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Democrats don't even respect your most primal needs.
  • Unironically, I think this is part of the big appeal of fascism and fascistic movements.

    People need something to belong to. People need brothers and sisters who see the world the same way they do, who will support them if they're in trouble, and will ask in exchange for trust and respect and support from their side. It's part of life. If you don't have that, something inside you is missing and it'll never feel settled. Nothing about any of that is wrong -- it's how people are designed to live, in a little village with people they know well and can depend on. It's right.

    Outside your family (if you're lucky), that just doesn't exist in America. Daily life is bullshit. It's coworkers who, let's be honest, mostly don't give a shit, and you don't either, and everyone understands that it's all a bunch of crap and a big waste of time (unless you're very lucky). Every day doesn't matter. You and the people around you and the interactions you have with them, in the final analysis are pretty much a waste of time. But you need money, so you keep getting up and doing it anyway. But something feels very wrong, even if after a while you go numb, and you write off that numbness as "growing up" and "the real world."

    And then, here comes this grouping, maybe with some friends of yours in it, and it's got an epic mission and an epic struggle. And, people aren't just talking -- they're doing it. They're going out on the streets and having rallies, and they bail each other out if someone gets arrested, and they talk about people who are in the thick of it who are finally fighting to make things better (and, let's be honest, no one anywhere can say that things in America don't need a ton of help). When they hang out, they have stuff they can talk about and get passionate about, and get confirmation that they're on the same team. There's risk. There's decision. And, most importantly, there are allies.

    It's like pornography for that need for belonging. And so for the first time in your life, something feels right that never did before.

    I saw an old, old German man in an interview talking about going to Nazi rallies when he was young. He said, of course now I understand how wrong it was and all the suffering we caused. And of course we all suffered terribly, after the war, because of what we'd done. But even now today sitting with you, I can think back to that time and that electric feeling, going to those massive rallies with all my people, and everyone shouting and singing all together, and Hitler up in front -- in person -- on the PA in his piercing, passionate voice... and I miss it. I wish I could go back, because it was wonderful.

  • The most well-funded campaign in US history
  • The physical presence is really powerful.

    It’s eye-watering. People say, holy shit I can’t even go near the guy. I thought it was a joke but no, it’s really real; if you go in his vicinity after you-know-what happens, you’re just assaulted by the physical presence of it, and you want to get away from him as quickly as you can, trying not to gag.

  • Google Search’s “udm=14” trick lets you kill AI search for good
  • One way to edit the search URL is a proxy site like, which is probably the biggest site out there popularizing this technique.

    When people are making their own entire web sites to make it possible for third parties to adapt around UX issues of your web site (not just a handful, but enough people that there's one of those sites that's identifiable as "the biggest"), you have lost the plot.

  • Study Finds That 52 Percent of ChatGPT Answers to Programming Questions Are Wrong
    1. "Oh, I see the problem. In order to correct (what went wrong with the last implementation), we can (complete code re-implementation which also doesn't work)"
    2. Goto 1
  • Study Finds That 52 Percent of ChatGPT Answers to Programming Questions Are Wrong
  • It’s incredibly useful for learning. ChatGPT was what taught me to unlearn, essentially, writing C in every language, and how to write idiomatic Python and JavaScript.

    It is very good for boilerplate code or fleshing out a big module without you having to do the typing. My experience was just like yours; once you’re past a certain (not real high) level of complexity you’re looking at multiple rounds of improvement or else just doing it yourself.

  • Reminder...
  • “My PRIMARY goal is to have GOOD THINGS for the UNITED STATES which is why I am deeply concerned about Joe Biden and will NEVER vote for him.”

    “Yeah what good things? Fixing the problems definitely sounds like a priority, I love good things.”

    “Joe Biden FUCKED UP our marijuana policy and BETRAYED US which is why I cannot POSSIBLY support him and I can’t see why you are CRAZY AND CONFUSED and said I am a Trump supporter.”

    “That sounds like a big reform, which yes it would be great, but it’s not like failing to pass it means sliding into fascism, also he pardoned everyone in federal prison for possession, and the Democrats have advanced multiple bills for federal decriminalization which the Republicans keep defeating (*), and Biden requested the DEA to reschedule it. Is there something else you would you want him to do, on his end?”

