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ICQ, One of the Oldest Instant Messengers, Is Shutting Down
  • I didn't lose money because no money was involved.

  • ICQ, One of the Oldest Instant Messengers, Is Shutting Down
  • I didn't need a therapist back then.

  • ICQ, One of the Oldest Instant Messengers, Is Shutting Down
  • This is mildly upsetting because I remember ICQ is where I first met a seer who I was referred to by someone else. This was back when I was looking for help regarding a number of strange dreams and spirit visitations I was dealing with.

  • Windows 10 is EOL in October 2025
  • You might want to check our React OS.

  • Reserve your home now!
  • Are you sure its not Fangwood Forest? They say that's a very dangerous place and would have you wondering why on Earth would you want to go there.

  • Reserve your home now!
  • And now Papa Smurf wants to see a revolution get organized against this on the grounds of them clear cutting oak trees, culling poor vulpines to near extinction, and leaving small woodland villages consisting of mushroom style housing.

  • Another US state repeals law that protected ISPs from municipal competition
  • Or worse if the only internet connection you can get in your area is dial-up.

  • Google Is Paying Reddit $60 Million for Fucksmith to Tell Its Users to Eat Glue
  • At least this is not "Google Is Paying Lemmy $60 Million for Fucksmith to Tell Its Lemmings to Eat Glue" otherwise I would be wondering why Lemmy Admins are excepting huge wads of cash from tech giants.

  • Thinking about my koala community again even though I had been feeling a bit down lately, and dealing with probably too much email
  • Yeah, I'm already thinking I may have to create a list of every non-profit organization that is currently sending me e-mails and post it either here or perhaps in Casual Conversation. I feel that getting over 200 e-mails a day has become way too much and I could use assistance with finding out which ones I should have been filtering into the trash. I had thought about if it should go under political, but that community has a rule that all posts need to be links to articles. I think the reason the amount of emails I get had gotten this crazy is because we are in a major election year, and I really need to switch focus more on koala conservation stuff and my story writing.

  • Thinking about my koala community again even though I had been feeling a bit down lately, and dealing with probably too much email

    At this time, I have been feeling a bit down and is why I haven't being doing much with the koala community I had created here. But now I'm thinking about it again and had been wondering how I would incorporate a koala comfort place into it where one could talk about concerning things that may also be worrying things. I'm already planning on having links to articles about koalas and petitions to help koalas posted to it. If anyone has any ideas, feel free to let me know.

    The one thing right now that is slowing me down is the amount of e-mail that I currently get, that is now over two hundred e-mails a day. This is mainly due to the amount of non-profit organizations sending me emails about surveys, petitions, donation requests, and actions to take among other things, and I'm now wondering if I need to create a list of them here to find out which ones I may have to filter and send to the trash.

    The Mistral AI bot here on Lemmy now remembers context
  • @[email protected] What do you get when you cross a Lemming with a Redditor?

  • Feeling lost and cut off at times and want someone to talk to about it.
  • Hi, I just wanted to add here that I have gone ahead and took a picture of Kane and Lindsey since its a nice day today, and this is what they are look like if you are curious.

    As you can see, Kane is the fox boy and Lindsey is the elf girl in that picture. These are just a couple of my spirit friends which I had custom plush made of them and I love them a lot. I'm also attached to them as well as the forest near here that I took the picture in, though Lindsey looks like she may need to have a surface cleaning soon.

  • Louisiana becomes 1st state to require the Ten Commandments be posted in classrooms
  • And I think you forgot the following:


    Remember to vote every Christofascist out of your congressional system on Election Day. They are in violation of your Freedom of Religion right.

  • Arizona accuses Amazon of being a monopoly and deceiving consumers with “dark patterns”
  • And now probably can't wait until someone accuses Facebook, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Twiiter/X, Reddit, etc., of similar anti-trust monopoly practices and give the fediverse the appearance of the only option to switch to.

  • Website block randomly popping up from my virus protection while here on Lemmy

    I'm not sure if there are certain images on here causing this popup to appear or what, and I wonder if someone can help me figure this out. I wonder if its something that will need to be blocked or an instance that needs to be de-federated until the admin of it agrees to remove the Malware that is causing it to happen. Here is a screenshot I managed to take of the popup.


    Feeling lost and cut off at times and want someone to talk to about it.
  • This is so funny (and sad). I avoid discussing spirits with people who put a very strict framework (especially all taken from another culture) onto their inside world and try to convince others it’s the best or only way. There are millions of worlds of reference out there, and I couldn’t give a flying fuck whether the spirits take the forms of historical pantheons or TV series characters - because there is literally (sic) no difference. They are all stories, and whatever works for you works for you.

    Well, I have not been responding anymore to that thread in the Pagan community. To me, fairies are real as I had seen them and that works for.

