

    I didn't trust anything on that server and nuked it. Now, anything that's internet facing is built from ansible and the config is stored in a repo and the repo is backed up on a drive that's physically disconnected except when backing up. I've messed up the initrd from time to time and it's usuall easier for me to reimage than try to fix it.

  • Firefox added ad tracking and has already turned it on without asking you
  • Thank you for a thoughtful post with citations and quotes. After reading the whole page by Mozilla, it seems like they're taking steps to show advertisers how they can get what they want while preserving people's privacy. I can live with that. They're trying to build a win-win scenario.

    I'll still block ads. I'll still reject cookies, but I feel like it's a reasonable feature THAT I CAN SHUT OFF. I'm still in control of my browser! Great!

  • How do we replace YouTube?
  • Look at the strangler pattern in microswrvice architecture. Applying this to your scenario, set up a front end to YouTube, cache the results locally (probably host in a place that allows it). Also host videos from other platforms like peertube. Once you have a lot of users, slowly prioritize "free" videos over YT content.

    It's not likely to happen, but it's the pattern that FB uses to present news. First they showed a link to the story and you'd click through, then they required more of the story, then when all were hooked, they demanded the whole story to be displayed, effectively stealing all the users and the ability to advertise.

  • Go-To Snacks
  • I am new to the T2 life, but I enjoy a cheese stick, celery and nuts. The problem for me is that I need a distinct portion. I can't trust myself to limit portions and I'm not going to weigh a handful of nuts.

  • Help for apps that won't run?
  • Only managers get a phone. You can expense $5 of your bill each month if you spend over a certain number of hours performing after hours support. My app is stable, so I don't exceed the minimum, but I need to carry my laptop around now so I can at least log in to see the ticket and route it to the correct group.

    Also, I've been interviewing. 🤞

  • Help for apps that won't run?

    Does anybody have any workarounds for apps that don't work due to "security"? I have a few apps that I need for work that think my phone is rooted (it is not) and refuse to run. One is Entrust Identity Guard. It just won't open ("app keeps stopping") and the other is Service Now mobile ("a rooted device is not allowed").

  • I feel like everyone's missing the point. Even 20 minutes a week is almost a day a year of your life sitting at a charger. I fill up my gas tank once a week and it takes maybe 5 minutes which is 4 hours a year that I spend feeding my car, staring at the stupid advertisements for a bacon-egg-and-cheese cinnamon roll covered in maple syrup or whatever other impulse items lie within the gas station. 5 minutes isn't enough to do anything whereas if I plan for 20 minutes, I'm going to go get a tea or something.

    On the other hand, something we can all agree is a waste of time is, "how many hours of your life have been/will be spent sitting at a traffic light?"

  • Meta just showed off Threads’ fediverse integration for the very first time
  • I know of a guy who had good intentions. He just wanted to make Germany great again. I can't remember his name right now, but IIRC, it didn't end up being good for a whole lot of people.

  • Replacing CD Collection
  • I had one from Sony a long time ago. It even had a cable you could attach between two of 'em (600 CDs!) so that it could seamlessly start playing another track while loading the next song. I dropped it during a move and the next time I opened the door, it spit gears at me. I had intended to fix it some day, but started watching Hoarders and decided it wasn't worth it.

  • Kung Pao with TVP, mushrooms, and served with japanese rice.
  • I hit that link only to realize that it was just the oil. The picture is so delicious looking, I swear that I can smell it!

  • thinking of trying linux,
  • Hi! I'm not having any problems with linux. I just thought you'd like to know.

    There. Now there's a message in the support forums about a person not having problems!

  • What is a good multirole server setup for a racked server?
  • Can you elaborate on the scenario this is solving for? Isn't software RAID a performance hit?

  • Automakers Are Sharing Consumers’ Driving Behavior With Insurance Companies
  • You're 100% correct on the tactile difference in the buttons. I didn't think of that. A similar complaint is every feature is a "button" on the infotainment screen. I saw this on a Dodge. My current car has no touchscreen and I have driven it long enough to just know where all the buttons are without looking. In my opinion, distracted driving should include these types of things that take your attention off of the road.

  • Automakers Are Sharing Consumers’ Driving Behavior With Insurance Companies
  • Push button transmission? It's been done before.

    Of course back then distracted driving was digging through the box of 8 track cassettes.

  • Best printers / printer brands?
  • Upvote for.disabling firmware. It's a sad state when the average printer consumer needs to know how to disable firmware updates and even needs sysadmin skills to know how to block a host from the internet.

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • Thanks for the reminder! I just replaced the gallery. I still have Simple Draw, it appears that there's no replacement, but I'm not tied to it. What do others use for a drawing/photo editing app?

  • New Advertisement and Internet connection permissions for Simple SMS Messenger on Google Play Store...
  • Well, that's unfortunate. I've seen this happen way too many times.

  • I am looking for a privacy respecting android tv box/stick
  • I don't know what your criteria is other than privacy. This guy's post looks interesting.

