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its true tho
  • I used to be one of those fanboys when I was younger, but that was driven more by the fact that they weren't iPhones than anything particularly good about Android

    Used to be a fan of OnePlus but they've become like every other phone company now from what I hear

  • Other than AI, what technology are you excited about?
  • It's not laziness it's economics.

    It's cheaper for companies to have their developers spend less time developing in higher level languages and just throw more hardware at the problem than spend more money developing in a more difficult language

    They aren't concerned with energy or material efficiency, only financial

  • Are we Wayland yet or Whats missing?
  • I'm not sure as to how long ago you did this but it moves workspaces dynamically now when you unplug/replug monitors

    I used to do this quite frequently, disabling laptop screen when plugged into monitors

    That said it still has a stroke from time to time just not always

  • Are we Wayland yet or Whats missing?
  • Weird, I've been using hyprland on multi monitor for a while

    Only issue I've ever noticed is that some games will insist on running on my second monitor for some reason and will stay locked at at 1080p when moved to the higher res one

  • You think Linux is living a Renaissance with Gaming and New Non-Technical Users?
  • Nvidia has caused me much suffering in both of my machines, only recently fixed hibernation killing the DE, latest driver version at the moment for many GPUs causes horrible stuttering in games

    Most web games absolutely suck, think webgl isn't working

    This is all on wayland though because I'm hopelessly addicted to hyprland

  • You think Linux is living a Renaissance with Gaming and New Non-Technical Users?
  • Gaming was absolutely the only reason I didn't switch permanently

    Switched all my machines over to Linux within a month or so of getting my steam deck and see no reason to go back

    Can't imagine I'm the only one who was waiting for this, though that said I am fairly technical, I don't think most non technical people will see enough of a reason to switch

  • Cosmic on nix?

    I've heard cosmic is in the process of being packaged for nix, but on the tracking issue the only things not complete are the video player and the app store, neither of which I care about

    Is there any halfway sensible way to get the bits that do work running on nixos? Would quite like to try this desktop out


    Any simple CLI method for playing a sound over mic in voice chats?

    I've got this idea in my head that I want a tofi based sound board that I can summon on a button press (and maybe fuzzy find through)

    Should be fairly simple to do with the way tofi works to make the interface, but as far as I can find there's not a quick and easy way to mix sounds in with mic input using pactl

    Is there any single line solution for playing a sound over mic (like a soundboard would) anyone can think of or do I need to mess around with virtual audio devices to achieve this


    Could real neurons be used for LLMs?

    There's a video on YouTube where someone has managed to train a network of rat neurons to play doom, the way they did it seems reminiscent of how we train ML models

    I am under the impression from the video that real neurons are a lot better at learning than simulated ones (and much less power demanding)

    Could any ML problems, such as natural language generation be solved using neurons instead and would that be in any way practical?

    Ethically at this point is this neuron array considered conscious in any way?


    Speedrun timers on self checkouts

    Am I the only one who gets to the self checkout and is compelled to finish as soon as humanly possible?

    Imagine if there was a speedrun timer on them and a leaderboard

    Would make boring everyday life a little more interesting


    Sanity checking an idea for editing yaml without wanting to throw my laptop out the window

    Often find myself getting frustrated editing yaml, and it seems to be used everywhere for some reason I cannot fathom

    I have an idea to write an editor plugin that will, when opening a yaml file, convert it to json (or some other less painful configuration language), then convert back on save. I don't know enough about yaml syntax to know if that's possible or if there's some quirk that makes them not completely cross compatible

    Or alternatively if it exists a better CLI tool for editing yaml than just a normal text editor because I'm getting sick of pasting in a block of yaml and then having to fix the 8 indentation errors that somehow spawn from that


    Flashy, simple souls like?

    Not sure if what I'm looking for exists, but thought I'd ask.

    I like the boss fights of games like sekiro and and dark souls but I always end up getting bored of them before getting particularly far for one reason or another

    I'm not a huge fan of the grungey art style most souls likes seem to adopt, and I often find myself wandering around not really knowing where I'm going, what I'm doing, or why I'm doing it

    Really loved the Nier series. The combat in that makes you feel like a badass, whereas souls likes tend to make your character look like a regular guy with a sword (which I get is the point but not what I tend to look for)

    Also like the visual style of black desert, the combat feels pretty good and looks very cool though I'm not a fan of all the micro transactions and pay to win (more or less the same goes for Warframe, at least when I played it years ago)

    Does anyone know of any games that might scratch that itch, don't necessarily have to be souls likes as long as they look good and have challenging boss fights


    Has anyone seen gitlab is working on activitypub yet?

    Just googled to see if there was an activitypub git host yet and came across this claiming gitlab are working on it at the moment and that it's available as an experimental feature

    Seems odd to me that people aren't talking about this more here, has anyone tried it and if so is it any good?


    What do people think will be the fate of ryujinx?

    Seeing as Yuzu has been nintendo'd recently, what do people think will happen to ryujinx? Can Nintendo get them on the same grounds as Yuzu or would they need to come up with a new case against them?


    What smartphones are people using nowadays?

    My phone's just bitten the dust and now I need to look for a new one again.

