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US Public Rapidly Sours on Project 2025 as Awareness Grows
  • This isn't a one and done thing. P2025 is the Heritage foundation, long time conservative economic think tank funded by the Kochs. They're pushing this agenda and it doesn't matter who knows since this is a plan to seize power. They put out these demented sounding policy agenda and they stick to the plan, more or less, in working toward. Trying out different wordings, spamming out policy proposals and voting agenda items like the ones in this plan; copy pasted from existing bills written for other States. Look at how trans legislation is going in this country.

    In the media they'll try out different framings of these issues, start bringing in grifters in the media to frame these issues "creatively" to the public. Most of these framings will be terrible, awful, but one will catch on and then it becomes part of public consciousness almost over night.

    And they're doing this for all of these issues. People sometimes say that the capitalist class only cares about the next quarter, but these think tanks funded by the capitalist class, are able to look ahead decades. A good example of this is the Powell memo, written in the 70s by the chamber of commerce. Compared to when it was written they've gotten maybe 85% of what they asked for, and the mechanisms to get that last fraction of whatever is left of the US labor movement have been working and are "interpreted" into law by our conservative supreme court and the closely-linked Federalist Society.

    Project 2025 gets rejected by a mostly ambivalent voting base. Big defeat, Democrats patting each other on the back. But the machine keeps working for decades as long as there's funding coming from major donors; unless it gets completely defeated, as in the people responsible are put on trial, Nuremberg style.

  • What's that song you adore but you're too embarrassed to make anyone else listen to?
  • "I Got a Feeling" by Neva Denova. It's not a famous band or song, but its so incredibly sad and angry and nihilistic and there's nothing else that comes close. When I'm feeling really shitty though, it kind of cheers me up. It has this long sing-along outro, "The world's a shitty place, and I can't wait to die." But after repeating this over and over the song ends and someone in the background says affectionately, "I'm just kidding world, you know I love you." I've struggled with intrusive negative thoughts for most of my life, and there is something cathartic about having my internal pain externalized in song-form, and that final line is like a voice I've had to develop that fights against all the negativity, to like survive the worst of the blackest depressions. Except instead of taking no small amount of energy to consciously or automatically summon that voice, it comes easy; it's right on the recording, and it plays every time.

    I wouldn't say I'm embarrassed to tell people about the song, but I do think people would worry about me if they knew I listened to it when at my worst. But it really makes me feel like, "well at least I'm not that depressed and nihilistic," and it helps.

  • The homeopaths of spin
  • So when Russians who support the invasion of Ukraine do something, you think that you should also do it? They didn't invent it, it comes from Ukraine and bloodthirsty supporters of Ukr (not all supporters of Ukraine are bloodthirsty, but there is a vocal minority that is) and some Russians adopted it probably because they think it sounds hardcore. Just like every pejorative ends up being used as a term of self identification by members of the group targeted by the pejorative. Doesn't make it less dehumanizing, doesn't make it okay in fact its kind of worse to say it since it agrees with Russians supporting the invasion, dont you think?

  • The homeopaths of spin
  • That does not make them orcs, and you do not deserve to have your bloodthirst rationalized by separating them from their humanity. If someone becomes a killer soldier, that is a tragedy; if someone is killed by a killer that is also a tragedy. These people all have families who will be affected by the loss of their loved one, whether that loss be total as in death or as in the loss of their humanity. I think if you support the Ukrainians against the Russian invasion that you probably have the correct view, but it doesnt make you ontologically just. And I can say so without supporting a tyrant like Putin. However, I wonder if you are familiar with the history leading up to this war, or if you think it just appeared to you as was presented on the news: a clash between good and evil like you see in Marvel movies. Most people who have looked into the history are not as firmly embedded in the camp of righteousness, and i think that some of your certainty is a display of ignorance.

    The war is terrible and we gain nothing from turning our enemies into inhuman monsters. They aren't. They're people, maybe fucked up by circumstance, and maybe some are actually bad people. Violent clash and conflict and the resultant deaths are horrible, and inevitable in war. But its also important to understand why the war happened and why it persists. These people who have been fucked over by circumstance and forced to go to war, and then people who see it go down on TV start calling them orcs and wishing for their death. I'm not a part of any movement that does that, I'll find other ways to support the Ukrainian people, and I'll call out bad behavior if I see it.