    I have finally visited my favourite rock yesterday, to say thanks for all the good things it has brought to my life. I am due to walk a lot of kilometers between rocks and trees to keep the good spirits flowing. Things work for me, because I permitted myself to listen to the landscape around my house during a time in my life when I felt really weak and tired, without letting myself fall into the paranoia of ‘schizophrenia’ or ‘psychosis’. I got really good advice, where other people’s advice would have been too confusing.

    That just has me thinking about talking a picture of the plush Kane and Lindsey and showing them to you here as I tell more about them, since they were made after spirits I have seen in a number of my dreams.

  • Reddit: 'We Are in the Early Stages of Monetizing Our User Base'
  • Posting here because of the privacy implications of all this, but I wonder if at some point there should be an “Enshittification” community :-)

    There is, its called [email protected]

  • Feeling lost and cut off at times and want someone to talk to about it.
  • Hi, I wasn't exactly talking about developing and embracing AI as I feel that I'm against it for a number of concerns, when it comes to stealing everything that is public to train their models. I have that should be made illegal and its a reason why I'm reluctant with what I bring online. I have heard about 'glazing', but I'm not sure how effective that would be if I were to use it in protecting my stuff, which is why I'm still feeling rather uncomfortable bringing too much of my ideas and stuff online anywhere. And I also agree there really needs to be better protection here.

    Oh, and I do like the observe nature at times, even if it means taking a walk out into the woods when the weather is nice enough to do so. And there were times I had the sensation that something is trying to speak to me from the forest as I had tried to describe in my post. For some reason, you got me thinking you were dreaming you were playing with your cat and he/she had led you onto a train (The Woodland Express?) that took you to a clearing in the forest. I got the feeling maybe you are going to meet people in dark green robs there and you were getting minor anxiety in not being sure if you want to follow them deep into the mysterious part of the forest.

  • Feeling lost and cut off at times and want someone to talk to about it.
  • Yeah, I felt that I could open up more and share more of my experiences here to see what people think since I'm not sure where would be a more welcoming place. I have tried talking about this in a Pagan community as they sometimes deal or work with fairies, but it led to getting a few confused responses and someone reporting me to Help Resources thinking I was going suicidal, and I wasn't.

    Anyway, the feeling I have with your comment is much, much better and more comforting to me. It could be that I'm also Animist as well as Autistic even though I also tend to look at things differently where I feel many people don't seem to understand correctly. It's like I may be looking for anything that may have been overlooked or something.

    It's good that a lot of people are coming to this knowledge again and developing a better relationship with the woods and landscape, as I feel more comfortable being in woodlands and overground abandoned places then in the middle of any every changing city.

    And if should be noted there is nothing wrong with my mental health either even though someone had commented here saying I was describing something else other than Autism and that I should see a shrink saying it is something that often worsens over time. I didn't like that as it made me uncomfortable with somewhat more anxiety and scared.

    Right now, I'm trying to work on this story of mine that focuses on a small group of kids, some of them Animist in a way, who had a tree house and fort in the forest. There is a park nearby down the street and they are also having concerns with these strange large ear shaped metal dishes being installed on telephone poles. The boy who the story focuses on had a dream that morning about mysterious anthropomorphic bears and he and his sister head to the park to go into the forest there to see if there is anything odd and related there. Just as they are about to go in there, a siren sounds causing the ear dishes to turn red with an antenna sticking out of them. This leads to the boy passing out and having a vision of trees with all their branches cut off that makes him sad. He also encounters a group of anthropomorphic bears being threatened by something in it and then finding himself in a large park. At the same time, hearing a girl singing part of the opening song of the Tenth Kingdom. He then wakes up back in the actual park with his sister looking over him worried, and he tells her what happened. They soon leave the park and head to their friend's tree house to meet with him there and tell him about what is going on as they also noticed a number of trees appearing to be withering and dying for some reason. They soon look into an old book that came from an antique bookstore that is about bears and begin working on figuring all of this out, even though they will likely soon find their way into a medieval fantasy world.

    Anyway, if you are interested, I can take a picture of the plush Kane the Fox and the plush Lindsey the Elfin Girl within the wooded area here and upload it here as soon as the weather is better and dry again to do it. I also feel the destruction of the woodlands and watersheds is something we all should be deeply concerned about, and that is where my thoughts of the Last Mimzy and thinking of the Last Lindsey being about Lindsey teaching about how precious the woodlands are and saving them, In a way, its like getting support from our good spirits which is very much needed since it feels like the soul of our planet, Gaia, has become sick and people are becoming isolated and warlike. Our world is frightened and is dying.

  • Feeling lost and cut off at times and want someone to talk to about it.
  • This doesn't feel right to me and made me feel uncomfortable and somewhat anxious and scared. Like I feel what I was talking about here may be getting misunderstood.

