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FPV drone with a stick pokes at a Russia ZALA reconnaissance UAV.
  • I didn't tend to watch these because of distaste for gore and human lives being lost (in a thoroughly unnecessary expansionist conflict) but, robot on robot violence with stone age technology does make me snicker a bit.

  • Far-right trolls have launched a racist crusade against Kamala Harris
  • Comparing propagandists and shills to the likes of Ken M is a disservice the art of trolling. It's like saying that eating crayons until one vomits onto a canvas to sell for a quick buck at a Sotheby's fine art/stolen cultural artifacts auction is comparable to Michaelangelo's David or Starry Night.

  • Harris secures enough delegate endorsements to win the Democratic presidential nomination
  • It's fairly straightforward, for the most part. The main ways to be selected as a delegate are:

    • Be an elected official that is a member of the Democratic Party, or
    • Be a ranking member of the Democratic Party organization (ex. campaign managers or senior support staff).

    There's also at least a third way that is more opaque but appears mainly to be "be a major donor".

  • Psychotherapy Via Texts Can Be Just as Effective
  • Doing it properly is the important part. Without curation, RAG, and/or very strict quality control, you're gonna have a bad time. Like those who got a ChatGPT bot advising them how to best contribute to their eating disorders.

  • Last book that made you cry.
  • Last one that made me cry was The Whale. I lost my father when I was a teenager and was taken by surprise by the profound effect that it had on me, two decades later.

    Nothing wrong with you, based on your statement. As someone else said, at is (often) meant to provoke emotion. Emotion is a part of who we are and catching feels from unexpected things is a beautiful part of being human.

  • For what it's worth, I've helped her in a retail context and she was the good kind of customer.

    Not that I needed more reason than "let's not have fascism", but that's a big endorsement to me.

  • Biden’s exit from the race is just what Trump feared
  • Everytime someone mentions Harry Truman, I have Linda from Bob's Burgers song that she apparently sings while braiding her daughter's hair come to mind:

    Here goes the hair and / There goes the hair and / Where is Harry Truman? / He's dead in the ground. / He's dead in the ground. / He's dead, dead, dead!

  • Would you consider purple a warm blue or a cool red?
  • Erm what?... That's a pretty bizarre question. Like asking if a fork is more of a spoon, or a butter knife. Purple is not a red or a blue, it's a mix of red and blue, not a discrete wavelength. Violet and indigo may look similar to it but, unlike purple, are discrete wavelengths.

    If one has to answer the question, it depends on the red and blue used to make the purple.

  • Paper suggestions

    Hello folks!

    I'm still rather in the "shallows" as of yet, I have a handful of pens (Lamy, Platinum Preppy, Donegal Pens) and only a couple of bottles of ink (I rather like Noodler's 54th Mass.). One of the areas in the hobby that I'm least knowledgeable in is paper. So, I'm hoping that you folks have some recommendations, both for myself and my sibling who is a bit of a fountain pen enthusiast but has sensory sensitivities.

    What are you favorite papers, both loose leaf and bound, for texture, color, and any other properties? Preferably, nothing too bright/with fluorescent pigment.

    Bonus question: I really like muted colors (desaturated in digital-speak but I think that doesn't write mean the same with inks). Any suggestions for good inks on that category?


    Relationship Advice Requested

    Lads, ladettes, and enbies, I come to you seeking advice. My wife and I are just back to County America after visiting her family in the North. Upon discovering that our tea jar was empty, she proceeded to order some Barry's. Am I now legally required to file for divorce?

    More seriously, what is everyone's favorite tea (and why is it Lyon's)? And favorite thing to go along with it?


    Batch 13 arrived today!

    I'm ridiculously excited. After being held up in customs for a few days, my FW16 DIY Edition (no GPU) has finally arrived. Unfortunately, I've got the rest of the workday to finish before I can get started.

    For "vitamins", I grabbed a 1TB SK Hynix P31 Gold m.2 2280 (still deciding what 2230 to get) and 32GB (2x16GB) of G.Skill Ripjaws DDR5 CL40@5600. I haven't had anything so modern in decades and am incredibly excited to see what fun I can get up to with so much RAM.

    First order of business, after doing hardware tests to ensure that nothing needs an RMA, and updating any firmware, is to install my NixOS base system and get it setup as a QEMU/KVM hypervisor so that the real fun of trying out the list of recommended and esoteric distros that the Linux community suggested can start. Once I get bored of that, it'll be time to start designing the parts to transform the machine into a hardware hacking/tinkering cyberdeck.

