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MLS-4X Commando Now Available
  • It feels balanced between the commando and the EATs. Not having to run back and pick the remaining ordnance is nice, plus there is a small amount of "heat seeking". The lesser damage and increased cooldown offset these advantages.

    The commando really shines with the bots to blow up buildings though.

  • Not a single video wants to be played. · Issue #11255 · TeamNewPipe/NewPipe
  • Because Google is eating the monumental costs of hosting and delivering video content. The cost of maintaining client apps is negligible in comparison. YouTube is not going anywhere unless Google deems it so, or enshittifies it enough to drive users away.

  • Seriously it's good now
  • Yes that has also been my experience. It's generally 2 hits from the front or sides. One can also finish the job when rocket pods did not one-shot it.

  • Seriously it's good now
  • I'm using it a lot lately and it pairs beautifully with an auto cannon or two on bot planets. It's really strong against cannon turrets and gunships (and fabricator buildings when needed), and handy with tanks. Auto cannon is still king against medium units and hulks IMO.

  • Konami is intent on region locking Japanese players out of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
  • Bottom line: Konami is a weird company making odd calls and has been for a long time. Someone in charge likely decided 11 years ago that MGRR should not be released on PC in Japan and that's all there is to it.

  • Les médias avaient menti
  • Comme quoi, on n'est jamais à l'abri d'une bonne surprise.

  • No problems here
  • Well they are still missing the self replicating part... But you know, give it some time.

  • Observation: Discuit c'est mort, au moins pour les francophones
  • Première fois que j'en entends parler. Après moi j'ai rappliqué ici y'a un an suite à la crise de l'API de Reddit. Je ne suis pas forcément hyper à l'écoute des nouvelles-nouvelles plateformes.

  • After Initial Success, Helldiver’s 2 Has Lost 90% Of Its Players With No Signs Of Recovery
  • Like every PvE game which does not have hundreds of people working to churn out content, its playerbase will dwindle until only those who do not get bored by its gameplay stick around. Whether it's Left 4 Dead, Payday, Deep Rock Galactic or Vermintide, those types of games follow this pattern...

    And I for one, see no fucking issue with that. It's a great game, people play it until they have had their fill and then move on. Helldivers 2 is only an outlier because of how hard it hit at launch. It absolutely does not have the content pipeline to keep a large playerbase engaged, so yeah it will not keep printing a lot of money, just a little bit every now and then.

    Now excuse me as I go and spread some managed democracy.

  • Guild Wars 2: Janthir Wilds - exclusive Homestead reveal
  • On the other end of that spectrum, I have been playing this game on and off for the last 12 years.

  • jwz: Mozilla is an advertising company now
  • Vivaldi is closed source and based on Chromium (albeit modified), so it does not sound all that appealing. As long as uBlock origin, NoScript and Tampermonkey can unleash their full potential in Firefox, I'm likely to stick with it.

  • Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 2 - Gameplay Overview Trailer
  • NGL, I'm really digging what they are showing in this marketing campaign.

  • Helldivers 2 Has Just Accidentally Made the Fire Loadout the One True Meta (Terminids)
  • I like takibo's HD2 videos. They are insightful and his gameplay is pleasant to watch, or skim over.

  • Just kicked my first party...
  • This might be an unpopular take but I think you were in the wrong there. If one guy jumps the gun when the rest of the team is doing objectives, that sure is kick material. However, If 3/4th of the team want to extract, you should follow along, not stay behind and do more stuff... Actual democracy happening right there.

  • FromSoftware says Elden Ring's popular Seamless Co-op mod is 'definitely not something we actively oppose,' and may even 'consider ideas like that with our future games'
  • That mod is the reason I played Elden Ring in the first place. The Souls games' reputation and gimped co-op had kept me from them. Seamless co-op turned Elden Ring into one of the best shared multiplayer adventures I have ever had.

  • Am i the ass hole here
  • NTA. Abandoning the team by jumping in the pelican alone is an asshole move. Worse it's an anti-democratic move.

  • Steam Controller: I can has Hall Effect module!
  • Thanks for the feedback. I no longer use my steam controllers but it's good to know which are the viable options to keep them up and running.

  • je suis allé voter, bougez vous!
  • A voté. Mais bon les tendances qui se dégagent actuellement dans paysage politique français me dépitent quelque peu.

  • Night Springs, the first Alan Wake 2 expansion, is available now.
  • Yes Alan Wake 2 is very good. It's very unique and oozes with style. I really like the track Remedy is on lately, first with Control and now with Alan Wake 2, whereas their earlier games did not grab me.

  • Selaco source code request
  • You could buy the game on Steam, get the source code archive and then refund I guess. Or keep it anyway to play, I understand it's quite good.

  • Took the plunge after 2 years, and replaced the Delta fan with a Huaying one

    Now that my Steam Deck LCD has been relieved of his duties as a daily driver desktop PC, I finally went ahead and replaced the Delta fan with a Huaying one. It turned out to be relatively easy to do ; and lo and behold, it is indeed quieter.