  • People with Autism Spectrum Disorder Could Interact More Easily with a Robot than with a Human - Reasons and Limits
  • I think it is more like robotic overloads since tech can overload you will too much information at once, but what about new autistic overlords instead?

  • Feeling lost and cut off at times and want someone to talk to about it.

    II have thought about this off an on for a while, and decided I will talk more about it here since I haven't been able to find a more welcome place for someone who is considered spiritual and on the autistic spectrum. I'm not even sure what the right place is though as there are times I tend to feel lost in more ways than one and perhaps cut off when I get mistaken for an AI bot in a few places.

    My story starts where I was born into a family with a Mormon Church ancestry, even though I wasn't actually connected to the Christian Church. I'm not going to go into religion here since I don't want this to turn into some religious argument. Anyway, when I was six or seven years old living in a house further away from my grandma's house, it seemed apparent that I was more connected to nature where I would watch water running along the ground in little rivers.

    After my family had moved back closer to my grandma, I found myself going out into the woods behind her backyard almost every time I was visiting her and going to the stream back there to look at it. I remember during the time it seemed magical and mystical while I was exploring on the frozen marsh there in late fall and was looking at the twilight in the sky at sunset realizing I needed to head back to the house.

    During one of the times I was out in those woods as a kid, I had encountered something that looked human that said "hey there' and I ran all the way back to the house scared not knowing what it is. Sometime after that, there was upheaval going on between my parents which may have been due to the time the chimney was blocked and the house was smoking up, I ended up being brought to my grandma's house with my siblings to spend the night. I have memories of wearing footed pajamas with the vinyl feet, but had developed holes in the feet for some reason. It was night and I could sense there is something out there.

    When I was home again and it was sometime around late spring or summer, I had become interested in the Care Bears and while I was playing with brick blocks, wooden blocks, and large train tracks that were plastic from a riding train in the basement playroom, I was writing letters to Tender Heart Bear and leaving them in the kitchen window where they were being answered. I think it may have been because I was looking for a friend since I was friends with the neighbor girl Carrie before, but then she stopped being friends of me and my siblings weren't being kind to me either.

    At some point, I was allowed to get this three foot tall Tender Heart Bear plush from Toys-r-Us after getting good grades in school, and it became my only friend. Sometime later, there was upheaval going on between my parents again and we ended up being forced to leave there and go on a cross country trip to Washington State. I couldn't bring much of anything with me and so I lost a number of things including my three foot Tenderheart Bears.

    While I was in the van traveling by woodlands, I had this mystical sensation of something out there calling me to come back out into the woods for some reason and couldn't do anything while in a van. On top of that, I remember seeing the darkening sky and sensed some kind of mystical connection with the western sky for some reason as well, and this might be related to the feeling of being disconnected from nature and lost.

    Years later, when I was back on the east coast and was living in a town house in northwest New Jersey after moving a couple more times, I recovered my three foot Tenderheart Bear and I also had a dream about seeing a white mouse who was named Heather in the backyard who was sad. She told me her husband was killed by a croaker while searching for one of the two greatest treasures in the world, and she was pointing to a steep grassy hill that appeared in the distance from the house as she continued saying one of the two greatest treasures lies just over that hill.

    This may been related to where I used to live in Pennsylvania where there is a tree covered hill in a similar location from the front of the house, and over it is where my grandma's house is located. During that time, my mother had met someone who was having me forced to be going to a Christian Church and I really didn't seem at all comfortable with it, but thankfully I was no longer going there after she broke up with him. Sometime after that when I was beginning to look at Pagan and Druid stuff out of interest, I was visiting my grandma's house again thanks to my sister.

    During a visit out there again, I was sensing this presence there and wasn't sure what it was even though it led to me having dreams about a fox. I ended up looking for help and was soon hooked up with a seer calling herself Yotewah and Coyote's Green Eyed Daughter, She also went by the name of Kikyo and I told her about the presence I felt at my grandma's house while showing her a sketch I did of a fox wearing blue clothing I had seen and remember from one of my dreams, and she astral traveled afterward to find that it is a fox boy called Kane.

    A while after that and feeling like he is a friend I lost years ago at my grandma's house, I ended up with my getting someone to make me a custom Kane the Fox plush so I have something physical I can cuddle up to. Sometime after that, I had a dream about a girl outside the first townhouse I was moved to in Northwest New Jersey, and brought that up with the seer who found it was a fae girl named Lindsey who is an elf girl. She saw she was being chased by something dark and evil and took care of whatever it was. That later ended up with me having a custom plush I made of her using her description that I remembered,

    When I started having a couple dreams about darkness out in the woods behind my grandma's house that may be related to what I saw out there when I was a kid, I told the seer about them and she had astral traveled there to cleanse the woods and my grandma's house. She told me there was some sort of guardian that she cleaned as they were being harmed by something that had the form of the Sprite from the Secret of Mana game.