    (there is an interval of silence)

    (*) slight oversimplification

    “My PRIMARY goal is to have GOOD THINGS for the UNITED STATES like GOOD MARIJUANA POLICY which is extremely important which is why I CANNOT support Joe Biden and will plan NEVER to vote for him. This message will repeat in thirty seconds from now.”

    Based on real events

  • A PAC is sending this out to residents in my area
  • And, what money you’ve contributed and to who. Out of curiosity I looked up some people I knew and learned what were the details of their contributions.

    I definitely think the transparency is a good thing but it feels weird that everyone can know that Frank gave $20.

  • Biden’s Morehouse address was a farewell speech
  • 100% agree

    Let's take all that "let's not vote for Biden, and fuck up the country beyond recognition" energy

    And turn it into "let's advocate for a better voting system so that this genocide enabling bullshit is never again the best available option, of course after we make sure in this election that we don't destroy the country completely and fuck up our ability to fix or improve anything at all for who knows how long" energy

  • The most well-funded campaign in US history
  • Hey, remember what I said about groupthink and just repeating the assumptions and then hoping people will absorb them? This is textbook what I meant.

    Trump is vastly better at campaigns

    Half-empty campaign rallies and people leaving before the end are a hallmark of Trump's campaign rallies. I would assert that it's because he just stands up saying literally any unhinged, weird, angry garbage for literally hours and it gets tiresome after a while.

    I have seen one story of people leaving before the end of Biden's speech, and that was because of a delberate protest for his genocide-enabling foreign policy, and then it turned out not to be true anyway.

    Trump's also gutted the RNC because he needed all the money to pay his legal bills. It remains to be seen exactly how bad the impacts will be on his and everyone else's ability to run a campaign, but it seems unlikely that it'll leave in place a powerhouse. Eight years ago, some of Trump's natural skill at understanding TV audiences made his skill as a campaigner a lot more real than today; at this point I would say that most of Trump's broad support from conservatives is because a complicit conservative media lies for him like a North Korean news anchor, and not because of anything he's doing.

    Trump is also really good at inspiring his base, half of Biden's party doesn't even want him

    Trump has 75% of the popular vote in the primary; Biden has 85% (in the midst of historic reasons not to vote for him in the primary and an organized effort specifically not to vote for him, even from staunch Democrats). Also -- 30% of Republican primary voters in a few different state polls said that they wouldn't commit to voting for Trump if he won the nomination. That's a huge deal, and very unusual, with only one real explanation (unlike the differences in primary numbers, which obviously aren't a really apples to apples comparison).

    Trump gets to point to a generally good economy for his term until states shut down for covid

    Can we please summon to this comment some of those people who jump on every story which covers good things about Biden's economy, to start talking about how good economic numbers don't always translate to a better economy for actual humans?

    Biden's strengthened unions, bounced back smoothly from Covid better than literally every other first world country, and boosted pay for low-wage earners even in the face of historic inflation. Trump started mini-trade wars with Canada and China, directly went to factories and coal mines and promised he would bring the jobs back and then weeks later the literal exact same places were closed, and gave away half a trillion dollars via direct Covid-aid fraud (that is literally the number -- not like forgiven PPP loans, which were also massive, but simple rampant theft).

    Biden gets to downplay a cumulative 20% inflation during his term.

    Quick question, what was cumulative wage growth during Biden's term? Average or median or 10th percentile; you pick.

  • The most well-funded campaign in US history
  • I for real saw it and thought, yes, that is 100% the correct response at this point 😃. I mean I don't think extensive criticism is the same as hitting them in the face, but metaphorically speaking, yes, it sounds good.

    When there have been 2-3 extensive discussions on your viewpoint, then okay sure, that's your free speech and we are here for political discussion whether or not I agree with it.

    Once it reaches 20 or 30 times and you're still doing it multiple times per day every single day from multiple accounts and totally unresponsive to people pointing out every time objective flaws in it, I think we can start hitting you in the face as soon as you start.

  • The most well-funded campaign in US history
  • Everyone knows the best way for the left to make progress is:

    • Pick the leftmost candidate who has any chance of winning the election and talk shit about them relentlessly
    • Spend 0 energy promoting any other left-helpful causes
    • Claim with no evidence that anyone who does supports that leftmost candidate is making a terrible mistake because that must mean they oppose the idea of any other left-helpful causes, even though (a) that makes no sense and is generally the opposite of how it works (b) they all keep telling you repeatedly that they actually do support left-helpful causes, and generally are very supportive of them whether or not the candidate is involved

    This stuff is literally the first thing they teach you in Left School.

