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Just had lower surgery!

Currently laying in the hospital, like 18 hours post surgery. I didn't ever think I'd get here and there has been so much hardship but I'm here and so far recovery is going well. Obviously there is still a long way to go and there could be complications down the line but I'm happy and well right now

I've been able to have a full meal already and in a few hours they're going to see if I'm able to shuffle around. The nurses have all been so kind to me. When I went into the OR before I was under, they let me name the giant robot arm machine. Everyone here has been good I feel very cared for

Because all the meds and bandages my brain hasn't made the connection yet though which is exceptionally weird. I'm having phantom limb basically. I've read about that happening can't say it prepared me for how it actually feels in person though

Update 1: I was able to walk two times, the third attempt I almost passed out after standing up though. I've had some good hours of sleep but suddenly got very locked in feeling and anxious, my body is sore from laying down and not being mobile enough to get comfortable spiked my anxiety. They're going to give me a relaxant soon. Tomorrow we're going to try and get a good breakfast, a warm drink, some anti nausea, and see if I can walk around outside my room some. I think I'll be able to but it's going to be rough. Drinking lots of water because I'm off the drip now and need a ton of fluids still

Update 2: I walked like 15 feet and back! My entire day has been the singular goal of making sure I had as much going for me as I could to make that walk. Breathing exercises, nausea control, carefully timing different meds, staying well hydrated. It took everything I had but I did it and I'm feeling pretty good. Almost completely unassisted too only needed help moving after I got back to the bed and couldn't lift my legs back up. going to try and do it all again today and be ready for discharge tomorrow noon-ish.

Update 3: No discharge today. Last night was spent mostly screaming in pain :/ Doctor came in to look and said it's a stitch on the bolster being pulled taught from swelling. I got new outer padding on to help, some pain med refreshers, and told because I showed how well I could walk yesterday that I should focus on taking it easy today and getting swelling down. No stitches or anything popped while I was flopping around in pain so really about as best as it could have been. I'm so proud of how well I walked yesterday and come tomorrow I'm going to be seriously itching to wander around again instead of being bedlocked

Update 4: First attempt at walking today almost ended in me shitting myself and passing out. If I can't get walking around today then they're going to end up keeping me at the hospital another day. I'm really tired of the hospital bed and morale is a bit difficult to maintain right now but I've got to keep going forward. I know I can walk I've already been up and about several times it's just if I can walk well on release day