  • What has been your best financial move in life?
  • I have a similar story as your first point. It boils down to tucking away money with each financial gain. I put in enough to my 401k to get the full match, then with each raise, increase the amount invested by the raise. I'd already learned to spend within my limits and had no credit card debt, so each raise was "new money". Years later, after adjusting our financials to pay for daycare, when the daycare expenses dropped (infants are most expensive, costs drop down as they age), we started putting into a college savings and some for school expenses. We had saved up enough to pay for private school, which was less than daycare. Now that private school is done, college is paid for, we're paying down the mortgages. We locked in at 3% years ago. The house will be paid off when the kid graduates HS and we turn 55 and are eligible for the employer's retirement program, including health care. We plan to travel in those years where we're young enough to be healthy and old enough to have some money tucked away.

    Oh, we also did the same for cars. When the car was paid off, we'd put the same money into a separate bank account and when it was tome to look for a new car, we had almost enough to pay for it outright.

    Of course all of this can only happen when you have the skill to spend with your means.

  • TIFU by rebooting before rebuilding my initfs

    I had a super fast but small SSD and didn't know what to do with it, so I was playing with caching slow spinning LVM drives. It worked pretty good, but I got interrupted and came back a few weeks later to upgrade the OS. I forgot about the caching LVM, updated the packages in preparation for the OS upgrade, then rebooted. The LVM cache modules weren't in the initfs image and it didn't boot.

    I should know better. I used to roll my own kernels since Slackware 1.0. I've had build initfs images for performance tweaks. Ugh!

    Where's my rescue disk?


    Privacy first – Cory Doctorow

    > Here's the "Privacy First" pitch: whatever is going on with all of the problems of the internet, all of these problems are made worse by commercial surveillance.

    If something like this were implemented in US federal law, what could the downsides be? Like California Proposition 65, the "cookie law" didn't stop tracking, it just made more pop ups. Would this do the same thing?


    English is weird

    I got hung up on contractions this morning regarding the word "you've". Normally, I'd say "you've got a problem", which expands to "you have got a problem", which isn't wrong, but I normally wouldn't say. Not contracting, I'd say "you have a problem", so then should I just say "you've a problem"? That sounds weird in my head. Is this just a US English problem?

    51 Automakers’ data privacy practices “are unacceptable,” says US senator

    OEMs collect too much personal data and share it too freely, says Senator Markey.

    Automakers’ data privacy practices “are unacceptable,” says US senator

    US Senator Edward Markey (D-Mass.) is one of the more technologically engaged of our elected lawmakers. And like many technologically engaged Ars Technica readers, he does not like what he sees in terms of automakers' approach to data privacy. On Friday, Sen. Markey wrote to 14 car companies with a variety of questions about data privacy policies, urging them to do better.

    1 Privacy First: A Better Way to Address Online Harms

    ContentsExecutive SummaryBreaking it Down: What Does Comprehensive Data Privacy Legislation Look Like?Sketching the Landscape: What Real Privacy Protections Might Accomplish Protecting Children’s Mental Health Supporting Journalism Protecting Access to Healthcare Fostering Digital Justice...

    Privacy First: A Better Way to Address Online Harms

    The EFF has a white paper with a proposal to address various online 'harms' systemically.

    From the executive summary, "whatever online harms you want to alleviate, you can do it better, with a broader impact, if you do privacy first."

    Slashdot also has a pretty good summary if the white paper is too long for you to read.

    0 Disclosure of sensitive credentials and configuration in containerized deployments - ownCloud

    Note that Docker-Containers from before February 2023 are not vulnerable to the credential disclosure.

    Disclosure of sensitive credentials and configuration in containerized deployments - ownCloud

    I haven't seen this posted yet here, but anybody self-hosting OwnCloud in a containerized environment may be exposing sensitive environment variables to the public internet. There may be other implications as well.


    recording OTA shows?

    Other than TiVo, what options do I have for recording OTA programs? I've been playing with Plex and rip my episodal DVDs, and would like to record, too.


    US Consumer Finance Protection Bureau's new Personal Financial Data Rights rule

    This is a long article about the US CFPB creating a new rule that may help protect your financial data. The interesting stuff is near the end where it sounds like they're putting your financial data back in your hands:

    > The Bureau will force banks to "share data at the person’s direction with other companies offering better products."

    > the businesses you connect to your account data will be "prohibited from misusing or wrongfully monetizing the sensitive personal financial data."

    I'm not very knowledgeable in this area so I'm wondering what your read is on it.


    parking lot question

    I was out walking around and "popping" quests on StreetComplete. I was wondering what the consensus is on the question "Who is allowed to park here?" In this case, it's an ungated parking lot next to a commercial/industrial warehouse with many companies occupying the same space. A few of the parking spots had a sign indicating "reserved for XYZ customers", but most did not. This is not a city-owned parking lot. What's the right answer?


    What started your privacy journey?

    What started you down the path to privacy? Was it a particular event, article, podcast or something else?

    17 New York Bill Would Require a Criminal Background Check to Buy a 3D Printer

    Supporters of the bill say it's necessary to thwart convicted felons who use 3D printers to develop untraceable "ghost guns."