    After I had been moved out into a rural area with a yard that had some trees, I remember having a dream being in the yard there and could feel this pulling sensation. So I had contacted the seer about there and she found out there is a vortex and guardian there nearby. Then while I was back at my grandma's house and talking to her about Kane the Fox, she assumed it represented me due to having the Todd as one of my surnames. After I told her about the seer I had been talking to and showing her all the records that I kept, she had wanted to know her credentials even though she had not asked for money or anything in return. I later did that and ended up learning the seer was taught by the Elder of Serpentstone, it let to a little bit of an argument with her and I continued talking to the seer.

    Not long after that, I had a dream about something pretending to be Kane that had a crescent moon on its cheek and I was uncomfortable. I also remember seeing an eclipse in the sky in the dream. After I had another dream where I could hear Kane calling for help, I contacted the seer and she looked into it and found that it was a Kane Pretender who trapped Kane away from me. She not only found and brought him back to me, but sealed the Kane Pretender away in an ice sphere of love and placed it in an ice glacier somewhere guarded by a dragon.

    After that ordeal, I started having dreams again with Kane in them and was better. I continued having the dreams about him off and on as well as a few about Lindsey, and soon I had moved one last time into a house with a larger piece of property that included woods out back. Just after the move, I was feeling rather uncomfortable and had a couple dreams about fairies. I told the seer about this and after investigating, it turned out that I have fairies that are not only fond of me, but had been told the name of their queen. I continued having dreams about Kane and my grandma's house off an on and at some point, I have lost contact with the seer.

    Some more years have passed and now I have been feeling worried and a little depressed (lately around the winter solstice when the days are short and no greenery to be seen outside other than bamboo, plus too cold to go outside). It may be due to the state of the world and things being forgotten and taken away leading to the feeling of them being lost, and the fact that recently I have been seeing trees dying off. It could also be the fear that I'm having on and off about emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, the fear of an artificial super intelligence, and brain computer interfaces and stuff that are a threat to the innermost privacy of the mind, and there being too much change happening and autistic people cannot adapt to change well.

    This could very well be because of my strong connection with the woodlands and there being decline of woodlands that is upsetting to me like I can feel the pain of what is happening to nature and to the fae folk. At this time, it seems I'm feeling so lost and so cut off since I haven't picked up much friends. There were also were attempts to get me back into the christian church and be cut off my attachments with the woods and the spiritual friends I have. When I first brought this up in a Pagan subreddit on Reddit, someone alerted Reddit Help Resources which I don't think if that was right as I wasn't even talking about committing suicide as its not quite that bad, and I'm not thinking that for that matter.

    Right now, I have been thinking positively on what thinks can be talked about or done, and it feels like we need to bring back something like a Koala Kafe in the comforting woods to talk about stuff like this. I also keep thinking about the Last Mimzy movie where it feels like Gaia, the soul of our world, has become sick and people are becoming isolated and warlike (see what is happening to Ukraine and Israel), and our world is frightened and is dying. And has feeling like looking for a great scientist to try many times and is willing to try once more, this is the Last Lindsey (based from the elf girl with a strong affinity for the forests since she is of the forest). Her task feels like it would be teaching of how precious the woodlands are and saving them, as well as finding a soul not contaminated by the technological pollutants that fill our bodies and minds like our precious quality of humanity has been turned off, and it is said the soul's tears would contain an instruction for an awakening that would spread like wildflowers.

    Anyway, sometimes I feel like we could use something like a Koala Kafe in a peaceful woodland place that is like being among the comforting koalas, even though they are listed as endangered in Australia and need our help. I also have lots of created characters and ideas and had been trying to work on a few stories, but I feel bringing them online in the wrong place will lead them being scraped by AI Bots and be used against me to make things worse. I'm just afraid whatever I create and write to give to be helpful would also end up be given to the elite few thanks to their AI bots. I feel that I currently need someone to talk to about this and figure out what the solution to this is.

    Anyone else feel weirdly drawn to forests or have the desire to live near one?
  • Yeah, I feel weirdly drawn to forests and I like being near one.

  • Infinite spinning issue when commenting on a post

    I just found that I'm getting the infinite spinning issue when commenting on a post in [email protected] and not sure what the issue is as it is the same on two different computers.

    Feeling somewhat worried and on autistic spectrum

    Hi, I have recalled that I had been invited to post here sometime ago while I had some other issue going on, which I think it involved Reddit. Right now, I'm feeling okay, but perhaps feeling a little worried, and I'm wondering if I could talk about it here even though I'm on the spectrum as I had been diagnosed in the past with having Asperger's Syndrome. I must let you know that it may run long as it will probably also include experiences I had in the past since when I used to be a child.

