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Can't figure out how to block instances

I am on Boost 1.0.10 Android.

I saw a note in this community that said long press on the community name or 3 dots. I can't find block under any of the 3 dots available nor does long press have that option. What am I missing?

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  • What is kind of funny that during my voluntary military service everyone was required to do at least 3 months of food service. I was deployed with the navy and it was called mess crank duty.

  • Trump Says America Is Over 'As We Know It' if He Can't Do Crimes While in Office
  • Does he not realize that if that right is codified before he's president again that Biden could just turn around and have him executed without any repercussions. I don't believe Biden would do that but it just shows that he is not thinking beyond the tip of his nose.

  • A few questions about the app

    Hello everyone, new to Boost, I am coming over from Connect. I am really liking the experience so far but I had a few of questions about it.

    I have been through the settings and could not find it and I wanted to know if there is a way to have the image lead a post in card view. I mean have all the information, title, everything shown after the image while you are scrolling?

    Can you set your default scroll to All? I was able to make it Hot but it always goes back to Subscribed when I come back to the app.

    Is there a way to subscribe to a community without having to visit it? You can block a community from the ellipses but I cannot find a subscribe.

    Thank you all very much.


    App crashing is making the app unusable

    This has already been mentioned in a few posts with no response. You can't scroll Lemmy for any length of time without Connect crashing now. No update from the developer and the app is near unusable.


    Place to see your posts?

    Is there anyway to see all your posts to different communities? I have made posts and do not remember where, is there an inbox like feature to see them all in one place?


    Metro tiles

    Did the Metro System go out of its way to find the most slippery tiles they could find and pave every flat surface with them?


    RESOLVED: No narrator voice Xbox Series X

    Update: I reinstalled the game and when that didn't work I went poking around in the Xbox settings themselves.

    I had all the high end video options turned on, including Dolby Vision. This was the culprit! I turned it off and now I hear the narrator!

    Thank you all for responding.


    I have been playing BG3 since it has been available on the Xbox. I didn't even know that the narrator was voiced but it seemed strange that those parts of the game were silent.

    My friend that plays on Xbox says he does hear the voice.

    There does not seem to be an audio setting that I can find to be able to hear the narrator.

    Does anyone know how to fix this? I can't find anything online pertaining to Xbox other than a few people also having the issue.

    Thank you.





    One click subscribe?

    Being new to Lemmy and Connect I love the ability to block a community with one click. Could the the ability to subscribe to a community be under the ellipsis on the feed post along with block?

    Thank you.


    Busanga Bush Camp, Zambia


    Block and/or Subscribe Option?

    Would it be possible to add subscribe or block community to the main feed ellipses? It would be nice to accomplish those tasks without having to also visit the community.

    On android with the brave browser with the latest version as of this post.