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No it's the vegans who's wrong
  • It's not a question of "all living things". "Sentient" is the key word in this case. There are no biological mechanisms by which a bacterium or yeast cell can experience pain, fear or sadness. Animals do have this capacity and they display responses to these feelings very similarly to humans when subjected to them.

    But even if they did, we need air and water to survive, but we don't need to eat animals. If you don't need to eat animals to survive, you're only killing them for pleasure.

  • No it's the vegans who's wrong
  • We evolved to be able to eat a wide variety of foods. It's part of why humans have been so successful at adapting to different climates, and it's the reason we have a choice in our diets that other animals do not. If we can choose whether or not to eat animals, and if we choose to eat them purely because we like the taste better than the vegan alternatives, then we're placing a higher value on our own pleasure than the lives of these animals.

  • It's the worst
  • My group used to be like this too, now we call out where we want to be reinforced to, and the person reinforcing casually ignores that request and drops the reinforce pod on the nearest bile titan.

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