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No disrespect if this is you, just consider supporting your fav creators directly when you can!
  • Ads are a security risk


    and blocking them doesn't hurt content creators.

    False. Using adblockers does directly impact creators’ CPM, which is the number used to determine how much they are paid.

    It is good to use ad blockers on the general web for safety. But if there are creators you enjoy, it’s good to consider either supporting them directly or whitelisting them if you don’t have the financial means to do direct payments. While doing so, you can also take additional safety steps like clearing your cookies frequently, or using an extension that scrambles your marketing data to make you less of a target.

    It’s not a black or white situation like you are framing it.

  • No disrespect if this is you, just consider supporting your fav creators directly when you can!
  • I genuinely think a lot of people just think YouTubers exist out of the void or something, that’s where the misunderstanding springs from :) fortunately a lot of people get it it’s just a misconception that >50% still have.

  • No disrespect if this is you, just consider supporting your fav creators directly when you can!
  • I don’t think something exactly like this but since a great many creators are on Patreon you could probably do some quick maths to set up a few recurring payments that total 5 USD :)

    (Thanks for the genuine question btw, everyone feels called out for some reason even though I am voicing all this as kindly as I can)

  • YouTube offers virtual trophies so you can feel bad about quitting premium
  • First paragraph is news to me genuinely :0 I thought that was obvious I guess

    Without knowing more about the virtual shinies I guess I can’t give a full opinion, so fair. In my head I was comparing them to the “subscriber for 18 months” badges YT and Twitch give you, which aren’t all that destructive.

  • YouTube offers virtual trophies so you can feel bad about quitting premium
  • Sigh.

    I always get downvoted for these takes but…

    Your favorite YouTubers don’t do it for free. They need to eat too.

    And sure, absolutely call out shoddy business practices from Google in other areas, call out invasive ads and tracking. Call out their monopoly and all their other abuses!

    But this? This is just marketing, and marketing that you are quite free to ignore at that. Is it weird? Sure. But is it dystopian? Hell naw. It’s about creating the funding that allows your content creators to feed themselves.

    I am begging you to post stuff like this to [email protected] instead. This is just depressing.

  • people added "reversism" to things like descimination & racism just because it's harder for them to recognize it when it's the other way around
  • Pretty problematic comment there bud let’s work through it.

    Lol, quoting LBJ about racism...what a racist bastard.

    Ok, so he was not great before his presidency, true, but what part of that antiracist quote do you disagree with? It’s scary that you would disagree.

    At a time when 80% of Republicans in congress voted for the civil rights acts, and only 40% of Democrats did.


    And LBJ only signed them because he was backed into a corner.

    False. This one is just downright misinformation. 😳😬😳 Per Wikipedia, “In his first address to a joint session of Congress on November 27, 1963, Johnson told the legislators, "No memorial oration or eulogy could more eloquently honor President Kennedy's memory than the earliest possible passage of the civil rights bill for which he fought so long."[26]” Bro wanted this act passed, call it bad faith, whatever, but “backed into a corner” is not it.

    "Reverse racism" is never correct.

    Agree I guess, but this term is really poorly defined across contexts so don’t quote me on this

    Racism isn't one-way.

    Only true if you utterly and intentionally ignore institutional racism. Institutional racism is one-way. Other comments here have expressed this key distinction better than I could. So I’ll leave it there.

  • Political Memes spujb
    Political Memes spujb
    Victim Blaming

    *Not equating the total violence between the situations of course. It’s just important to label oppressive and non-representative regimes what they are, even when they happen to reside in the US.

    Political Memes spujb
    a distraction to keep us at each other's throats

    My reasoning:

    • “While not applicable in all cases, mental health problems often played a role [in Florida Man stories]. Mental health is a huge issue in Florida, which ranks at the bottom of all states for mental health funding, according to the Florida Policy Institute. Lou and Orjoux, CNN 2019
    • Florida has a known track record of intimidating and suppressing voters, particularly voters of color.
    • ”It’s a democracy, we are just making fun of the voters who made it that way.” Except it isn’t. The will of the Floridian people is not represented in the actions of their leaders. One of many examples: 68% of Floridians want the state to do more on climate change, meanwhile “The Florida Legislature not only bypassed proposals to address climate change during the most recent legislative session, but lawmakers also passed a measure (HB 1645) that would strip the term “climate change” from much of state law.” Does that sound like democracy to you?

    Instead of addressing these—and other—root problems, Florida Man posts trivialize the hardships of marginalized individuals, perpetuating societal inequities.

    Political Memes spujb
    soft, but at what cost #BDS 🇵🇸

    Ahava Cosmetics, bought by Chinese conglomerate Fosun in 2016, runs its production site, visitor center, and main store in an illegal Israeli settlement in occupied Palestinian territory. Known for extracting minerals from the Dead Sea for cosmetics, Ahava has been a key target of the pro-Palestinian Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) Movement.

    Political Memes spujb
    fixed it

    i don’t even know if this is good or if i stand by it 100% but it’s a helluva lot better (less tone deaf) than the other one ☺️

    PSA for reporting best practices

    Created using feedback from Maybe this can be useful.

