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  • Rather than rely on an extension, I think I would add the publicly listed up ranges to my hosts file. That will blackhole any connections where a browser extension wouldn't actually stop anything until it was being processed by the extension.

  • If VW had access to DALL-E

    Why are you on lemmy right now?
  • Morning coffee.

  • Scientologists Ask Federal Government to Restrict Right to Repair
  • I feel like the people that believe these machines to work as advertised will be easily convinced that their true inner workings are too advanced for the non-indoctrinated to understand.

  • Right-wing usage of the Gadsden Flag
  • I'm looking forward to this getting printed and put up on eBay as I collect the gadsden meme flags. I've got the Beavis, Johnny5 and the no step flags in my garage. I know there's a chance that a VA local will shoot me on principle if they end up in the garage and take offense at the collection but the flags call to me.

  • 3M to pay $6 billion to settle claims it sold defective earplugs to U.S. military
  • $6,000 worth of hearing aids later, I remain unimpressed.

  • The most stressful part of buying a car is not negotiating with dealers or sellers, it's the unsolicited advice from acquaintances
  • My wife and I bought her last car at CarMax and it was absolutely haggle and pressure free. We had spent hours prior at a Honda dealership and the pressure for so heavy, it had my wife in tears. We will always use either CarMax or private party in the future.

  • Pope says 'backward' US conservatives replaced faith with ideology
  • You know you're screwed up when a kiddie fucker calls you backward.

  • Dead Man's Switch - A website that allows you to send a message to 1 - 100 people after you haven't checked in. Allowing for those on your list to receive a last message from you.
  • That episode is probably the main reason I could never trust an anonymous entity not to send an email telling my loved ones I'm dead prematurely.

  • Stop asking
  • The better question to ask is why is the accompanying photo of a woman pointing 4 fingers at me?

  • Air-cooled F1

    How do you deal with communities that don't interest you?
  • I block communities that routinely show up that I am not interested in seeing and use a monkey script to block instances of no value to me.

  • Vintage mail-order Volkswagening
  • All of the buggy style bodies of the era looked like the Manx. Bruce Meyers lost in patent court, the body shape being deemed "unpatenable", so everyone began making what basically amounted to clones of the Manx.

  • Vintage mail-order Volkswagening

    Is anyone else having trouble giving up Reddit due to content?
  • No, simply because I don't "have to" have content. If Lemmy lacks interesting content, I go outside for a while.

  • When you order your Trans Am on Wish.


    pan scraper

    OP states that it's up for trades(FB).


    pop-outs galore


    A Schwimmthing


    Custom DoKa

    OP stated that the owner built it himself.


    A quick-release flywheel

    API Misuse: Hacker Leaks 2.6M Duolingo Users' Emails & Names
  • Well, I use a fake name and an email used only for Duolingo, so..... ok.

  • Somehow managed to make the aero worse


    A singlecab of sorts


    A custom 4 door beetle

    Unfortunately, no info on this build.


    Can you pass me the fuel pump pushrod?


    71 beetle swap job


    I spy with my little eye....

    Something air-cooled.

    A gorgeous 412
  • Unfortunately, not that I could find. Reverse image search didn't bring up anything.

    OP said he took the pic at a meet in Denmark.

  • A gorgeous 412


    I wonder how well it's cooling those two left cylinders.


    There's custom and then there's ...

    .... custom?

    T1 engine rebuild kit
  • It's a joke, as if the little VW runs on a twisted rubber band.

  • Someone skipped leg day


    A reimagined Ford coupe

    ‘You’re Telling Me in 2023, You Still Have a ’Droid?’ Why Teens Hate Android Phones
  • "This unbiased and purely informative piece of journalism sponsored by Apple."

  • Tonight dinner made from scratch pizza
  • I wouldn't change a thing :)

  • Tonight dinner made from scratch pizza
  • That looks deliciously terrible for me.

  • Some far-right activists and conspiracy theories are advocating against card-payments and for cash, and it's pissing me off
  • I remember as a kid, seeing a commercial for a credit card where the clown of the ad tried to use cash, inconveniencing the mob behind him and it really stuck with me how unapologetic credit companies were when training their consumers and debt carriers.