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Le Murca
  • Breyer's used to have ads specifically about how it was free from shitty ingredients. It only had cream, sugar, salt, and whatever the flavor was. Now, the list of ingredients is longer than on a shampoo bottle.

  • AMD's Ryzen 9000 won't beat the previous-gen X3D models in gaming, but they'll be close — improved 3D V-Cache coming, too
  • ECC is meant for systems that can't afford a single faiure, but standard memory is definitely meant to be entirely reliable as long as it doesn't fail.

    I know that sounds like a dumb statement, but when memory fails, it's never a single occurrence. Anyone who has ever done memory tests on failing memory knows that either it's 100% functional or complete garbage. If your memory is less than 100% accurate, the results are obvious. You'll never run a memory test and see only one error at the end.

  • [Solved-ish] Having issues launching games specifically from steam
  • The -W and -H are the resolution you want to display at, so you want those to be your monitor's native resolution. They default to 1280 x 720 if you don't specify.

    The -w and -h specify what resolution to render at, and are only really useful if using DLSS or FSR for scaling. Skip them if you're not using that.

  • Bought a new pack of a hair product which now uses 6% less natural ingredients and is no longer vegan
  • Sheep are selectively bred for their wool. Before humans started doing so, wild sheep did just fine without the need for shearing. So it's pretty similar to milk in that if you don't milk a modern dairy cow it will suffer, that doesn't make milk an ethical product.

  • I swear it was real!
  • Imagine forcing yourself to swallow like half a litre of horse cum and then not winning the last challenge and leaving with nothing.

    And then it gets broadcast on TV for everyone you know to see.

  • Leaky bags
  • And it also needs to leave everything inside my backpack coated in a thin layer of flour.

    What I don't get is why they put it in a single two-layer paper bag instead of two single-layer paper bags, which would clearly be more effective.

  • Ok. Now they've done it.
  • She's 78 years old and she's been in the public eye for almost 60 years, and she's been pretty upfront about her views and the good that she wants to do the entire time, and putting her money where her mouth is, and somehow some awful people still try to smear her and still can't find anything to smear her with.

  • Is anyone playing Ark Survival Ascended?

    I've had the game running fine for months, but experience constant crashes if I have foliage and fluid interaction enabled. Has anyone been able to run the game with this on?

    Currently on Pop!OS running a 6700XT, and having the issue under both X and Wayland.


    [HELP] Updates stalling in desktop mode

    Is anybody else dealing with this? In game mode updates install normally, but if I go into desktop mode, updates stall and never finish downloading. And unfortunately you don't get to install desktop updates from game mode.

    My internet connection works fine on firefox, and is plenty fast, so it's not a connectivity issue. I'm not sure what's going on.


    What are some good co-op games that are playable on PC and Mac?

    A friend of mine was a gamer many years ago but hasn't been gaming in a while. They run a Mac and I run a PC. What are some good patient games we can play together?


    Klipper keeps deleting my Z offset instead of saving it

    Every time I use calibrate_probe, I get the message "The SAVE_CONFIG command will update the printer config file with the above and restart the printer."

    When I click Save Config, it restarts the firmware, and then I get the warning "Option 'z_offset' in section 'bltouch' must be specified."

    If I go check my printer.cfg, the [bltouch] section now has z_offset commented out with the old value and I have to remove the comment and copy in the new value.

    Am I missing something? What am I doing wrong?


    Need help with setting z-offset on Klipper for my S1 Pro

    I'm getting increasingly frustrated trying to get my printer calibrated. I've done a bed calibration using screws_tilt_calculate, and that's all nice and good. Got a bed mesh variance of 0.19mm which seems great.

    Now for the z-offset, it won't let me get the nozzle low enough. No matter how low I set the Z minimum, it won't let me get closer than about 0.5mm to the bed. I've tried setting the position_min in [stepper_z] anywhere from 0 to -9 and I get the same result every time.

    If I raise the bed, the probe adjust its height accordingly, so the result is the same.

    What can I do to fix this?


    Has anyone been playing Ark Survival Ascended on Linux? (solved my problems, I think)

    I picked it up and have been playing it. The first day, it seemed to run fine, but today I've been having a ton of trouble with it. I'm struggling to go 15 minutes without crashing, and when it does crash, Steam stops responding entirely until I reboot.

    Edit: I can't explain why, but after checking my logs, whenever my computer full-crashes, it's apparently caused by bluetooth, despite not having any connected bluetooth devices. I've disabled the bluetooth service, and now the game only crashes to desktop. Small wins, I guess.

    Another edit: I appear to have fixed my problem. I installed gamemode via apt, and added 'gamemoderun %command%' to the launch options in Steam. Haven't crashed since.


    What's the easiest way to model a print in place screw?

    I want to print a simple mechanism to adjust the distance between two pieces with a screw that can't come out of its socket on either end. What's the easiest way to model this?


    Installing a glass bed on an Ender 3 S1 Pro

    I just got a glass build plate for my S1 Pro, and I'm not sure of the best way to use it. The bed has two screws at the back that stick up a bit past the magnetic sheet and the PEI build plate has two notches to accommodate them, which helps line up the plate. The glass build plate doesn't have any notches, so it can't go flush all the way to the back.

    The glass plate is sized the same as the bed, but it can't fit on the bed without hanging off the front of it. Is this normal?

    Edit: So the screws on the bed are literally just for the alignment of the magnetic PEI plate. They can be taken out without issue. I tried looking up videos before I posted, and none of them have the same bed as mine, they all seem to have a full-surface magnetic sheet and a full-surface PEI plate.


    What to do with all these peppers?

    I've recently harvested about 5 lbs of habaneros from two plants I was growing. What the hell do I do with so many peppers? I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to give at least half of them away.


    Finishing TPU

    I know that paint doesn't work well with TPU and that the typical way to color a piece is with dye. Does anyone have experience decorating prints that will see heavy use? Like if I wanted to use multiple colors, can dyes be brushed on similar to how one might hand paint a model? Is there a better way to do what I want?


    Is there a reason to use a dedicated switch with a home router?

    My work gave me a L2 switch because they were going to toss it out. Is there any reason for me to use that over the built-in switch from my ISP's router/modem?


    What's a good solution for a small NAS?

    I'm looking to offload all my media from my main PC and make it accessible to other devices in my house. It's likely to only be a few TB, probably 2 drives at most.

    I've been trying to find a low-power solution since it will be running all the time. I do have a PoE switch, so it would be a bonus if it can run off PoE but not a requirement. I've been checking out a lot of the SBC's that have become popular over the past couple years, but even the budget ones have gotten pretty expensive.

    What are some good options?


    Apps uninstalling themselves?

    I'm running Ubuntu, and every once in a while, I boot up my PC and some app is missing that was there previously. Last night I shut down my computer, and this morning Firefox was missing. I lost all my browsing history, cookies, bookmarks, extensions, etc.

    This has happened several times before. Does anyone know what's going on? I know I'm not personally removing any of these apps. Is there something I could be doing unknowingly to do this?