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Apple limits third-party browser engine work to EU devices
  • I think many Firefox users are tech savvy enough to know that Firefox for iOS is just a reskinned Safari. They know that it isn't the real-deal and so any stats on who uses Firefox on iOS are kind of misrepresenting the situation.

  • VLC - App stores were a mistake
  • The assumption is that legitimate companies who sell software will sign it and that signature proves it came from that company who you trust because of their publicly known legitimacy. It's a bit of circular reasoning. But it does round back towards that legitimacy - if it is found that they violate your trust, they lose public trust and thus lose sales.

    Luckily new OSes (cough NOT WINDOWS) are able to sandbox applications and prevent them from accessing resources without declaring the need to access it.

    And as for the signing certificate, I think the MS Store will allow any signed app. They just offer the cheaper signing service.

  • Starbucks accused of violating Americans with Disabilities Act by charging extra for non-dairy
  • Look at the processes to create dairy and non-dairy ingredients.

    Dairy can be done on the small scale, but it is typically done on an industrial scale where animals are reared and exploited in an extremely labor, water, energy, and space inefficient process. The outputs are raw milk which must be processed into different milk products and pasteurized then refrigerated and transported.

    Compare that to oat milk.
    Arable land is sewn and watered. It is tended and then reaped. Oats are processed in a crusher and kiln. They are then crushed again, boiled with enzymes, pasteurized, cooled and transported.

    Which one really costs more? Everyone is focusing on price at the store but they aren't asking which product actually costs more. Dairy costs vastly more than oat milk and it is plain to see. The reason oat milk is priced higher is due to low volumes and grocers knowing they can rip off vegan white women which is their overwhelming demographic. The reason dairy milk is priced lower is due to enormous government subsidies and nearly a century of mechanization and optimization.

    Why does this matter for starbucks? Because they can easily vertically integrate to remove the price barrier and instead focus on cost. Oat milk costs are extremely cheap when at larger scales like those of a corporation the size of starbucks. Stop focusing on how expensive it is at the grocery store level - it is not an apples to apples comparison to what huge corporations deal with.

  • Starbucks accused of violating Americans with Disabilities Act by charging extra for non-dairy
  • The idea that it costs more to put oats in a blender with an enzyme is more expensive to produce than breeding and feeding cows is pretty laughable. Non-dairy is only more expensive because of gigantic subsidies that simply don't need to exist in the modern era.

    Edit: the number of you simping for a gigantic corporation is surprising. Oat water is cheap to make. Milk is not. You buy milk at the grocery store nearly at cost. You buy oat milk in branded containers in the yuppy-vegan-white-women priced section at gouging prices. Starbucks does not have costs like the grocery store lists their prices.

  • XXX
  • Did anyone find it suspicious that the FBI didn't identify and publish a direct motive? Do you think the reason for his nutjob behavior was somehow covered up by the FBI because of the administration?

  • It's true.
  • Yeah I think no one stops to ask who those silicon valley jerks sell our data to. The answer is anyone. Including big brother who otherwise cannot legally collect it - but it's legal now because a company did it and we bought it!

  • Trickflation
  • It's not an apples to apples comparison. This was a reddit post made by someone who went out of their way to buy things for different amounts to make ragebait.

    It's a dumb post and it is safe to ignore it. Sadly someone reposted it here.

  • Did anyone have Iomega Zip drives where they studied/worked/lived?
  • I very nearly bought one back in the day. Instead I opted for an mp3 player with compact flash storage. I believe I was tired of my cd based walkman's tendency to skip when I was moving so I wanted a smaller, non-moving drive.

    Then my dumbass bought one of those compact flash drives with an internal platter harddrive.

  • Are there any immutable distros meant for NAS systems or home servers?

    Edit2: OK Per feedback I am going to have a dedicated external NAS and a separate homeserver. The NAS will probably run TrueNAS. The homeserver will use an immutable os like fedora silverblue. I am doing a dedicated NAS because it can be good at doing one thing - serving files and making backups. Then my homeserver can be good at doing whatever I want it to do without accidentally torching my data.

    I haven't found any good information on which distro to use for the NAS I am building. Sure, there are a few out there. But as far as I can tell, none are immutable and that seems to be the new thing for long term durability.

    Edit: One requirement is it will run a media server with hardware transcoding. I'm not quite sure if I can containerize jellyfin and still easily hardware transcode without a more expensive processor that supports hyper-v.


    How private is Apple's Private Relay, really?

    You're forced to use Cloudflare. Don't they track ... everything?


    What is the European equivalent to a Las Vegas Elvis impersonator officiating the marriage heavily inebrieated strangers?


    I banned my kid from Roblox.... what next?

    As we all know, Roblox is garbage tier gameplay structured around psychological cues to get children to fill an endless pit with fake money bought with real money.

    So I banned my kid from it. He used it a little bit socially with a few friends of his. What online or local multiplayer games should I help him to replace it with? (He's 10, so please don't recommend Diablo 4 or anything else that has quite that much gore)

    He and his friends have an Xbox Series X|S at home.

    Edit: keep your judgemental shit out of here. His whole social group (5 kids he knows from school) got banned on the same day. Me and the other parents are trying to be nice and replace it with better quality games so it isn't just a punishment.

    Edit2: Thanks guys. I got him Lee Carvallo's Putting Challenge


    Lo! The History of Browser User-Agent String

    Personal Finance WetBeardHairs

    Which credit cards do you use for maximum rewards?

    My family uses credit cards for all purchases and we pay them off in full each month. Although sometimes we'll use a 0% APR promotion for bigger purchases.

    Which cards do you use for maximizing your rewards?