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what invisible thing could set off my smoke detector?
  • Had to scroll way too long to find the right answer.

  • We're smarter than this... right?
  • I miss r/40kLore. It was my favourite sub. But sometimes people do drugs and post on it.

  • Beyond Good & Evil 20th Anniversary Edition launches June 25 for PS5, Xbox Series, PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC
  • Fantastic game.

    Not buying it.

    Still have the original.

    Thanks and fuck off.

  • Cryptic Currency
  • A moment of silence for our crypto bros, who called everyone stupid, dumb and an agent of the status quo, all the while wrecking their finances in some of the most obvious Ponzi schemes in the history of mankind. You truly knew it better.

    Seeing you go bankrupt was the funniest shit ever.

  • Just found out Khorne is AB+.

  • Anybody know the species of this fledgling?
  • Reverse image search gives me a Spotless starling.

    But if it is a new species I call dibs on naming it: Grumpy featherfluffle.

  • This game gave me PTSD 😩
  • The game fucks with you. You start thinking you being the hero in the story. But you keep doing more and more fucked up shit, justifying it all because the main character is blended by his sense of justice…aaaaaand a pretty heavy psychosis.

    One of the most well known parts for example: You know these cool levels in CoD, when you see the battlefield from above with an infrared camera and shoot at targets on the ground? You do something similar here too. Just to see later that you just burned a refugee camp to the ground with phosphorus bombs. You get to see the whole horrific mess you just orchestrated.

    Your teammates also make a lot of comments that only make sense later, when you figure out that you have lost your mind and talked to people who aren’t there, etc. probably to cope with the shit you are doing.

    I can’t recommend this enough.

  • This game gave me PTSD 😩
  • One of the best games I have ever played. Short, fast, depressing af. Love it.

  • Tja
  • Als Raucher kann ich bestätigen: Diese wird mit Sicherheit die letzte Spur. Danach ist Schluss!

  • cRUELstacean
  • It’s more like a warning. I went to London once, it wasn’t pleasant.

  • Drinking raw milk even after repeated health warnings about bird flu?
  • I can only make assumptions. But if I would be a sociopath and bored out of my mind. I think making up this kind of shit, fabricating and pushing bullshit just to see what sticks could be something that seems like fun?

  • Drinking raw milk even after repeated health warnings about bird flu?
  • I think people have already proven that they rather kill their families and neighbours than experience a mild inconvenience.

    The inconvenience in question here is not being able to do something unimaginably stupid.

  • Map shows UK hotspots homphobic hate crimes
  • Are we degenerating as a society right now?

  • It ALL makes sense now.
  • Not true.

  • Layoffs hit Japan as Final Fantasy Brave Exvius developer asks 80 employees to “voluntarily resign”
  • Because if you don’t go voluntarily, you will be assigned with the shittiest tasks that are purely there to break you until you leave. Like Konami did by letting you sit in an empty room to do absolutely nothing.

  • Age is just a number
  • “Too old to be a threat“

    Whoever came up with this reasoning forgot to wear his thinking cap.

  • Happy dreams
  • Wait! You have these too?!

  • Me irl
  • Bull-fucking-shit!

    I tried the same and got nothing.

  • Greetings fellow Lemmings! What was the stupidest thing you ever did?

    I’ll start: My first GF and I didn’t use protection. We used the pull out technique. FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR! I was 19 and could have ruined my life then and there.