  • The most well-funded campaign in US history
  • Your selfless and forward-thinking actions in support of the Democrats, and left wing goals, are plain to see. That's totally the result. It's instantly obvious.

  • The most well-funded campaign in US history
  • I gotta be honest, I seriously had a lot of support for Batman when I first saw it 🙂.

    I mean the whole premise is hilarious. Disagreeing with them is not the same as hitting them in the face, obviously, and of course they're not planning on stopping disagreeing with anyone around them or yelling their viewpoint at people who don't want to hear it. It's the standard conservative tactic of "how DARE you do back to me a lesser version of what I did to you, actually specifically in response to me doing it to you, that's literally oppression so unreasonable and I'm a total victim now and how dare you."

  • The most well-funded campaign in US history
  • Somebody figured out that a lot of human judgement comes down to groupthink. If you see a bunch of people who are clearly operating guided by some assumptions, then you'll take those assumptions on and start being guided by them, whether the people you saw were real or fake.

    Then, a few years ago, it became cheap and easy to flood both social media and news media with restatements of whatever assumptions you want people to pretend that are guided by.

    And so, behold: The economy is crashing, which is all Biden's fault, and he's a weak candidate who loves genocide. Everyone's disappointed in him. Everyone knows all these things and sees them all the time. The simple repetition is actually a very solid system for producing the public opinion you want to produce.

    At the present moment, they are trying to do it tactically with the "anyone who is disagreeing with me is trying to silence me, in fact they are literally hitting me in the face (also! Note that I'm allowed to disagree with whoever I want)" narrative -- simply repeating it, over and over, in the hopes (probably pretty well founded) that people will start to absorb it and behave the way they want them to behave.

  • Senate border bill exposes Democratic divisions as White House attempts to ramp up pressure on GOP
  • It is undesirable that politicians use our tax money this way, yes. This is a pretty dumb attempt at a semantic "gotcha" given that I'm here literally criticizing the Democrats for helping fund ICE.

    Yes. They are my tax dollars. No, I do not want them spent that way. The Democrats do want to spend them on fascist shit. Do you understand how that works? How not supporting a thing is not the same as supporting it?

    My point is that whether you say you "want" to support it or not, you are.

    Similarly, whether or not Biden "wants" to support it, he's embedded in a system that sometimes might do things he doesn't want. In particular, on immigration, a lot of it is in the hands of people in congress who are explicitly malicious.

    I'm not trying to excuse him for anything, and he's obviously in a better position to influence the system than you are. But, just like you not wanting your tax dollars to fund something you don't want doesn't really change whether it happens (and so, you are funding a fascist organization), Biden wanting the immigration policy to be one way or another doesn't really mean anything if congress is setting rules that he doesn't want.

    I don't think it's a secret that the Republicans have been pushing for more explicit cruelty in our system and Biden has been compromising with them in order to try to accomplish other things (some of which are good things for people), even knowing that some of what comes in might be bad, in the same way that you might pay your taxes even knowing that some of what it's funding is bad.

    Surely makes sense? Maybe not, IDK; apparently my brain is scrambled. But to me the analogy seemed to be pretty understandable.

    Like, your fascist brain can't even wrap itself around the fact that maybe there's some other reality here besides the one right-wingers have been portraying for the past twenty years.

    Your rhetoric is quite literally indistinguishable from that of a MAGA supporter.

    You caught me man. If there's one thing that's a common thread in all of my comments it's love for the right-wing reality and MAGA style rhetoric. Go back and read my comments about ICE and imagine them on Truth Social, and they'd fit right in.

  • Senate border bill exposes Democratic divisions as White House attempts to ramp up pressure on GOP
  • So, there is so much here that it's a little hard to respond to without taking a big chunk of my day to do a bunch of research. But looking over it to some extent, it looks to me like I pretty much already gave my quick take on it:

    Part of the Democratic immigration plan is to boost resources for ICE ... and increase the number of judges to clear the backlog, which will decrease that side of the misery. Part of the plan is to deliberately increase the cruelty in some parts of the system ... so that the Republicans will make a deal and actually pass the thing.

    As an example here's what the HRW article says:

    On the date of your inauguration, fewer than 15,000 people were in ICE detention. This presented a remarkable opportunity to wind down a wasteful and abusive system. Indeed, your own 2023 and 2024 budget requests sought significantly decreased detention funding. ICE began internal reviews of the system, recommending the closure or downsizing of numerous facilities because of dangerously abusive conditions.

