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VOIP recommendations for a work line

I would like to avoid giving out my personal line to coworkers. I'm looking for a voip service that

  • Receives calls/text on desktop and phone (android)
  • Can be configured to turn off outside of work hours automatically.
  • Inexpensive. It's not going to be used much, but is still necessary. I don't want to pay much.

I believe the business version of Google voice does all these things, but as far as I know the cheapest plan would still cost me >100 a year.

Trying is for losers.

This person pulled straight into a 45 degree parking spot. I'm parked on the left. It's a daycare and I'm curious if their kids can color inside the lines yet.

Photography stochasticity
Recommendations for beginner camera for wildlife?

I want to take wildlife/outdoor photos recreationally. I don't want to get frustrated by photo quality, but I also don't want to spend more than I need to. That being said I'm willing to consider expensive equipment, but only if it benefits my needs. Does anyone have some canned recommendations?

What are some adventurous outdoor activities with low risk of injury?

I really just want to experience the outdoors as much as possible. I'm a cyclist (mountain, in this context), and I used to snowboard, but as a I age these activities feel a bit riskier (meaning I may hurt myself) to me personally. What are some good ways to experienced the outdoors with relatively low risk of injury?

More words:

I don't want to be inside anymore. I was on a river trip this weekend. At some point I was floating in the river and taking in the scenery when I realized I feel like I'm doing nothing most of the time. I work from home, but it definitely has me inside most of the time. I find myself in mood to do whatever I need to, drastic changes, buying equipment, etc, to change this.

I just can't do it anymore. I need to outside doing something. If I need to sneak off during the workday to do so, so be it.

What are some good hobbies/interests for someone in their mid thirties to pick up?

When someone asked me recently what I'm into I didn't have answers. Existential crisis aside, what are some good hobbies/interests for someone in their mid thirties to pick up?

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