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Lemmy is very close to getting a koala community

Even though I have most of stuff ready for the koala community that I have in mind and found some cute koala clipart I would like to use with the banner, I'm currently having a bit of difficulty in regards to the background of the banner. The idea I have is I want it to be a eucalyptus forest or a bunch of eucalyptus leaves that I can put the cute koalas in trees over, but I have not found anything to use yet and I'm also not sure how wide and what the dimensions of it should be in pixels.

What I'm doing here, is I just want to make it feel like a nice place for koala discussions, koala news, stories about koalas, and environmental actions on stopping and ending deforestation of koala homes since they are currently listed as endangered, for starters since I have been feeling that Lemmy could use this as there doesn't seem to be any koala based community here yet, as the only one I had seen is on Reddbit, and also I believe there are those on here who may even want to see more koalas showing up in their Lemmy feed.