    New York Bill Would Require a Criminal Background Check to Buy a 3D Printer

    I understand the intent, but feel that there are so many other loopholes that put much worse weapons on the street than a printer. Besides, my prints can barely sustain normal use, much less a bullet being fired from them. I would think that this is more of a risk to the person holding the gun than who it's pointing at.


    iPod management software for linux?

    Is there any decent iPod management software for linux available? I have a 6th generation iPod that I use only for music and it's really the last thing that I keep my windows partition around for. The more I use linux, the more unintuitive iTunes feels. I had tried GTKPod in the past and one other, but they didn't support the 6th gen iPods. I'd be happy with just a CLI copy type command!


    IPv6 for home lab

    Is anybody using only IPv6 in their home lab? I keep running into weird problems where some services use only IPv6 and are "invisible" to everyone (I'm looking at you, Java!) I end up disabling IPv6 to force everything to the same protocol, but I started wondering, "why not disable IPv4 instead?" I'd have half as many firewall rules, routes and configurations. What are the risks?


    Any love for Kubernetes here?

    Many of the posts I read here are about Docker. Is anybody using Kubernetes to manage their self hosted stuff? For those who've tried it and went back to Docker, why?

    I'm doing my 3rd rebuild of a K8s cluster after learning things that I've done wrong and wanted to start fresh, but when enhancing my Docker setup and deciding between K8s and Docker Swarm, I decided on K8s for the learning opportunities and how it could help me at work.

    What's your story?


    Jerboa over Tor?

    Apologies if this is the wrong forum, but I figured this group would have the most experience with this problem.

    When using a /e/os phone and turning on the "hide my IP" feature, which enables For for everything, I noticed that Jerboa throws a full screen HTML dump. I can get to the server (for example) via a browser on the same phone, even log in and use it that way.

    Has anybody else experienced this? Is it a bug in Jerboa? Is it some sort of IP blocklist on the api? Unfortunately, the full screen HTML dump is useless because I can't scroll and it's centered vertically, so all it really shows is the top few lines of some JavaScript function. I may report it as a Jerboa bug if nobody knows anything.


    How do my contributions help?

    I discovered StreetComplete recently and have been having fun "popping" quests around town, on vacation and around home. Now what? What happens with my contributions? How long before they're wrapped up into a map update? Do other people have to solve the same quest as a double check?


    Hot RAID swapping?

    I'd like to swap my spinning disks with SSD drives. I have the new disks and they're just larger than the old ones. My configuration is a RAID-5 with 3 disks (and one hot spare). Can I hot swap a single disk (HDD to SSD), wait for the new disk to rebuild, then repeat?

    I'm thinking that I'd mark down the hot spare, replace it with an SSD, mark the SSD as hot spare, mark HDD 1 as "bad" causing the hot spare to activate, then repeat for the other 2 HDDs. I don't have a lot of experience with RAID, but did perform a single disk swap once with success.

    If this is a bad idea, why? What's the best way to upgrade?

    I'm not sure if this is the right community for this question. If not, please guide me to the right one.


    Desiccant packet dehumidifier?

    Has anybody used one of these mini "dehumidifiers" to dry out filament as a substitute for buying a bunch of the desiccant beads? My filament seems OK, but I could do better to keep it dry.


    Olive Garden's Cream of Tomato and Basil Soup, Remastered Cream of Tomato and Basil Soup | Recipes | Olive Garden Italian Restaurant

    Not feeling like going out tonight? Make Olive Garden's Cream of Tomato and Basil Soup and serve an Italian dinner at home!

    Olive Garden used to post retired recipes online. I printed off a copy of their Cream of Tomato and Basil Soup and have been making it for years. Recently, I've started adapting some of my old recipes to be WFPB. This one still has white wine and I know it may be controversial, but I don't know how to substitute it yet. The link is above, my adaptations are below. Enjoy!

    Cream of Tomato and Basil Soup

    Prep time: 5 minutes; Cook time: 12 minutes; Serving size: 4


    4 Tbsp butter extra virgin olive oil\ 1 ea small red onion, diced\ 2 cups dry white wine\ 3 cups canned diced tomatoes (or 1 12-oz can)\ 2 cups heavy cream soy milk\ 3 Tbsp fresh basil, chopped\ Salt to taste\ Black pepper to taste


    1. MELT butter extra virgin olive oil in a heavy sauce pan. Add red onions and sauté until tender, about 5 minutes. Add white wine and reduce by 3/4. Add tomatoes and heavy cream soy milk, bring to a simmer and reduce by 1/2.
    2. PUREE soup in a food processor. Stir in 2 Tbsp chopped basil, salt and pepper.
    3. GARNISH with remaining fresh basil and tomatoes and serve.


    • This recipe takes way longer to cook than they say.
    • It separates when you freeze it as-is, but you can freeze chopped fresh tomatoes in a vacuum bag and have the fresh summer taste in the middle of winter!
    • Do not let the soy milk boil or it will curdle.
    • An immersion blender works great to puree.