    What are you folks doing or planning to do with yours?


    Looking for good lightweight men's robe pattern

    Hello folks!

    I'm finally close to finishing up some home projects and am going to try breaking out the old Singer 99k for some summer clothing as it's starting to warm up here in California. Something that I've wanted for ages but haven't found reasonably priced is a summer weight robe for around the house.

    I'm leaning towards a linen or cotton-linen blend for airiness and cost-effectiveness but am open to other recommendations. I'm generally not a huge fan of waffle weave but could see utility in the back and seat to promote airflow.

    So, the main question is: Anyone have recommendations for a good pattern (doesn't need to be free - professional pattern designers deserve to make a living) for a men's or unisex robe that would fit the bill and be possible with a straight stitch machine (I didn't yet have a zigzagger)?


    Looking for resources on terrible algorithms, architecture, and design

    Hey folks! I think this request is right up this comm's alley. I'm sure that we all know bogo sort but, what other terrible/terribly inefficient algorithms, software architecture, or design choices have you been horrified/amused by?

    I, sadly, lost a great page of competing terrible sorting algorithms, but I'll lead with JDSL as a terrible (and terribly inefficient) software architecture and design. The TL;DR is that a fresh CS guy got an internship at a company that based its software offering around a custom, DSL based on JSON that used a svn repo to store all functions in different commits. The poor intern had a bad time due to attempting to add comments to the code, resulting in customer data loss.

    AskHistorians nickwitha_k (he/him)

    US History - Beliefs of writers of US Constitution with regards to standing armies

    Hello historians!

    I have a question, specifically intended for those who are academic experts in US history. It is a bit of a "hot-button" topic, so I understand if you folks wouldn't want to touch it with a ten-foot pole. I did study early US history briefly in undergrad but would defer to those who have dedicated far more energy and study on the topic.

    The issue of contention here is this: To my knowledge the Founding Fathers (writers of the US Constitution) were vehemently opposed to a professional, standing army, believing it to be a tool inevitably used for tyranny and oppression. Instead of this they envisioned a militia-based system for national and regional defense, as well as enforcement of laws, when force was required (ie forming a temporary posse to defend against brigands or bring violent criminals to justice).

    My further contention is that this belief is clearly reflected in the wording of the US Constitution and its context. For example, the 2nd Amendment, which specifically mentions militia, bring intended to ensure that all citizens could be armed in case a militia needed to be raised, whether for defense against an external threat or an internal one. Or Article I, Section 8, Clause 12 being specifically introduced in an effort to prevent standing armies from bring raised.

    The context around my questioning here is that anothet commentor has posed the assertion that the US Constitution was written TO enble a standing army. This seems rather contradictory to what I recall on the topic.

    Could some scholars shed some light here?

    (Please note: I am not intending to say whether or not the 2nd Amendment is valid, or call judgment upon ethics or morality of firearm ownership, or get a "gotcha". Just the context around its writing and wording.)


    Anyone have a good experience with K1/K1C?

    Contemplating getting a K1 or K1C in the nearish future as it looks to be the most cost-effective core-XY platform that allows open-source firmware. All I've found are compensated reviews so far so, figured I'd see if anyone on Lemmy has a less biased experience.

    Any thoughts on these or suggestions for alternatives. Would like to move away from bed-slingers.


    First catastrophic nozzle clog!



    Here's the carnage! Was running a long print and saw this when I went to check on it. Was running the stock Ender 3 hotend with a Capricorn tube fix for nearly 5 years. Served me well. I haven't yet been able to remove the white PLA. To see the full damage but, I'm pretty sure that the threads are gone.

    Guess it's time to upgrade the hotend.


    RFS - Linux-capable OtS chip for learning HW and FW design

    Hello folks. I'm wanting to learn a bit about computer hardware and firmware design, the ultimate goal will be a fully open-source hardware computer (I don't expect that any time soon). I'm familiar with PCB layout and design already as well as MCU and general programming.

    Does anyone have suggestions for Off-the-Shelf CPUs that are supported well-enough by Linux and have useful documentation and datasheets available? I'm not looking for high performance, running a GUI, or anything like that. I'm literally just interested in practicing the board layout and figuring out how to extend core/libreboot to support it (out implement my own firmware) and get a terminal session.


