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Jesus is Fundamentally Socialist
  • So they justify not being socialist according to this verse by the word believers. They don’t want to share with non-believers or even believers of other denominations (they are also non-believers since they aren’t exactly the same). So they can be non-socialist and just tithe and think it’s fine

  • Dr. Disrespect's YouTube Channel Demonetized After He Admits to 'Inappropriate' Chat With Minor
  • It’s significant because it has been otherwise unknown why he was banned off twitch back in 2017 when he was their biggest streamer. Lots and lots of speculations were had and finally the bomb dropped last week as to why

  • I have no idea what to shoot for in this game

    I have played OSRS for the past 10 months and it is quite straightforward what to do. I have been splitting my time recently into RS3 now and have no idea what goals I should have for early game. Anyone have a quick list of goals to shoot for from early to mid to even late game if possible?


    Are social media sites evaluated way higher than they should be due to rampant bot usage?

    I feel like with rampant bot/AI posting the traffic into social media sites are being spoofed. And companies know this and allow it to happen because it will inflate the ad value and then the stock value. Is this true to an extent or is this taken into account?


    Philosophy of religion recommendations for a beginner-intermediate?

    Been on a theology kick for the past year and looking to read more into the philosophy because that’s the interesting part for me. I would say I’m not a beginner but not an intermediate. Would love some recommendations


    How do you streak runners manage on really bad weather days?

    I’m trying to get into streak running, but when I get hit with a day that has terrible weather (ice rain, smoke from Canada being on fire, etc) I am unsure what to do. And I don’t own a treadmill or have a gym membership. Do you just have very specific gear for those days or what? Any motivation tips and gear tips?


    Share your early impressions of the patch

    I have a few takes.

    Best support will be Shadow demon, skill build will be 4-4-0. His Q does a shit ton of damage especially when paired with W even in lane and he scales incredibly well. Give it a try.

    Chen and SS are still incredibly strong of course and are very easy to play.

    Best offlane I’m seeing rn is sandking. Item changes really really helped him.

    Best mid will be hard to say, but I’m thinking we’re in for a Lina, OD, and clinkz patch.

    Really no idea about pos 1 because I don’t play it


    Thoughts about the new behavior score system and where the nicest games are

    So after going from 9.5k behavior score to 11k damn people at 9.5k are WAY nicer. At 11k people seem to think because they have some to spare they can be cunts again. Just my experience lemme know if you had similar.

    Also also: they should add better rewards for being above 10k. Like when you need role queue points you get 6 for wins and 4 for losses. Sure this wouldn’t be helpful for high immortals but fuck them for being good at the game! /s


    Eco friendly runner tips!


    Foreword: I know being eco friendly isn’t for everyone whether it’s beliefs or pricing, but these are some tips regardless!

    1. Reusable bottles of course. This one is basically standard and I don’t think many people these days use disposable ones when working out. This will save money and the environment! I personally like and recommend the flip belt and flip belt bottles, they work for me. Farthest I’ve ran is 4 miles, might be different for higher mileage.

    2. Those rehydration drinks. Stuff like Gatorade in bottles try to avoid! Use the Gatorade powder or your preferred powder brand. Sometimes powders come in tiny plastic packets, try to find big bulk ones like Gatorade.

    3. I’m sure there’s eco friendly outfit brands share some if you know and like them!

    4. Any other tips for people looking to reduce their impact on the environment share them!

    As there is a foreword now there is a backward: I know the impact us individuals have is minimal compared to mega corps, but anything is better than nothing! Have a good day and I hope your runs continue to be injury free 😁


    Medications are super important! Info inside

    Hello all, I’ve come with info about medications. First off, do not settle for a med provider who is not a psychiatrist, you NEED a psychiatrist. So one thing is if you have not taken or tried Prozac (fluoxetine), you probably should it’s the first line SSRI for OCD. Some family docs or whatever you are using if it’s not a psychiatrist might give you sertraline first because it’s a safe option. That is the wrong drug to try first, Prozac should be the first thing to try (it is first line). I had an NP prescribe me sertraline and never even thought to try Prozac. I kept asking to see a psychiatrist until they finally fit me in, and my meds were completely fucked up.

    My meds are now getting fixed by this psychiatrist and I feel WAY better. This is why I keep saying to get a psychiatrist, I think it’s super important for us for recovery. Here’s me saying it again: meds for OCD are complicated, you don’t just have anxiety, you have OCD, get a psychiatrist and don’t stop pestering them until you get one.

    SSRIs has a side effect that is super common. The one I want to tell you about is usually misunderstood. People usually say it kills your libido and you’ll have no sex drive. SSRIs don’t kill your libido, they make it hard to finish. Another thing that is important to know about SSRIs that might not be communicated well is that it takes roughly 1-2 months for the medication to build up and start working. This fucking sucks, but you can do it I fully believe in you, whoever you are.

    This is some stuff I’ve learned that I wanted to pass on. Again meds are complicated and meds might take some trial and error not everyone is the same, get a psychiatrist. There is hope I mean it, please please please don’t lose hope.


    Well that fuckin sucked…

    How bad are the damages and flooding where you are?


    Hello, I’m going to be getting a new computer soon and have thought about linux. Questions inside

    With the new computer and the newer Microsoft Windows updates they have really jam packed their OS with bloat and spyware. That being said I have no idea what I’m doing with Linux, need help with where to start.? What are some general tips? I understand there’s a lot of prebuilt Linux distributions or something what are some first timer friendly ones? Really any help is appreciated because the biggest barrier to entry is the perceived difficulty of actually doing it.


    Tips for people looking for help

    I’m going to list some tips, if other people want to add feel free.

    1. Get a diagnosis from a professional
    2. Make sure your med provider is a psychiatrist this is extremely important as NPs are using their union to force through strange legislation.
    3. Take your meds, they will help. And if they don’t, tell your psychiatrist there are always options.
    4. Make sure your therapist of choice knows how to actually treat OCD. The current gold standard is ERP.
    5. Know you aren’t unique, there are themes because everyone always falls under one or more of those umbrellas.
    6. Know you will get better and stay hopeful.

    Thanks my spiel for the first post in the community. Stay safe guys and I’m rooting for you.