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Political Memes spujb

i swear we are trying, but people happen to be DYING in the meantime

  • this is a meta-commentary post about a prevailing sentiment that results in spam in this community.
  • i support ranked choice voting/STAR voting. and you should too!
  • go to to learn more and find legislation you can campaign for in your region.

but i swear by this point, we know. we are aware. the same point doesn’t need to be spammed every 3 comments. if it was as easy to overcome as copypasting the same four paragraphs every post, we’d have thrown off this oppression by now.

this wouldn’t be a problem if the spam wasn’t inserted into the most irrelevant of spaces. people are dying, their rights are being stripped. and yes, RCV would help this but politics is about working within the confines of current reality, not a hypothetical scenario where we fixed things 6 years ago.

just cool it with the spam. engage with each other as humans, not concepts to be dealt with.