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Am I original?

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jpg rule
  • I like how this meme is crafted to be life-ruiningly specific for maybe 2 people in the whole world, but we all get to blithely enjoy the anti-humour

  • Hunter Biden convicted of three felony counts in federal gun trial
  • There were good points to be made from the angle you're taking, but I think you might be getting lost in the weeds here

  • Hmmm
  • "They make these for men?"

    • The Beast, Kung Fu Hustle
  • Solo - Free AI Website Creator
  • That's all we need, a way for morons to turn the web into even more of a Potemkin village of meaningless blather

  • Everett cares about fire safety [Outbursts of Everett True, 1914]
  • I like these, I just wish there was a joke beyond "Everett attacks shitty dudes"

  • "I'm in"
  • It's buried with Aleister Crowley

  • How do you think Apple's AI rewrite (Writing Tools) performed in their example from WWDC?
  • The LLM edit shows a lack of care and detail. Bloodless, bland, not compelling. I would prefer to say things the human way, and I prefer to be spoken to the same way. Someone sent me an LLM email once and it made me feel just lonely and bored.

  • Justice Alito Caught on Tape Discussing How Battle for America 'Can't Be Compromised'
  • Some of these justices are rather turbulent lately

  • True Disaster
  • A modern day Nero perhaps. Can't wait for a guitar-shredding imposter to squat in the oval office a year after his death

  • Wind tunnel experiments
  • It's purely conjectural. A gehonkenexperiment, of sorts

  • My Car Enthusiasts Dream!
  • De gustibus some disputandum

  • I swear it was real!
  • Do you not judge a man by the company he keeps?

  • China's electric vehicle makers face uphill battle in Europe
  • A quick search shows that hotel industry analysts do feel the pinch. How could they not, when airbnbs have earned something like $65bn since 2018. That isn't extra spending generated outside of hotel bookings. I can't think of a reason to suppose otherwise.

  • China's electric vehicle makers face uphill battle in Europe
  • If airbnbs faced a heavy imposed cost all those years ago, designed to keep them from squeezing out legitimate hotels and causing a real estate bubble, where would we be now, one wonders.

    The auto industry has so much better protection than we do.

  • [discussion] This is what walkability means for me

    Living in a walkable city means my weekly shop is a few hours of walking or biking instead of being stuck in traffic, and I'm only mildly tired afterwards since I use a bike with pretty large pannier bags. Since I have no car related costs I can afford more fresh food, a healthier diet, and I can afford to be more choosy about the ethics of what I buy. There's a twice weekly farmers market about a ten minute walk away, and quiet walks through parks to get to the shops. Living somewhere with car centric infrastructure, as I used to, this lifestyle was far less feasible.

    Have your experiences been different with moving to walkable/bikeable cities? Any questions or points to be made? I'm not very up on the theory side of city planning, but my experiences line up with the whole "fuck cars" thing.


    Reasons never to worry about your setting being too strange

    Orcas wore dead fish as hats, and this was a fad among adolescents

    music, but no YouTube no Spotify no Facebook no fru fru The Snark Urge

    I love this album, it's a quirky, twee little bop. Not my vibe at all under normal circumstances, but it speaks to the malnourished side of my soul that just wants to play Earthbound, laugh like a kid, and throw popcorn at the TV.


    Impromptu English muffins (first try!)

    200g flour

    5g baking powder

    Pinch of salt

    30g oil

    125g milk

    Truly idiot proof. You just mix and roll out, cut with a glass cup, and cook in a pan. One came out undercooked, just split in half and toast right in the pan, it was actually the best one of the lot


    Highland Samoas

    These are basically samoas (the Girl Scout cookie) built on top of full sized Scottish shortbreads, laden with caramel, toasted coconut, and dipped in chocolate. Normal samoas are designed so you can eat the whole box before you hate yourself. These accomplish that aim with just one.


    Suddenly having a hell of a time using my DS4 controllers on PC

    I'm used to it being kind of simple - I'd configure DS4Windows, install hidhide etc, and connect via bluetooth. Now, no matter what I do, no game wants to read inputs from any controller I set up. Feeling defeated after a couple hours of poking around. Not looking for anyone to spoonfeed me a solution unless you've had the same issue and solved it, just grumbling.


    Teapot replacement lid appreciation

    This is my teapot. It's about 1.5L and has a forward handle for the wrist crushing weight of it. It's a monster, made in America. Sadly I dropped the lid a year ago, and have been using a bowl to cover it, which clatters and makes a hell of a noise from the steam.

    Is there a better way? Anywhere that sells lids? Failing that, share your ersatz teapot lids.


    Some Turkish city names translated directly into English

    Compared with human history, I sometimes think my own setting isn't badly written enough to be realistic.


    I made a charcuterie board

    Stealing from Weissman's board ideas, I made a gastrique with shallot and dried chiltepin for the cream cheese. The rest is all cheap and cheerful Lidl nibbles.


    My first build, with sound test

    GMMK 2 Barebones Steelseries Doubleshot keycaps Kailh Box White v1 switches

    Really happy with it after about 11 years with a Cherry blue MX Das Keyboard, which is starting to break down. I'm exclusively WFH, so I get all the clicks.


    TIL I can play PS4/PS5 on basically all my devices PS Remote Play | Download the PS Remote Play app and stream games to your device | PlayStation

    Stream your PS4 games to any compatible iOS or Android device, PC or Mac, PlayStation Vita, or PS TV. Download the free app now.

    PS Remote Play | Download the PS Remote Play app and stream games to your device | PlayStation

    What other secrets is Sony keeping from me?


    The fakest tonkotsu

    This is LIKE tonkotsu, if you don't have chashu pork or bones to make your own broth.

    I was inspired to attempt Joshua Weissman's new quick recipe, but it ended up with more of a FutureCanoe vibe. I went to every shop in town looking for pork bones and struck out. It took all weekend.

    My only options were admitting defeat or conducting a science experiment involving premade ramen broth, pork Bisto, gelatin, and duck fat emulsified with a blender.

    Also my tare was bonito and konbu powder rather than real stuff. The Asian markets in town didn't know what shirodashi was, so I had to fake it.

    The pork is cured and slow roasted belly, which is itself extremely nice and I'm not mad at that substitution at all.

    Still pretty good. I'm happy with how my eggs turned out.


    MP Resignations - Question

    I have been seeing Lab MPs resigning, and articles calling for more of them to do so, and calling "a vote for Labour a vote for genocide". Nothing I've read explains why resignation is the preferred strategy, and it's not very clear to me how it helps. What do they hope to achieve by resigning, and am I wrong in thinking that these resignations only play into the hands of Conservatives? Sorry, I'm very naive about UK politics generally and I don't get how this isn't pointlessly self destructive.

    Acknowledged that there are appalling things happening, in Gaza and with the party leadership, but I'm interested in learning the logic for this specific response.

    Dads The Snark Urge

    Commiseration Thread

    We all stumble. We don't always have someone to talk to about it, so there's this thread. What went wrong and can you ever forgive yourself? Probably not, if you're like me. No judgment.