    Recent adopters may or may not know there was a medium-sized kerfuffle about disparities in noise profiles of early Steam Deck units. It was proved and narrowed down to a difference between 2 fan models (see Gamers Nexus detailed analysis).

    Obviously the one I got was a "bad" one, emitting a high pitched noise when running at full speed. I did not find it unbearable but it was still not ideal, particularly when using the SD in quiet environments.

    Took me 2 years to get to the point where I figured it was an acceptable risk to attempt the replacement. How many of you did the same and kicked the Delta out of your unit ?


    Mars Express, à voir maintenant en streaming

    "Mars Express" est un film d'animation français de science-fiction sorti en 2023. C'est le premier du genre depuis "Kaena, la prophétie" (2001) selon son réalisateur, Jérémie Périn.

    J'étais passé à côté lors de sa sortie en salle en fin d'année dernière, en raison d'une flemme caractérisée d'aller crapahuter au cinéma. Le film est maintenant disponible en streaming et j'ai pu rattraper le coup. Sans aller crier au chef d’œuvre, j'ai vraiment apprécié ce film et je le recommande vivement à tous les amateurs de SF.

    Et puis, "c'est français, c'est la police française."


    Goodbye Roblox on Steam Deck

    Well, shit. Unfortunate news from the Vinegar Discord: Roblox will block Wine in future releases.

    This is going to end my "Steam Deck as a primary desktop PC for my kid" experiment.


    Forgot your sudo password ? Here is a working fix, quick and painless.

    TL;DR: watch the 2 minutes video for the fix.

    Story time !

    It's been a hot minute (~1year) since I needed/wanted to tinker with my Steam Deck. It's currently living its best life paired with the official dock as a desktop PC for my kid (e.g. YouTube and Roblox dedicated machine). So yeah, I went and forgot the sudo password I set back then, and I unhelpfully did not save it in Keepass or anything.

    Today I put in the work to reset it... Here goes my journey.

    1. Try out every password variants of mine I can think of for 20 minutes. FAIL.
    2. Google it, stumble on some real stupid "solutions" promoted to the top of the results. FFS Google.
    3. Lots of YT videos seem to agree that recovery media is the way to go. Seems overkill. Cannot we get a root shell at startup or something ?
    4. Find an alternative method that looks suuuper risky (tinkers with the recovery partition) []. Nope not going to try that one.
    5. Go back to /r/SteamDeck (been a while) again the consensus is to use recovery media. Ok ok, recovery media it is !
    6. Follow instructions at and make a bootable USB drive. Easy Peasy.
    7. Muck about for a while with the dock's USB ports because the drive is too large or the ports are too close together. FFS Valve.
    8. Boot successfully on the recovery media, and start the 3 commands-long procedure. sh sudo ~/tools/ chroot rm -f /var/lib/overlays/etc/upper/passwd rm -f /var/lib/overlays/etc/upper/shadow
    9. First command fails, which is a shame since the others cannot work if this one does not. Fuck.
    10. Back to googling and redditing (beggars can't be choosers). Find someone with a very similar error in a quite recent post. No answers though, except one by the OP himself who says he found a way AND DOCUMENTED IT. Thank you /u/TheArtfulAardvark for proper Internet etiquette. Obligatory XKCD curse avoided.
    11. Watch the 2 minutes-long video with cautious optimism. Does not seem too hard nor risky... To good to be true
    12. Perform the procedure, goes more or less exactly as described in the video (not exactly the same version of the boot menu, but same items).
    13. Fail to return to gaming mode with CTRL-ALT-F1 for some reason, so trigger a command line reboot.
    14. Check that the parameter added to GRUB was not saved (it was not).
    15. Return to desktop mode and finally set a new password with passwd. Exhales. Thanks for the video and instructions 10 Minute Steam Deck Gamer.

    Stuff I always have in my pockets when outside the house

    Nothing particularly original, but it's mine, so here goes.

    • Earfun Free 2: good for listening to podcasts on the go.
    • House keys: well, duh.
    • Olight imini: handy and really tiny flashlight.
    • Mini push dagger: oldest thing in there, got it more than 20 years ago. Says "United" & "Taiwan" on the sheath, so it likely is from United Cutlery.
    • Kershaw Launch 11: my current all-time favorite pocket knife. Small enough to fit in a 5th pocket (but not "deep-carry"), yet handles really well with my not-too-meaty hands.
    • Bellroy Card Sleeve Black: small enough to keep credit cards and such in regular pants' front pockets.
    • Zippo Lighter Spectrum: really a fidget toy for me since I do not smoke, so pretty though !
    • Kleenex mini pocket tissues: the runny nose unwavering companion.

    Not on picture: Samsung Galaxy S20 with a Spigen Tough Armor case.


    Helldivers 2 - Bile Titan Liberation Gameplay | PS5 and PC

    Includes the release date for PS5 and PC: February 08 2024

    And preorders, starting September 22 2023.