    Being told I cannot post this democratic link in Tribel

    Lately, I have been getting the following popup when I share various links to democratic petitions and take actions on Tribel, and it hasn't happened to me before.


    So far, it has happened with trying to post the following:

    • A link to a petition to pass Automatic Voter Registration
    • A link to telling Congress to support Healthy School Meals for all
    • A link to a petition to remove Judge Aileen Cannon from Jack Smith's classified documents case against Trump
    • A link to a petition to demand the Supreme Court denies Trump’s immunity claim
    • A donation link to Stopping Third-Party Candidates Like RFK Jr. From Handing Trump Victory
    • A link to standing with Bernie Sanders in his fight to save Social Security
    • A link to telling Congress to pass the Black Maternal Health Momnibus
    • A link to a petition to demand felony charges against Cody Roberts for Animal Cruelty
    • A link to a petition to stand with President Biden and SAVE Medicare from Mike Johnson’s GOP House Majority
    • A link to Protect Pets And Wildlife From Agonizing Death in Heavy-Duty Rat Traps
    • A link to Urge Congress to pass Community Schoolyards® legislation
    • A link to telling your U.S. House representative to support the Plastic Pellet Free Waters Act
    • A link to telling Chief Justice John Roberts that Donald Trump is NOT above the law and should be PROSECUTED
    • A link for signing a letter for #TaxDay2024 to support policies that make the wealthiest individuals and corporations pay their fair share in taxes.
    • A link to a petition to FIRE Postmaster General Louis DeJoy.
    • A link to a petition to give Social Security seniors a stimulus payment.
    • A donations link to stopping voter suppression.
    • A link to a petition for Congress to SAVE the US Postal Service from bankruptcy.
    • A link to a petition to tell Congress to close the Medicaid gap.
    • A link to a petition DEMANDING every GOP insurrectionist to be REMOVED from Congress.
    • A link to a petition to support legislation to guarantee Vote by Mail in all 50 states.
    • A link to a petition demonstrating support for Bernie Sanders’ wealth tax on billionaires.
    • A donation link to stop Robert F. Kennedy Jr. from handing the election to Trump.
    • A link to demand Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert are EXPELLED from Congress.
    • A petition link to Return a dog named Oakley to His Rightful Home in Baldivis, WA
    • A petition link to Let’s get Thabo the wild monkey to safety!
    • And now a MoveOn Political Action donations link to Don't let MAGA's harrowing archaic vision for us become reality

    These links so far are from the following organizations.

    • Greater Good
    • Moms Rising
    • MoveOn Political Action
    • National Democratic Training Committee
    • Progressive Turnout Project
    • Public Interest Research Group
    • Retired Americans PAC
    • Stop Republicans
    • Trust for Public Land

    I have tried contacting support over there numerous times already to find out what is happening, but I haven't gotten any response from them at all about it. The only answer I had gotten so far over there is from a user stating they have gotten it on occasion when I try to post a new post and think the site might have been hacked by Conservatives, or the site owner Omar may have gotten bought out by Conservatives for this to begin happening against Democratic links to help Democrats.

    Right now, I'm not sure where I could be allowed to begin posting the links that are being blocked by the popup on Tribel, since I thought and it seemed like that site was left leaning. If anyone has any ideas, feel free to let me know here.

    Edit: Removed all other edit notes again and added that it is now also happening with a link to a petition DEMANDING every GOP insurrectionist to be REMOVED from Congress.

    Edit: Added its also happening again with a link to a petition to support legislation to guarantee Vote by Mail in all 50 states.

    Edit: Added its also happening again with a link to a petition demonstrating support for Bernie Sanders’ wealth tax on billionaires.

    Edit: Added its also happening again with a donation link to stop Robert F. Kennedy Jr. from handing the election to Trump.

    Edit: Added its also happening again with a link to demand Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert are EXPELLED from Congress.

    Edit: Added its also happening again with a link to Return a dog named Oakley to His Rightful Home in Baldivis, WA.

    Edit: Added its also happening again with a link to Let’s get Thabo to safety!

    Edit: Added its also happening again with a MoveOn Political Action donations link to Don't let MAGA's harrowing archaic vision for us become reality.

    Noozles also known as the Wondrous Koala Blinky

    I just felt that I would also like to include this in here since it's a cartoon featuring a pair of koalas named Blinky Koala and Pinky Koala. It is an older cartoon from back in the 80s and early 90s called Noozles I liked watching when I was much younger.

    If you haven't heard of it before, Noozles is about the adventures of a twelve year-old girl named Sandy Brown and her koala friends, Blinky and Pinky, who are from the extra-dimensional realm of Koalawalla Land and is where I had thought of the name for this community from.