    Thought I'd test the waters and see what kinds of phones people on here are using nowadays and what for, what features set them apart if any etc

    Bonus points if anyone's managed to get mainline linux running on them either via KVM or bare metal

    Edit: Thanks for everyone who talked about their choices of phone, I am now writing this on a fairphone 4 and am quite happy with it so far.


    Visual client side chunk generation

    Does anyone know of a mod that, given the seed for example, could locally generate chunks so that they can be displayed before the server generates them?

    IE if multiple people are exploring and the server's struggling to keep up, it would be awesome if the client could generate them locally and fill in the gaps locally until the server gets around to generating them proper

    (Kinda like how I imagine distant horizons does it)


    Would changing useragent to chrome cause me problems?

    I'm hearing a lot about websites like netflix and YouTube crippling their performance in some way if you're using firefox instead of chrome/a smart TV

    Is it likely to cause me problems if I just globally change my useragent to chrome instead of firefox?

    Alternatively, is there an extension that automatically bypasses all of these things that people are aware of (pretends to be a smart TV for netflix, chrome for YouTube, etc automatically)

    If there's not an extension, what would be involved in making one? Obviously user agent changes dependant on URL but I'm not sure what other metrics these websites might be able to use to figure out what you're using


    X11 tiling WMs

    I am potentially going to be able to put Linux on my work PC soon, have been using it on my personal PC and laptop quite happily with hyprland ontop of NixOS

    Thinking of using NixOS for my work machine as well, however I don't want to use hyprland or even Wayland as I need this machine to be stable and reliable (Nvidia GPU)

    Is I3 still the best option for this or are there better alternatives? (leaning towards I3 ontop of KDE)

    I'm also somewhat tempted to just go GNOME with the forge extension as it seems the most reliable, though the tiling on that extension is far from perfect


    Do people run lower roleplay focused D&D?

    Whenever I hear about D&D more often than not it seems like people go to great lengths to stay in character and roleplay

    This is great and makes for some very interesting stories but I tend to find myself more interested in just going on an adventure with a group of friends, solve a few puzzles win a few fights, complete a few quests etc

    I'm also a big fan of character optimisation and mechanics but get the feeling that can be frowned upon by much of the community

    Difficult to describe what I mean here but as an example in baldur's gate I barely roleplay at all, my character has no personality except for the fact they make the decisions I would make, but I find that more fun, not having to worry about what my character would do and just making the decision I want to make

    I realise not having a fleshed out character in D&D detracts from the immersiveness of the story because the DM can't weave your character into the story but at least at the moment that doesn't sound too bad to me.

    Just wondering if there are people out there who run lighter roleplay campaigns


    How would something like FreeBSD show up on the steam end of year statistics?

    Obviously nobody in their right mind is using BSD for gaming but I do wonder how it would show up

    I heard there was a bsd port of steam at some point and some people got the Linux build working on it. I have to assume the Linux build would probably report as Linux unless it has some mechanism to determine operating system besides it being hard coded

    Having 1% of my playtime be on BSD seems like a pretty good meme to me


    Sync specific contacts with signal?

    Work have started trying out signal for messaging, but I'd rather not have all my personal contacts and conversations on a machine I don't own

    Is there any way I could white/black list certain contacts from one device, or is the only way to manage two separate accounts? (If so, is there an easy/built in way to do that on windows/nixos)


    Bilinguals, does chatGPT sound different in other languages?

    I have a theory that it should have a very different "personality" (probably more like writing style) depending on language because it's an entirely different set of training data

    In English chatGPT is rather academic and has a recognisable style of writing, if you've used it a bit you can usually get hints something was written by it just by reading it.

    Does it speak in a similar tone, with similar mannerisms in other languages? (where possible, obviously some things don't translate)

    I don't know a second language well enough to have natural conversation so I'm unable to test this myself, and may have worded things awkwardly from a lack of understanding


    Has anyone else noticed smartphones have got significantly more addictive recently

    I've noticed YouTube specifically has become more addictive, I never used to be one to sit and scroll for long durations before but I often catch myself spending way too long on shorts now

    Even people or older generations seem to be getting sucked in nowadays


    Will the generation growing up on modern games have any nostalgic aesthetic?

    With digital circus coming out recently I realised the 2000s game aesthetic can actually be kinda cool and endearing

    It feels like games nowdays are kinda soulless and generic though, glossy and modern (Obviously except for indie games)

    Will the 2020s aesthetic be microtransactions and lootboxes?


    Are there any good/interesting launchers for Android by Linux desktop standards?

    I have been spoiled for customisation by hyprland recently and have been looking at customizing my phone UI

    All the custom launchers I've tried so far are rather lacking in customisability, features and are usually paywalled for "advanced" features like having more than one widget

    At the moment I think I'm going to end up back on the default one


    What is everyone's cross platform frontend framework of choice

    I have been experimenting with react native as I heard it's one of the good ones, and so far it is not a particularly enjoyable experience. Lots of irritating things like no global styling, lots of ugly, hard to read properties on tags, etc

    In a perfect world where you get to choose, which frontend frameworks would you use and why?