    "Must Try" distros and DEs?

    Hey folks! I'm getting a fresh laptop for the first time in about a decade (Framework 16) in a couple of months and am looking forward to doing some low-level tinkering both on the OS and hardware. I'm planning to convert into a "cyberdeck" with quick-release hinges for the screen since I usually use an HMD, built-in breadboard, and other hardware hacking fun.

    On the OS, I'm planning to try NixOS as a baremetal hypervisor (KVM/QEMU) and run my "primary" OSes in VMs with hardware passthrough. If perf is horrible, I'll probably switch back to baremetal after a bit. But, I'm not likely going to be gaming on it so, I'm not likely to have much issue.

    Once the hypervisor is working in a manner that I like, I should have an easy time backing up, rolling back, swapping out my "desktop" OS. I've been using Linux as my pretty much my only OS for over a decade (I use MacOS as a glorified SSH client for work). Most of my time has been on distros in the Debian or RHEL families (*buntu, Linux Mint, Crunchbang, CentOS, etc) and I pretty much live in the terminal these days.

    With all of this said, I am coming to you folks for help. I would like you folks to share distros, desktop environments, window managers that you think I should give a try, or would like to inflict on me and what makes them noteworthy.

    I can't guarantee that I'll get through suggestions, as my ADHD has been playing up lately, but I'll give it an attempt. Seriously. If you want me to try Hannah Montana Linux, I'll do it and report back on the experience.

    EDIT: Thank you all for your fantastic suggestions. I'm going to start compiling them into a list this weekend.


    Kyria v3 - Starting build

    Howdy folks!

    After letting my dactyl manuform build flounder for awhile, while I try to figure out a good way to reduce the tedium of hand wiring, I got tired of typing on a terrible KB. So, I ordered a Kyria v3 PCB kit and have started the tedium of adding Mill-Max sockets.

    Wish me Luck!

    General Programming Discussion nickwitha_k (he/him)

    Cross-platform mobile in 2023

    Hello folks. I'm a backend guy, mostly using Python, Go, and the like. I've learned a bit of Rust and have enjoyed it for embedded.

    With that background I'm curious if any mobile devs can give some feedback on the current state of cross-platform (Android, iOS, Web) for simple apps. What I currently have in mind, despite not owning a uterus, is a FOSS menstrual cycle tracker app, using encrypted local storage only (the regularity of this private information being sold by existing apps is very disturbing to me). This means that my reqs boil down to:

    • UI/UX (I suspect this would require platform-specific code)
    • Storage/DB subsystem (probably just use an encrypted sqlite)
    • Optional extras
    • Minimal third-party library usage to potential minimize data leaks as well as limiting possible vectors for ad injection

    So, there's really not much to it complexity-wise. Any suggestions on framework or approaches for keeping the codebase DRY as possible (I would want to minimize required effort to update)?


    Timed Mute Community/User

    Sometimes, it may be good for one's mental health to "take a break" from a community or user. It would be nice to be able to temporarily block posts from a user or community that one may otherwise enjoy in a 1h/6h/1d/1w or possibly arbitrary time period.


    HW Security Keys - 2023 - State of Tech?

    Hello all!

    I'm wondering what folks who are more involved with infosec and have their fingers on the pulse are thinking for best devices and practices at this time.

    From my perspective, modern computing has made MFA a requirement for pretty much everything. I'm not a fan of app-based as it is too fragile and increases possible attack surface.

    When it comes to HW keys, I see a few factors:

    • Physical manufacturing location/supply chain
    • Source code access
    • Third-party certification

    The first one is fairly straightforward - do you have trust in the place of manufacturer and the components used? Or, is there some other philosophical reason (ex. labor conditions)?

    The second and third are a bit less clear. It seems to me that the more open the source, the more auditable and verifiable, however, this seems to be inversely related to the chance that a device is certified by the FIDO Alliance. I'm not sure if this is due to it being a commercial working group or costs involved being more likely to be prohibitive for OSS/OSHW projects. Any other certifications recommended?

    While I would rather the verifiability of open-source, it seems like Yubico's offerings might be winning out in the other categories for the price. Any thoughts?



    Couldn't find a species-appropriate community for this one but, she's afraid of cats, so, it might be OK. This is Freya. She's a 12 year-old rescue pup.