    Later on in the series, Blinky and Pinky bring Sandy to Koalawalla Land, which is ruled by this wise of koala who is known as the High Dingy Doo. Since humans aren't allowed there, Sandy has to wear a koala mask during each visit. Also according to the cartoon, there is a portal to Koalawalla Land at Ayers rock.

    The koala I really like in Noozles is Blinky which this is what he looks like, even though his sister Pinky is also cute.


    Even though he originates as a stuffed koala named Blinky that came in a package lost in a shipwreck 38 years ago from Sandy's long-lost grandfather, and is asleep until Sandy gives him a 'noozle' which wakes him up from magic sleepy time where he appears to be a stuffed toy, I have been wondering if there was an actual stuffed toy made of him.

    Since there doesn't appear to be any and no picture anywhere suggesting that it had existed at one time in the last thirty to forty years, I have been thinking about getting one made and thought about how it may look like if a four foot high Super Sydney Koala was used and dressed in Blinky's clothes.

    Since I seen one years ago on eBay that was already sold at the time, I have managed to save the picture of it to show what I would be looking for, which this is what it looks like.


    By the way, I did find out there was a Noozles plush that had been available sometime ago when I asked someone on another social network if Blinky existed as a plush toy, and got sent this picture which I have saved for reference.


    From what I can tell, that plush koala appears to have originated from Japan since it looks like its written in Japanese on the box, but it doesn't look like Blinky or Pinky in it and has me wondering who it could be, the High Dingy Doo perhaps?

    Reddit Login Issues and AutoMod deleting my post about it in r/help

    I was trying to post about a login issue I'm having on Reddit at this time where it is rejecting my correct password for my account on there even though I'm putting in the correct password. The only way I can get around it is by doing a password reset request, then try to change my password to the current one which it tells me that I can't change it to my current password, and then close out of that and try to login again which it then works. I don't even know if there is some sort of flag on my Reddit account that is causing me this issue, even though I already have close to 250 post karma and 90 comment karma.

    However, when I post about this in r/help to see if there is any help or suggestions for this, it ends up getting removed immediately by AutoMod there that thinks I was asking about changing my username on Reddit which you can't, and my post had absolutely nothing to do with needing to change my username which makes this infuriating.

    This is what the post was over there and it does not have anything to do with changing my username on Reddit.

    *Hi, I have recently been noticing I'm having some login issues here where it is rejecting my correct password even though I'm putting in the correct username and password.

    The only way I'm getting it to work is when I request to reset my password, try to change my password to the current password which it tells me that I can't use my current password, close out of that and try to login in again which then it works.

    I'm not sure if there is some sort of flag on my account that is causing me issues, even though I already have close to 250 post karma and 90 comment karma.*

    Regarding sublinks and feeling concerned about what is going on with it

    Right now, I'm feeling concerned and wondering what is going on in regards to Sublinks here, since I have created a community for discussion on koalas about a week ago on here and have started and been doing work on it recently. But now I'm hearing about Sublinks and feeling concerned if I created it on the wrong instance or the wrong platform since I'm now just recently hearing about it. I'm just feeling worried and wondering whether or not if I should do anything or not.

    Koalawalla Woods

    Hi folks! After a number of months of pondering this and having a recent incident happen a few days ago where I couldn't find another koala community, I had decided to go ahead and make a koala community on Lemmy. Since I'm already getting a lot of people checking it out, it seems Lemmy may have been in a dire need for this kind of community.

    The ideas are to provide a place for people to have discussions on koalas and bring awareness of them being endangered of going extinct if nothing is done to save them from their peril, and also to discuss and find solutions to fight back against deforestation of their native wilderness.

    Check it out on [email protected] or

    Feel free to debate me and others on the topic. I just ask you to stay constructive, I’m only trying to help here.

    Thanks for reading and have a good one!

    The Koala Whisperer aka Izzy’s Koala World

    Moving on to actual live koalas and thinking where it should begin, I remembered about reading about the koala whisperer and pulled up that article again. The following is a little bit from that article as it is linked here.

    At first glance, Izzy Bee seems like your typical 13-year-old Australian girl. She loves hanging out with her friends and is currently enjoying Year 7 of school. Once you get to know her, you soon realize she is anything but typical!

    Bee is known as The Koala Whisperer. She has her own show on Netflix called “Izzy’s Koala World.” Bee’s mother Ali is a veterinarian who bought an animal clinic with her husband Tim.

    Now, Izzy works with her parents on the show, rescuing koalas and releasing them back into the wild on Magnetic Island in Australia.

    Care Bear Cousins Koala

    This is also koala related which I think that I will also include here since it was in my original koala post on Reddit.

    Months ago, I had discovered there is a prototype for a Care Bear Cousin that is a Koala which is going on forty years old now and has never been produced or released. This is the only picture there is of it.


