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Nonverbal communication
  • -gasp-

    I’ve found my community!

  • What immediately makes you lose respect for someone?
  • While I definitely agree that routine checkups like that should be happening (and especially for people who just got their licenses or are 60+) at least for a car dominant culture like the US I can see that being a huge burden both on safety organizations/DMVs and on the drivers themselves. :/

  • We know who they are.
  • That’s why I hate it when conservatives trot out that fake Voltaire quote about the ones who you can’t criticize are who rules you.

    Bullshit. Kings and emperors have been satirized and mocked for millennia. It’s not that they can’t be criticized, it’s that after their nakedness is on display, the accusations fade into the dirt; nothing sticks, nothing matters.

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • The base that has been getting little hits of dopamine over the years from dogwhistles and winks has been given pure heroin in Trump and they are NOT going back. The Republican establishment knows this, which is why all but a few in very safe positions (Romney’s hold on Utah comes to mind) are either bending the knee or trying to outdo Trump.

    Not to mention their main criticism of him was that he lost the most recent election, and his endorsements are poison. He delivered their SCOTUS picks, their federal judges, killed Roe, helped galvanize a wave of anti-queer legislation, got them that tax handjob for the rich: he’s their attack dog and they love him, they just hate cleaning up after him.

    They know that if Trump has a shot at the presidency and they kill that then they’ve lost that base, that funding juggernaut, that good will from fascist media. They’re stuck in a cage of their own making but if he wins they’re on cloud 9 again.

  • We know who they are.
  • “No but you see they’re protected by the complacency and ignorance of the hordes of people they’ve hoodwinked!” “Are they now.”

  • The Ghosts of Pictures Past
  • People lived here fully and loved dearly. It’s sweet.

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • It would be perfect, but if Trump becomes the nominee it won’t happen, and the other gremlins don’t have enough support to pull significant numbers away. The people who claim to prefer DeSantis just want a Trumpian who’s winning; choosing between the wounded but still wildly popular real thing versus the flagging knockoff isn’t much of a real choice to them.

  • Can anyone elaborate on the difference between being allergic to beer and alcohol, versus just there normal negative effects?
  • Basic BAC calculator.

    Pace yourself when drinking so that you are metabolizing the drinks fully before starting a new one. If you still experience hangover symptoms the next day despite being sober, you may have an issue with metabolizing but probably aren’t allergic, since being allergic outright to alcohol would result in more immediate symptoms.

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • Trump has the support of 62 percent of likely Republican primary voters, while his nearest opponent, Ron DeSantis, trails him with a measly 16 percent. That’s a 7 point drop in DeSantis support among those voters just since June.

    Oh my god that’s not even close.

    Unless he literally dies, Trump will be the nominee.

  • Nazis... Nazis never change.
  • Yeah you’re right, I’m conflating the two.

  • Nazis... Nazis never change.
  • Everything you’ve written here is accurate, with the exception of ethnic superiority. The current regime has been arguing that the Ukrainian race doesn’t even exist, that they’re just “little” or wayward Russians, which is why one of their genocidal moves is to steal children to try to prevent their demographic decline.

    The Nazis would never have stolen Jewish children to make into German citizens after they enacted their Final Solution. Putin intends to swallow Ukraine AND her people, not just clear the land for Russians to move in. The “reeducation” of the stolen children shows that the point is to deny Ukrainians their own culture and heritage and simply claim it all for Russia.

    A bit nitpicky, but someone is going to argue that because the actions of the Kremlin isn’t 1:1 with the Nazis that they simply can’t be compared. This is an understandable consideration under the view that the Holocaust was a uniquely systemic and thorough genocide of unprecedented proportions that the Russian attack hasn’t reached, but since the person you’re responding to is implying that the Ukrainians are the real Nazis then I imagine that that is not their viewpoint…

  • tofu tikka masala
  • I’m kind of terrible with tofu and thick sauces; even with extra firm tofu that I’ve pressed and frozen/unfrozen, I manage to make it crumble about 90% of the time, so this is always wizardry to me.

    Granted, I don’t deep fry it because it’s such a huge pain to deep fry so that’s probably my problem…

    Do you think that seitan would hold up well with this? I’d think it’d mimic chicken well, while the tofu is moreso the paneer replacement.

  • With apologies to Guga Foods
  • I think it was a sous vide thing.

  • What is a personality trait that you’re working on?
  • It is definitely tough to shed that sense. Growing up knowing I was “weird” and therefore bad (no, it was just undiagnosed autism, but I was an adult before I knew that and that element of myself had long since been solidified) meant that if I wanted people to like me then I had to give more than they did in order to just break even, which is exhausting and unfair, especially since I have a tendency to read neutral expressions as negative ones.

    One thing that has helped me is the realization that that happy feeling I get when someone came to me for help and I helped them? Goes both ways for good people. And it sucks for them, too, if you’re suffering and they could help but you were afraid to ask. Having standards is both a defense of yourself and a means of determining which people should stay prominent in your life.

  • Enjoy some tankie satire
  • “MarxsOnigiri” is the cherry on top.

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • If I give you instructions on how to find something down to the inch and you ask me where it is again and if I can help and I come over and it’s right where I said it would be, I should be allowed to commit murder.

  • Looks Like the Website for Trump's Patriot Legal Defense Fund Just Got Hacked
  • Did anyone check if the “Contact Us” page included the login details beneath each person listed?

  • What is a personality trait that you’re working on?

    I’ve become aware, as I get older, how my initial emotional reaction to conflict isn’t always fair and is usually pointed backward, defensive and angry. I also know that I do better if I have time alone to process how I’m feeling, and often by the time I’m done things have moved on.

    What I’ve been working on is to stop using excuses - the moment has passed, I’d just be dredging up the same argument, I’ve had this conversation in my head a bunch but they never turn out exactly right - and just go back to the people involved and tell them how I feel because they deserve that effort. There have been disagreements I’ve had where I wasn’t in the wrong but the other party did something I can admire and appreciate, and it doesn’t hurt me any to say that.

    And it never ends with what I imagine is “argument perfection”: a point by point discussion of intent and action and history. Which is silly because life is messy but it gets better and I and others grow more patient and willing to move forward if I’m not always bracing for a blow.

    That’s…probably a bit confusing, but it’s been something I’ve been mulling over, so…what personality traits of yours are you working on?


    What’s a painful experience you haven’t had in years?

    Question inspired by a Charley horse that hit in the middle of the night.