    You are not ontologically righteous for wishing death on Russians. Its possible in fact that you are being pulled in the other direction, I hope you experience a change in course.

  • The homeopaths of spin
  • If it helps you reflect on your thoughts and feelings so that you can find a way to resist or fight without becoming exactly like you think your enemies are, then it is a start

  • American Liberal Democracy
  • I don't think they did. Maybe my long comment was an over reaction, but my point is that the problem with Biden isn't just that he "talks like porky pig."

    Doesn't matter now, we are all in the K-hole, get ready for the worst parts of the right to show their disgusting racist sexist asses. Can't say I'm a huge fan of Kamala, buy its def gonna get interesting

  • American Liberal Democracy
  • I see, so the "other guy" is perfectly mentally acute and sharp, has a functioning memory and strategic mind able to keep track of many shifting variables that are related to planetary existential crisis, environmental collapse, active genocide, the proliferation of global and national fascism and eradication of basic rights in favor of corporate profits, and any number of other urgent and dire circumstances; but he just has a little bit of a stutter.

    Fuck Trump, don't vote for him, vote for the Democrat even if it is just to democratically choose which enemy you would rather fight. But come on this is so disingenuous and unserious. None has ever decided to vote because someone was smug to them on the internet. If anything it has the opposite effect; but keep on pushing that rock, Sisyphus, it'll stay up there some day

  • couldn't be me
  • The point of the meme isn't about whether you personally would want to sleep with someone who is trans, and whether that makes you a good person or not, its about how the first, second, and last thing a lot of people think about wrt trans people is whether they are fuckable or not. Its not good to objectify people, if you do it is transphobic/sexist/racist/whatever dehumanizing. But if you see trans people as people, and respect their gender, their right to express themselves openly even if you aren't sexually attracted to them, then this meme will never be a problem for you. And if you feel personally attacked by this meme, try and figure out why, because it's probably not about you. Don't be a creep isn't that complicated, folks

  • Assuming we don't have free will, why do we have the illusion that we do?
  • Noone believes that people have full freedom with no context, no extenuating circumstances. What makes arguments like this seem convincing is how uncommon it is for people to think dialectically.

    Here's a very good essay that steps through all of the different parts of the problem, and looks at different views historically.

    To the hard deterministic explanation that "something always came before," it asks "what is the role of the individual in history?"

    This excerpt isn't a substitute for reading the whole essay but it makes a point pretty concisely:

    But let us return to our subject. A great man is great not because his personal qualities give individual features to great historical events, but because he possesses qualities which make him most capable of serving the great social needs of his time, needs which arose as a result of general and particular causes. Carlyle, in his well-known book on heroes and hero-worship, calls great men beginners. This is a very apt description. A great man is precisely a beginner because he sees further than others, and desires things more strongly than others. He solves the scientific problems brought up by the preceding process of intellectual development of society; he points to the new social needs created by the preceding development of social relationships; he takes the initiative in satisfying these needs. He is a hero. But he is not a hero in the sense that he can stop, or change, the natural course of things, but in the sense that his activities are the conscious and free expression of this inevitable and unconscious course. Herein lies all his significance; herein lies his whole power. But this significance is colossal, and the power is terrible.

  • 'What about Project 25?' John Fetterman turns the table on Fox News over Biden questions
  • How does it prove anything? I was being sarcastic you paranoid weirdo. You want my LinkedIn? A copy of my passport? What exact proof would you need? Or is the burden of proof irrelevant because it would conflict with your worldview? Lmk slick

  • I'm finally getting the hang of Sekiro

    I’ve been playing this game off and on, starting over since it came out. I was a hardcore Bloodborne player, but also played a lot of elden ring and ds3. Sekiro never clicked, I thought it was slick and the action felt incredible but I just couldn’t get past the beginning. Finally I’ve broken through and am having a blast, and its all thanks to Armored Core 6. Thanks Armored Core 6 (I will not elaborate).