    According to some Australians on Reddit, there have made at least three suggestions on what the koala could have been named if released, which are the following.

    • Nurture Heart Koala
    • Tranquil Heart Koala
    • Peaceful Heart Koala

    If this koala was made (and this is probably where the ordinal misunderstanding probably happened due to it being worded wrong, because I was not attempting to get someone in the subreddit it had posted in to mass produce it or anything like that), named, seen in Australia (particularly in Queensland and New South Wales), and it's caring mission is to help save and protect the koala population from extinction, it was thought that she could or might make a very good talking point that could lead to helping koala populations there.

    Sailor Koala Adventures In Stopping Deforestation of Native Koala Wilderness

    Since someone has stated in another topic in another community thinks that my idea about a possible story series about a koala girl fighting deforestation in the land down under is a great idea, I'm going to include it here and tell you about it.

    When I came across this image of a koala statue in a subreddit on Reddit that is dressed up as Sailermoon and also has her hairdo, it had given me the idea of it being Sailor Koala and her mission is to fight against deforestation of her native woodlands in Australia and to protect her koala friends.


    The idea that I was thinking here is of a story series or something to be created based from this, and would be about her adventures in fighting deforestation of her native land in Australia. I had been thinking while this story line progresses, it could bring about actual ideas and discussion about actions to take towards saving the koala population in Australia from extinction.

    Also, Sailor Koala could have this theme song based from the Sailormoon theme song, which is an idea I came up with that goes something like this.

    ♪ Fighting deforestation evil by moonlight! Winning koala love by daylight! Never running from a real fight, she is the one named Sailor Koala! She will never turn her back on her koala friends, she is always there to defend! She is the one on whom koalas can depend... She is the one named Sailor Koala! With secret koala powers, all so new to her! She is the one named Sailor Koala! ♪

    If you think this is a good idea or not, free free to let me know what you think of this there.

    Stuff to know about Konala Koala

    This is just to let you know some more about myself as I figured this should be here in order to try to limit any further misunderstandings.

    Just so you know, I was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome years ago and also have OCD. The reason I know that I have it is because of the amount of times I wash my hands and the times I turn around and go back to the mailbox to check to make sure I didn’t forget any mail in it and I had closed the mailbox after checking and getting the mail, and go back to make sure I put the flag up after putting something in the mailbox to be mailed off.

    I recently noticed I have been getting some understandings and possible disrespectful responses to me, perhaps due to how I word things while I'm also dealing with frustration while being tired due to some situation that is keeping me up later than I wanted to be. This time, it is stemmed from an incident that happened on Reddit where a topic of mine had been deleted by a mod. Due to them not having a Modlog that is accessible by non-mods like Lemmy, I really had no idea what happened or what their reasoning behind the deletion was to avoid me becoming frustrated and not thinking clearly. On top of that, I just looked on Reddit for something of mine I felt that I needed to save and use here instead, and noticed they have been down voting a few of my other posts on there for no valid reason.

    Since I wasn't able to find another koala community to switch to on Reddit and Lemmy doesn't appear to have one, and that I have a love for koalas as well as concerns I have about what is happening to them in Australia, I had decided to go ahead and create this community to provide a place for discussions about that here. It is also the reason I created Konala Koala as a character of mine and my handle here, though it started further back when I originally decided to put a koala costume on my Reddit avatar.

    Below is an image I have of what Konala Koala looks like, which was created by using a clipart I had gotten and making changes to it.


    Koalawalla Woods Discussion Notes & Related Koala Discussions
    1. If you have any suggestions for any improvements for this koala community, you can let us know here.

    2. If you’d like to share links to koala news or information through link posts, please be mindful of the rule encouraging you to add context/opinion to the body of these posts, or to alter the title accordingly so as to spur discussion.

    3. We encourage discussion about ending deforestation in the land down under and saving koalas here.

    4. This post may be updated as needed with additional policies, and if there were discussions on their institution, links to said discussions to help provide insight into why these policies are in place.

    Lemmy is very close to getting a koala community

    Even though I have most of stuff ready for the koala community that I have in mind and found some cute koala clipart I would like to use with the banner, I'm currently having a bit of difficulty in regards to the background of the banner. The idea I have is I want it to be a eucalyptus forest or a bunch of eucalyptus leaves that I can put the cute koalas in trees over, but I have not found anything to use yet and I'm also not sure how wide and what the dimensions of it should be in pixels.

    What I'm doing here, is I just want to make it feel like a nice place for koala discussions, koala news, stories about koalas, and environmental actions on stopping and ending deforestation of koala homes since they are currently listed as endangered, for starters since I have been feeling that Lemmy could use this as there doesn't seem to be any koala based community here yet, as the only one I had seen is on Reddbit, and also I believe there are those on here who may even want to see more koalas showing up in their Lemmy feed.

