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  • Partially because he was scared that young people understand the evils of capitalism and he fears that one day he may pay for his decades of evil. He may not be directly threatened by the kid but to him there is no greater threat than those who are willing to challenge the authority of the Capitalists.

  • Capitalists: capitalism is the only system that lets you chase your dreams…
  • Especially if by "pursuing your dreams" you mean exploiting workers, protecting capitalists, making opportunities for money laundering (for capitalists), or oppressing and killing minorities domestic and foreign (to help the capitalists).

  • Because it basically is.
  • That's not true, the KKK can only wish to have as much unchecked power to brutalize minorities without repercussions as the policing system. A hate group can kill thousands, a corrupt system can keep millions oppressed.

  • Biden's Middle East Policy Is Horrific. Trump's Would Be Even Worse
  • Democracy is fake and this "representative" Republic represents nothing but the capitalists. I recommend voting for Chase Oliver, he may be a right winger but at least he's willing to call out the Israeli genocide and occupation of Gaza.