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Kamala Harris surges as top choice to replace Joe Biden: Poll
  • If you think about the Democratic parties base, two groups stand out. Lefties (like most people on Lemmy) and people of color, particularly black women. If you select Newsom over Harris you i.) deal an enormous insult to people of color, and ii.) don’t go nearly far enough left to satisfy Lefties. What part of the base would be enthusiastic about such a milquetoast replacement?

  • America’s big problem is not Joe Biden, it’s the menace to democracy posed by Donald Trump
  • Here I think lies the main problem. When Biden was elected in 2020, in my understanding the goal was always for him to warm the seat for the next/younger generation. In those 4 years nobody stepped forward, and they are scared of proposing a forward looking vision because it may alienate some voters (either on the left or in the center). So now we have the choice between stagnation or actively tearing down Democracy.

  • Joe Biden Hits Back at The New York Times After it Tells Him to Drop Out of Race
  • If you elect Biden with high probability we end up with i.) he dies on the job, ii.) he steps down during his term or iii.) he is removed by his cabinet. Just completely ridiculous to nominate anyone over 75, let alone 81. Mandatory retirement exists for a reason.

  • Undecided voters say they now support Joe Biden after debate
  • I guess it depends on what you mean by Democrats. There were some quite high ranked people openly critical and suggesting replacing him (more than I would expect). Dems are not a singular entity… but the only person with the power to replace the candidate at this point in time is Joe Biden himself. So if he doesn’t step down I do expect most high-ranked Dems to fall in line.

  • New poll finds strong majority opposes gender-affirming care bans for trans minors
  • There are many misconceptions here. For instance, a sizeable fraction of the public believes that minors receive a sex-change surgery (they don’t) as opposed to just medication and therapy. I think most people are mostly worried that it is easy to transition and kids might do it without considering the consequences. These myths could be easily dispelled if they actually talk to transgenders.

  • Analysis | Trump’s claim that Biden lost 88,000 children, with many now ‘dead’
  • Can journalists of respectable outlets please just put the conclusion in the headline? Those that briefly read headlines (90 percent of readers) will now assume that Biden lost 88,000 children. Even worse behind a paywall.

  • About the us election
  • Are we now to the point where we’re deifying Clinton? He had sex with a subordinate (likely more than one). His policies resulted in incarceration of minorities, and a decline in life standards for people at the bottom of the income distribution. You are NOT the first person who had to hold his nose while voting for the lesser evil, and frankly in his day the GOP candidate looked much better than it does now.