    Koala related post was removed from koala community and I didn't know why.

    Hi, I was told to post about this here by the mod, so I have decided to post it here to see what you think.

    Anyway, I'm a koala lover who has been diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome and has OCD. Sometime ago, I came across a koala subreddit on Reddit and thought that I could be welcome there among other koala lovers in there.

    So, I made a post there and during the time I was writing it, I thought that it wouldn't be against the rules since the subreddit only had two rules, and I was not trying to sell anything nor was I running a fundraiser for something.

    The post remained there for days waiting to see if anyone decides to respond and talk to me. I don't know when it was removed by the mods, but I did not see that until early this morning right before I needed to get to bed.

    Since I was frustrated at the time and possibly not thinking clearly, plus the fact Reddit doesn't even have an accessible ModLog like Lemmy to find out what the hell was wrong with my koala related post to warrant removal, I made a post in the subreddit trying to get answers and in c/General being unsure as to what to do or where to go.

    Right now, it seems that I'm getting disrespectful comments and no messages from anyone wanting to contact me about this, figure out if I need to start a new community on here or on Reddit, and see about figuring out what was wrong and try to get the issue resolved.

    Anyway, here is a screenshot I managed to get of my first post in the koala community before it had been removed, by pulling it up via my profile.


    Koala related post being removed, don't know what community to be in with it, and not sure who to talk to for that matter.

    I have been diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome and I have OCD, and I really need to find someone or another community to talk to regarding koalas as I seem to be getting insults and possible slander over a posts I had made here and on Reddit. I'm not gong to risk repeating what the post is or was about unless someone asks and wants to talk to me further about it in DM, since it had gotten removed due to them thinking it was against the community rules of where it was posted.

    At the moment, I'm just again feeling frustrated and may not been that clear since I was trying to find an answer, plus I was probably tired at the time and not thinking clearly as well. If anyone wants to talk to me about this, you can let me know and I'm open for DMs as well.

    Koala lover here with posts that has been removed and was not notified as to the reason of it.

    Hi, I don't understand what is going on and I'm not if I'm going to have to create my own community. I had made posts which are related to koalas in communities where they are on-topic and were removed with no reason given to me. I'm now more frustrated that another one got removed from an Australian with no reason given, and I'm wondering if I either need to look for a community not on Lemmy or Reddit, or create one somewhere and try to get people to join it.

    Anyway, here is an example of one of the posts of mine that got removed and I don't know what it could be in violation of.

    *Greetings, I'm Konala Koala, a new koala lover who has found this little corner after continually searching for any save koalas movements that are going on and perhaps growing. I'm currently feeling sad, a bit depressed, and worried about the deforestation and destruction of eucalyptus forests that happen to be koala habitats. The only things I can think of which might help draw attention on this tragedy is I had discovered there is a prototype for a Care Bear Cousin Koala going on forty years old and has never been produced or released. According to some Australians on this in another community, is she could been named Nurture Heart Koala according to her artwork. The poor thing, if she could get made and seen in Australia, especially Queensland, she could probably make a really good talking point that could lead to nurturing the koala populations back up. Here is a link to the prototype koala cousin plush I'm referring to.

    Also, I did notice someone had posted a picture of a koala statue they had seen, possible at a zoo or sanctuary near Brisbane in Australia, that is dressed as what appears to be Sailor Moon. Not only did I find that very cute, but it is something that could lead to possible ideas for a fan fiction based story series about Sailor Koala who defends and saves koalas in Australia. Taken from Sailor Moon lyrics, these could be like her lyrics. "Fighting deforestation evil by moonlight! Winning koala love by daylight! Never running from a real fight, she is the one named Sailor Koala! She will never turn her back on her koala friends, she is always there to defend! She is the one on whom koalas can depend... She is the one named Sailor Koala! With secret koala powers, all so new to her! She is the one named Sailor Koala!"

    Anyway, I can see there are two rules which that prohibit selling anything and running a fundraising event, but I'm not doing neither and just talking about some ideas that may be good and don't know if they are going to need explicit moderator approval.*

    Looking for an Anti-Tech or Neo Luddite group

    HI, I had been trying to follow anti-tech discussion on a different account and had recently gotten removed from a second group. This time, they confused me of being a bot and didn't give me the chance to explain that I'm not a bot. The first time I believe its because I had accidentally linked to something leftist in error and didn't realize right away. The reason I have been trying to follow anti-tech and Neo-luddite is because it was making me feel good with all of the preserving nature talk, plus I read the Ted Kaczynski manifesto for starters and have it bookmarked on my laptop. If anyone can try to help me out or knows of another such group to check out, please let me know. I might be forced to create another group with my different account, figure out what to call it, and leave off the vetting for now to get people to join.

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