    Transcript: See something off? Do your part to keep the Lemmy community safe:

    R - Read the rules of the community. E - Explain your report, including rule # when possible. P - Provide context the mods should know. O - Opt-out, disengage, downvote or block. Don't add to the drama. R - Reach out or report right away. *For extremely time-sensitive content (CSAM, gore) DM an admin via Matrix: Instance homepage > Sidebar > click admin's @username > Send Secure Message T - Trust your instincts. If in doubt, report it.

    Mods, what tips or etiquette do you recommend for reporting?

    With recent events hilighting the value of quality moderation, it got me to consider: How can we help you out?

    What steps, considerations, encouragements or warnings would you give the userbase regarding best practices for using the report feature (or other interraction with mods)? Reporting less, reporting more, putting more detail in the form, or just leaving it blank?

    I was thinking of maybe putting together a psa-style infographic (a la think before you post) if the answers you give are poignant or significantly unknown to the average user.

    Lemmy is a worse platform for women than Reddit was

    (Content warning, discussions of SA and misogyny, mods I might mention politics a bit but I hope this can be taken outside the context of politics and understood as a discussion of basic human decency)

    We all know how awful Reddit was when a user mentioned their gender. Immediate harassment, DMs, etc. It's probably improved over the years? But still awful.

    Until recently, Lemmy was the most progressive and supportive of basic human dignity of communities I had ever followed. I have always known this was a majority male platform, but I have been relatively pleased to see that positive expressions of masculinity have won out.

    All of that changed with the recent "bear vs man" debacle. I saw women get shouted down just for expressing their stories of being sexually abused, repeatedly harassed, dogpiled, and brigaded with downvotes. Some of them held their ground, for which I am proud of them, but others I saw driven to delete their entire accounts, presumably not to return.

    And I get it. The bear thing is controversial; we can all agree on this. But that should never have resulted in this level of toxicity!

    I am hoping by making this post I can kind of bring awareness to this weakness, so that we can learn and grow as a community. We need to hold one another accountable for this, or the gender gap on this site is just going to get worse.

    Next steps after the bear

    As has been discussed already here in this community, the key takeaway from the bear hypothetical is that it is an opportunity to truly listen to the lived experiences of women under patriarchal systems. I encourage "first response" to the bear discussion to head back to this post, as I am looking for discussion kind of after the fact. If this is your first exposure to the bear thing, head there, then pop back here after you have a good handle on the situation.

    My question has two parts:

    1. Positive Steps: Let's explore resources for folks to act on the things they have learned from this discussion.
    2. Creating a Safe Space: During the course of the debate, it's likely that high emotions have led to lashing out and unkind words, perhaps even unintentionally directed towards men who may be survivors of SA themselves. Can we create a space here for listening and affirming one another about these potentially painful experiences?
    nuanceposting rule
    seen this post elsewhere? click for explanation

    This post got banned from [email protected] for reason “Troll Posting” which is Very Disrespectful in my opinion. 😕

    I mean this meme with full respect and love to my fellow community members and I was proud of the discussion and support it was creating.

    EDIT: POST RESTORED YAY. (Thank you to the mods it turned out to be a misunderstanding.)

    Important clarification/FAQ

    I am not calling to coddle or excuse the behavior of bigoted men in any way!

    I am calling to be kind and understanding to young men (often ages 10-20) who are very manipulable and succeptible to the massive anti feminist propaganda machine. Hope this clarifies that very important distinction. :)

    Very good comments that express key points:

    lemmy stop silencing SA survivors rule

    The number of examples I have seen of people being told to shut up about their lived experiences with sexual abuse in the past 24 hours on this platform is deeply disturbing.

    I am calling on y’all to take a deep breath and listen to women for once. There is a time and place for tone policing and it’s never the very minute a woman speaks up.

    Political Memes spujb
    boycott for a #FreePalestine

    While there is no ethical consumption under capitalism, Chevron and its three associated brands are the only oil corporation for which the Palestinian BDS National Committee (BNC) has called a consumer boycott for its significant complicity in genocide and apartheid.

    > US fossil fuel multinational Chevron is the main corporation extracting gas claimed by apartheid Israel in the East Mediterranean. Chevron generates billions in revenues, strengthening Israel’s war chest and apartheid system, exacerbating the climate crisis and Gaza siege, and is complicit in depriving the Palestinian people of their right to sovereignty over their natural resources. Chevron has thousands of retail gas stations around the world under the Chevron, Caltex, and Texaco brand names.

    Important clarification/FAQ

    I am not calling to coddle or excuse the behavior of bigoted men in any way!

    I am calling to be kind and understanding to young men (often ages 10-20) who are very manipulable and succeptible to the massive anti feminist propaganda machine. Hope this clarifies that very important distinction. :)

    Very good comments that express key points:

    Edit: This post has now been removed and restored twice. I want to encourage you all:

    Be decent to one another

    I think this post is a valuable thing given the current state of the Fediverse, please don't fuck it up for us by being toxic in the comments.

    Political Memes spujb
    maybe the woke was inside us all along
    obligatory bear post

    is the man or bear thing rhetorically or optically the perfect feminist meme that is beyond criticism? no.

    but is it leaps and bounds better at getting men to understand the material consequences of patriarchy on the physical and emotional health of women than that stupid “kill all men” meme from last decade? definitely.

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