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Do you usually purchase digital or physical books? Why?
  • Almost always digital on my tablet or phone these days (I have a Kindle too but just can't get used to the display), but I'll buy physical copies to keep and/or give away if I really like them.

  • I'm working on it, ok?
  • Moving out at a young age is only a norm in just a handful of countries, mainly the English speaking ones. Reason being that they were more developed than the rest of the world, making it possible for them to move out when they turn 18. Poverty is a big reason why families are closer and live together for a much longer period. But many of these developed nations seem to be regressing these days, with more money flowing upwards than downwards.

    I agree though. The best time to move out is after you've worked and saved up enough for a down payment for your own place. Those few years are perhaps the best opportunity to save up that most of us may never get again.

  • Is it just me or is Starfield kinda meh?
  • If you like it and are having fun, good for you. If you don't like it and would rather spend time on the bazillion other games out there, you won't be missing out much either.

    At the end of the day, Starfield is just another Bethesda game. Same mould, same problems, same gameplay, with a slightly improved engine for overhauls which will be carried out by none other than free and enthusiastic modders.

    Screaming at each other for liking or disliking a game is just what gamers always have been doing and will keep doing forever.

  • Open Links in Private/Incognito Mode?
  • Go to your FF app, Settings, Private Browsing, and enable Open Links in a Private Tab. The bar on the top of the embedded browser in your Lemmy app should turn purple if it works.

  • Which side is he facing?

  • Aggressive much?
  • Try it and report back. I'm genuinely curious to see if it's what you're claiming it to be on your end, cause I have yet to see any FOSS Lemmy apps getting triggered in DDG, no matter what links I click. Maybe I'm just lucky?

    The biggest alarm in this thread is everyone thinking that apps are at the whim of advertising companies and completely innocent on their part. They are not. Ads can work without trackers and devs can prevent users from being tracked within embedded browsers.

  • Aggressive much?
  • Bank

  • Aggressive much?
  • That's like saying it's not the bouncer who left the door wide open but the underage kids' fault for being in a club. Don't get me wrong, I think it's fair that the bouncer refuses to do their job until they get paid, but in this case it feels almost like the unpaid bouncer is actively inviting underage teens into the club.

  • Aggressive much?
  • Thank you! That's exactly what I'd like to know.

  • Aggressive much?
  • I'm still trying to wrap my head around this whole thing but I'm pretty sure it's because Sync allows it to happen. I've been using multiple Lemmy apps for months now, and I'm sure I'd have at least accidentally clicked on some links. However, none of the FOSS apps have ever shown up on DDG, not even once. To confirm this, I've just clicked on a whole bunch of ads and links (even the shady ones) on all the apps, including Reddit, all of which are only opened in embedded browsers. Apart from Sync and Reddit's tracking attempts going through the roof on DDG, none of the other apps even showed up.

    Devs should, at the very least, have the power to implement privacy restrictions in embedded browsers and pick non-tracking advertisements, none of which Sync has been doing, as they have clearly said so in their Privacy Policy (credits to being honest, I guess?).

    Can someone who has paid $20 for the ad-free version confirm that this stops happening (or not) once the ads are gone?

  • What is your gaming "comfort food" and why?
  • Binding of Isaac and Death Stranding. I just keep going back to these 2 even after I've 100% them.

  • New acoustic attack steals data from keystrokes with 95% accuracy
  • Never knew my mutant blue switch keeb would come in handy one day. I've lubed the blue switches and added foam and tapes so now it sounds like a clicky-thocky blue-brown switches keeb.

  • I'm looking for games that make me feel small and insignificant
  • You read my mind... I just spent an hour learning the basics and finally took off for the first time. Landed on a planet, got off the shuttle, walked on a wall and died a few steps in without even knowing why. The lack of quick save option is also a little frustrating. But I'll keep at it for a while. Hopefully it pays off!

  • Google when they release the free tier rooms for their low level employees.
  • I'm a huge fan of sci-fi and I do love myself some sci-fi horror, like those in Love, Death & Robots and the German series Dark, but even Dark is nowhere as dark as Black Mirror is. The difference being Black Mirror is entirely focused on showing you the darkest side of human nature. There are no redemptions in most of the stories. No typical hero journey, no light vs dark narrative; just shit going from bad to worse to nightmare fuel.

    If there's one thing you can take away from the entire series, it wouldn't be "Technology is bad", but "Humans are fucked up".

  • I'm looking for games that make me feel small and insignificant
  • What are the chances... I'm waiting for the game to load for the first time when I saw this comment. Perfect timing. Alright, diving in right now!

  • What are your thoughts on bots and people posting only news articles on lemmy?
  • ...there's an "AITA" bot

    That's ridiculous. Wonder if there's a r/roastme bot somewhere.

  • Google when they release the free tier rooms for their low level employees.
  • I've watched White Christmas too after hearing so much about it, and that, my friend, was the final nail to the coffin for me. Anymore Black Mirror and I'm going to cry.

  • Google when they release the free tier rooms for their low level employees.
  • This episode made me stop watching Black Mirror for good. It was way too disturbing and I'm someone who doesn't even flinch while watching horror.

  • What's a good MMO to play with my partner?
  • Guild Wars 2? You can play it at your own pace, chill and explore the world together, take part in events and PvP, explore the dungeons or turn it into a fashion show haha. The level scaling is great too so you can always do everything together regardless of the gap between your levels.

  • Asians are less ‘humane’ – Ukrainian security chief
  • Downvoted. The fact that this is reported on Russia Today stinks of a low effort smear campaign.