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I'm just a man with a guillotine

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  • Everybody gangsta until the Glizzard shows up.

  • LGBTQ+ people are far better off under Joe Biden than Donald Trump, HRC report shows
  • I think you may be confusing the actions of a Republican Congress with those of Joe Biden's cabinet. The American political apparatus has many levers, and just because you're at the top doesn't mean you control the whole thing.

  • Halo on Paramount+ has been canceled after only two seasons
  • Agreed but the action is noticeably impacted by the move to live action for sure

  • Survey shows most people wouldn't pay extra for AI-enhanced hardware | 84% of people said no
  • Yup, it uses a local version of Whisper AI and it is FANTASTIC, swipe texting is not quite as good as gboard but voice recognition is next level.

  • Steam Is Run By Fewer Than 80 Staff, Lawsuit Docs Reveal
  • Is it like Negan from The Walking Dead? They're all Gaben.

  • Major IT outage affecting banks, airlines, media outlets across the world
  • The four multinational corporations I worked at were almost entirely Windows servers with the exception of vendor specific stuff running Linux. Companies REALLY want that support clause in their infrastructure agreement.

  • Halo on Paramount+ has been canceled after only two seasons
  • A live-action Halo is a terrible idea, as is a live-action Avatar.

    Some media is so ingrained in its spectacle that to make live action work, you'd have to spend Marvel levels of money on special effects, and why? When animation is right there.

    Sure, you might be able to appeal to a larger audience, but how's that working out for you?

  • Be our guest
  • Brother out here doing the Eggscellent Challenge

  • bUt BoTh SiDeS dA sAmE
  • Next time I need to make a glaze, I'll give you a call because that's impressively reductive.

  • Bang
  • It's an old greentext, mind the r-slur.

  • Climate crisis is making days longer, study finds
  • And this is why we need to guillotine the rich. Or introduce a wealth tax. I am open to either.

  • Grind rule
  • Wait, I thought our measurements for inflation were based off of standardized goods. Are they really not valued as a ratio of cost to weight?

  • Warframe Staff Reveals Intel's 14th & 13th Gen CPUs Responsible For Instability Issues, i9-13900K Takes Up A Major Portion
  • It just damaged mine, it was crashing all the time before I messed around and tried power limiting mine. It was about 2 weeks before it got revealed that it was a wide spread issue.

    I don't think I caught it early enough, though, because I have a lot of problems with my USB controller. It can only handle like two or three devices plugged in at a time before things stop working. But, technically, it still works, so... I think I'd have trouble making a warranty claim.

  • guide rule
  • I wish I had as much raw Charisma as "A Bug With A Big Ass"

  • guide rule
  • Holy fuck, My wife and I died laughing at this.

  • guide rule
  • I have a pair of sweatpants that looks almost like a pair my wife has and I put it on by accident and I was like did I get super fat overnight?

    Bottom line I have a big ass and my wife liked it. Context I'm 6' 2" and she's 4' 11"

  • Most Democrats want Biden to drop out, but overall race is static, poll finds
  • Who whould Lemmy like to see run in 2028?

    Edit: I did not mean to reply to the bot lol

  • Wait, not like that
  • I want to buy one of these when Midea sells them to the public. A portable heat pump that doesn't kill the very little sunlight I get seems like a godsend for apartment living

  • Dove’s Contributions
  • I think Dove is a sub-brand of Unilever

    Edit: I'm blind, it's right in the picture.

  • (I guess) I'm doing my part
  • I'm so ashamed. They sent out a phishing test the other day and I was extremely tired because it was like seven a.m. and I opened it and I immediately realized what I had done.