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Presenting the Fjord F-150, a sensible car for the discerning Scandinavian consumer


Jellyfish alien coming to the Alpes to enjoy some raclette


Blahaj Mahal

Beeper Mini brings native iMessage to Android
  • I did read the article, and I fail to see how this is different than other implementations.

    “In a call with Beeper’s Eric Migicovsky, that’s exactly what I wanted to find out, and it seems the answer comes down to trust. Beeper as it stands today, where everything is running on Mac Minis, is being done “in the open.” The backend is largely open-source, and the company has aimed to be straightforward and transparent with every update along the way. Migicovsky adds that, soon, Beeper will be doing a full in-public security review.”

    So the difference is “you can trust us”. Sounds like BS to me, you’re still routing your messages through an endpoint that is someone else’s Mac mini.

  • Beeper Mini brings native iMessage to Android
  • Using something like this compromises e2e encryption for you and anyone that you talk to. It’s actively inviting a man-in-the-middle into all of your chats.

    It’s a shitty thing to do to your friends.

    Just use Signal if you care about the green bubble stuff.

    Or just buy an iPhone if that kind of thing matters to you

  • Sunbird shuts down its iMessage app for Android 'for now' amid 'security concerns'
  • Good

    It was a pretty bad idea, not only a privacy risk for users but for anyone those users interact with. You no longer get the guarantee that your iMessages are end to end encrypted since anyone using the service puts a man in the middle for everyone they communicate with.

  • download firefox
  • But why even bother? If you’re privacy conscious and still insist on a chromium based browser just use Brave.

    Use things that respect your privacy by default. Otherwise you have to be in the habit of actively opting out whenever new updates or features are added and anybody who would be that diligent about it is probably already using Firefox or Brave anyway.

  • Medication holiday
  • Taking a break from stimulants helps reset tolerance, means the meds will work better when you restart.

    I take breaks every so often, but I majorly ramp up my caffeine and nicotine consumption when I do. It helps

  • World Chess Bars Trans Players From Women's Events
  • Entirely misleading headline compared to what is reported.

    What it seems to say is that in order for a trans woman to play in the women’s category they need some kind of documentation from their country acknowledging that they are living as their stated gender.

    This seems to be more of an attempt to ban a man entering a women’s tournament by falsely claiming to be a trans woman.

    On top of it, they say that if a former women’s champion transitions to being a man, then they have to vacate their women’s championship award. Which while harsh is in a way validating the reality of their trans identity.

    This is a low quality post that will mislead people who read at a glance

  • Addictive
  • If it’s possible in your area, I’ve had an easier time dealing with an independent pharmacy than with any of the big chains.

    I go to a small pharmacy that is located inside a larger hospital. They have more limited hours than the big chains but they’ve always had my meds and been easy to get info from over the phone.

    I’ve had lots of shit experiences with CVS/Walgreens/Costco

  • What are some adventurous outdoor activities with low risk of injury?
  • Rock Climbing is a sport that gives you a lot of control over risk. Once you understand the technical safety aspects, you can evaluate risks of a particular course of action.

    Climbing mellow routes with a top rope is quite low risk.

    It’s a longevity sport, at crags and gyms it’s pretty normal to see people over 50 still at it.

  • Opinions: What is a movie you genuinely like, that is rated below 60% on rotten tomatoes?
  • They are terrible actors but I think they were handled well. Because the characters were written for them, they really just had to be themselves.

    I think their prominence in the movie is what resulted in such a bad score. Even without the personal controversies, they are polarizing artists. Few people have a neutral reaction to their stuff. At the time I was pretty into their music, so seeing them in the movie was fun for me.

  • The science is clear. So why can’t governments agree on vaping?
  • Yeah well the “problem” if you want to call it that is that e cigarettes don’t harm your lungs anywhere near the level of tobacco smoke.

    There is no “these are your lungs on vape” bc frankly your lungs will look pretty normal.

    If you’re interested in the data, look at the studies that have come out of the UK and the statements their public health officials have put out.

    There is a public knowledge problem in the US regarding vaping because of reporting on the short lived emergence of so called “EVALI” (ecig/vaping associated lung injury) which hospitalized some teenagers and adults.

    EVALI was determined to be caused by Vitamin E Acetate which was a flavoring additive used in some illegal THC vapes. Once the cause was determined, even the shady illegal vape makers stopped using that ingredient. But the reputational damage to ecigs remained. EVALI was a US only problem and a short lived one at that.

    Data broadly shows that ecigs are a much safer alternative to combustible cigarettes for nicotine consumption.

  • The science is clear. So why can’t governments agree on vaping?
  • Google the instagram juul ads that they got into major legal trouble over.

    They made them look like a cool lifestyle product and as a result lots of not too bright kids started vaping without even realizing that they were a nicotine consumption device.

    All that being said, I overall do think vapes are good and that candy flavors totally appeal to adults and shouldn’t be banned. I’m fine with limits on advertising, and mostly I really think comprehensive and honest drug education for kids will empower them to make good choices.

  • Finishing programming projects
  • I think making effective use of those tools is it’s own skill. They can give you bad results if you ask things too broadly. But copilot chat has become a pretty invaluable part of my workflow.

  • Little man caught me spying on him

    lounging on his belly, I sneaked a pic through the window


    Any experiences adding guanfacine to vyvanse

    30yo male, 6' 155lbs, Athletic

    I've been on Vyvanse 50mg for about 6 months. It works very well for me but has my resting heart rate sitting close to 100 bpm. My unmedicated resting heart rate is 80 and has been since I was a child. So I do have a naturally high heart rate. 20 bpm increase seems reasonably normal, but if I get stressed then it spikes more and so does my blood pressure.

    My doctor suggested adding guanfacine taken once a day before going to sleep as it supposedly lowers blood pressure and is used on it's own to treat ADHD through a different mechanism.

    If I could have the benefit of my vyvanse dose without the cardiovascular side effects, that would be sweet. Does anyone have experience adding guanfacine to an already effective dose of stimulants?