    As the political winds shifted, so did your funding requests to Congress. In October 2023, you requested supplemental detention funding, and your FY2025 budget request sought funding for 34,000 beds instead of the 25,000 sought in the two previous cycles. The result is unsurprising: the FY2024 spending bill you signed provides ICE $3.4 billion to jail an average of 41,500 immigrants per day, historically high funding surpassing all four years of the Trump administration.

    I honestly just don't have much reaction to add to this besides what I said up above. They're not remarking on the massive backlog of people (including the people waiting on the Mexican side of the border, which is a significant source of suffering, since unlike people in custody there's no particular guarantee of food, water, or sanitation while they're just camping there for months and months). They're not wrong about the compromises Biden has been making with the Republicans, and the increased cruelty that's being allowed into the system as a result, though. They're not remarking at all on the things in Biden's proposals that will reduce the misery (increasing judges being the main one) -- which is fine, I mean, it's not their job to come up with explanations for why something might be inhumane; they're just pointing out that it's terrible and asking that he fix it. But like I say, it seems like anything whether cruel or mixed or beneficial that Biden tries to do now is going to be blocked by the Republicans, so it's all moot.

    I'm just not sure how you take away from all of that any kind of conclusion that 100% of it is Biden's favorite thing (as opposed to something dictated in part by circumstances or Republican maliciousness), or that it doesn't matter whether it's Biden or Republicans because they're all the same.

  • Biden’s Morehouse address was a farewell speech
  • "for your PROgress" 🫡

  • As reservoirs go dry, Mexico City and Bogotá are staring down ‘Day Zero’
  • Mexico City loses almost 40 percent of its municipal water to leakage from pipes and canals, one of the highest rates in the world.

    Raises hand

    Okay so I have a suggestion now

    (Yes I know redoing your whole water infrastructure all of a sudden on a dime is basically impossible, but so is living if you don't have anything to drink, so pick your poison I guess)

  • OpenAI to spit out News Corp content

  • 0
    5,900 people evacuated from Kharkiv Oblast amid Russian offensive Governor: 5,900 people evacuated from Kharkiv Oblast amid Russian offensive

    At least 5,900 people have been evacuated from Kharkiv Oblast since Russian forces launched a new offensive in the region, Governor Oleh Syniehubov said during a press briefing in Kharkiv on May 13.

    Governor: 5,900 people evacuated from Kharkiv Oblast amid Russian offensive
    Tactical update on the Kharkiv-area Russian operation


    • Russians have pushed several km past the northern border
    • Not nearly enough Russian troops committed for a successful attack on Kharkiv, but that still seems to be their plan
    • Lots of mechanized units coming across the border and getting drone-striked
    Pink Floyd - Welcome To The Machine

    I feel like mostly these "I had a model generate images for this song" things are pretty lackluster, and this one could have used more variety on the length of time it sticks with any given moving-image, but overall it seemed surprisingly good to me.

    Do you support sending weapons to Israel?

    Humor me for a second. Quick poll. You can just write "Yes" or "No" in the comments.

    Fascinating little window into how literally impossible it can be to post information about criminal behavior by "the powers that be" on Reddit and Youtube

    Good thing they were on point about not being willing to host it as long as he showed the guy's face -- everyone knows that videos that show a person's face are strictly forbidden on every social media platform.

    0 Inside the Globus INK: a mechanical navigation computer for Soviet spaceflight

    The Soviet space program used completely different controls and instruments from American spacecraft. One of the most interesting navigati...

    Inside the Globus INK: a mechanical navigation computer for Soviet spaceflight

    "Different Globus units needed to be built for different orbits. Moreover, this design only handles circular orbits, making it useless during orbit changes such as rendezvous and docking. These were such significant limitations that some cosmonauts wanted the Globus removed from the control panel, but it remained until it was replaced by a computer display in Soyuz-TMA (2002)."

    Blinken tells CNN the US has seen evidence of China attempting to influence upcoming US elections Blinken tells CNN the US has seen evidence of China attempting to influence upcoming US elections | CNN Politics

    US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said the US has seen evidence of Chinese attempts to “influence and arguably interfere” with the upcoming US elections, despite an earlier commitment from leader Xi Jinping not to do so.

    Blinken tells CNN the US has seen evidence of China attempting to influence upcoming US elections | CNN Politics