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Why, a hexvex of course!

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couldn't be me
  • Exactly - if you don't want to date a trans person don't. If someone conceals it, that's not an issue with them being trans, that's an issue with them being dishonest. It's ok to dislike dishonest people.

  • violently cries and sobs
  • The use of the word cis has its roots in an obscure Usenet group; it's genesis (apparently) rooted in a desire for more inclusive language for trans folks (the notion that "gender" Vs "transgender" was too othering).

    It hit Tumblr like a train in the 2010s, and became a symbolic phrase in trans counterculture. "Cisgender" was less than popular with non-trans people, as it robbed them of the illusion of normality and turned the word "gender" into a social trap.

    It later found derogatory use in the phrase "cissy" (a counter for the popular derogatory term "tranny").

    It's a fun word with an interesting history, and it has helped contribute to the wider acceptance of trans folks.

  • Comment on a YT video about Windows on ARM
  • To be entirely unbiased here, this covers user friendly distros that pretty much blow windows away for "default experience".

    Windows has adware and scareware - more so it has config-cluster-fuckification (I believe this is the academic term for it?). This is where windows lost me - when it started bundling basic config options together to force you to relinquish your privacy. Now it's "edit the registry or gtfo"...

  • Donald Trump speech shooting: Gunshots heard at president’s rally – latest news
  • One of the videos you can hear "shooter down" before he gets up. Elderly, near death experience, and monumental arrogance would help explain his reaction pretty well!

    Shooting him isn't the way - but I can see why someone was scared enough to think it was. Just remember kids, voting for Biden isn't just voting against trumpler - it's saying you would literally prefer someone who is probably senile overhim. It's a solid insult, and you should go out there on polling day to make sure he hears it.

  • My Windows Computer Just Doesn't Feel Like Mine Anymore
  • It isn't your computer, user license clearly states you're renting the software. You always have been, it's just now they can enforce that agreement more readily. Microsoft is making a lot of bad decisions at the moment, but the majority of consumers really don't care - adverts and surveillance are what they grew up with.

    You can switch to Linux, but as much as I love it (it's my daily driver for work and for travel gaming, oh and the community is absolutely amazing), it's not 1-1. You will have to jump through hoops sometimes to get things to run (but damn me there are amazing people out there who can and do help). Then again, you own it because it is free, and it will run most things with the right tweaks.

    I can't speak for MACs (too poor to use one, my devices tend to be upgradable or VERY long life), but I hear they're a better experience in terms of less bloat/adverts. Again though, you are renting with Apple, and are largely trapped in their ecosystem, and they have a 'reputation' for lack of repairability....

  • Yet more examples of how copyright destroys culture rather than driving it
  • Exists culture Exists copyright s.t. copyright 'destroys' culture and not copyright 'drives' culture.

    I mean, you're putting an implied universal where the author is only offering existential. That one is on you!

    "Copyright always destroys culture" would have the universal quantifier you object to.

    Of course, both of these results are formally undecided, mostly because 'drives' is not well defined nor decidable in itself!

  • Yet more examples of how copyright destroys culture rather than driving it
  • Well, I guess we'll never see any developments in mathematics or theoretical physics. No copyright there except journals paywalling our work and paying us absolutely nothing. Oh wait...

    We live in an era of copyblight - it's an era we won't leave until the caveman mentality of "this mine, no touch or I hurt" fizzles out. Give it another 5000 or so years maybe?

  • I just cited myself.
  • Reals are just point cores of dressed Cauchy sequences of naturals (think of it as a continually constructed set of narrowing intervals "homing in" on the real being constructed). The intervals shrink at the same rate generally.

    1!=0.999 iff we can find an n, such that the intervals no longer overlap at that n. This would imply a layer of absolute infinite thinness has to exist, and so we have reached a contradiction as it would have to have a width smaller than every positive real (there is no smallest real >0).

    Therefore 0.999...=1.

    However, we can argue that 1 is not identity to 0.999... quite easily as they are not the same thing.

    This does argue that this only works in an extensional setting (which is the norm for most mathematics).

  • What industry secret are you aware of that most people aren't?
  • Extra fact - in the USA almost all games use long weighted reels.

    I believe this is by law, but may be misinformed.

    Also, if you know the rng gen you can game machines: a very very clever group in Russia bought up old machines from defunct casinos, reverse engineered the games, and then developed an app that let a user photograph x number of spins to find out what the seed was for the next spin, and from there told them to bet high or low based on the upcoming game. They made millions, and farmed it out to make more. (

  • Sonic Paradox Windows 95 CD

    For when you need something to test video playback on your old windows 95/98/XP friend (files and instructions in description).


    The Internet in Europe Today

    Not all art shows something beautiful - this really does feel like the internet of today without a lot of browser tweaking.


    Blackboard Ultra

    We've received word that we're migrating from the older version of Blackboard to the new, "student approved", Blackboard Ultra.

    We'll be migrating our courses by hand over the summer; how bad is this going to be?


    Into The Labyrinth

    The original fansite for the EO series - it's a bit borked these days but you can still browse it.


    Wyrd Sisters - Animation

    A few years ago I stumbled onto this, and it provided a nice afternoon feature film. Figured the folks here would enjoy it!


    Might and Magic (Merged)

    Truly a test of patience - this is an excellent modpack that unifies 3 classics together into the way I dreamed of playing them as a kid.

    Found it by accident a week ago, and it's been my short nightly unwind (trying to do a solo run because I always wanted to).


    Open Source Emulators GitHub - alnacle/awesome-emulators: A curated list of awesome open source emulators.

    A curated list of awesome open source emulators. Contribute to alnacle/awesome-emulators development by creating an account on GitHub.

    Thought I'd share this list as it contains many emus I've not heard of before and I'd love to hear people's reviews on any folks have tried.


    Puppy Linux UEFI (alternatives?)

    So, in the past, I used to make a bit of money fixing up comps for folks.

    With slightly trickier cases, I used to boot up puppy Linux to check the more essential hardwares (and if it booted, back up essential files for the customer). My students are now asking how to manage similar things.

    Alas, puppy is no good for a modern system, as it really does not like UEFI boot. I was wondering if anyone can recommend an alternative.

    I'm looking for a very lightweight gui os I that can run some hardware diagnostic tools, runs on a wide range of hardware, that is easy enough to set up on a pen for novice users.


    KGen98 - Emulation is DOS

    So, kgen98 was one of the first genesis emulators, and it runs on dos.

    I use it in one of my ICT classes (paired with a sonic 1 rom) on a floppy disk to demonstrate just how heavily compressed and optimised older games were.

    It's an oddball that is definitely worth trying out.

    Game Development HexesofVexes

    Gbstudio GB Studio

    A quick and easy to use drag and drop retro game creator for your favourite handheld video game system.

    A handy tool for developing vn style games for the Gameboy and Gameboy colour.

    Great for people starting a game dev journey.


    Mednafen - A lightweight emu suite

    Mednafen is worth a go if you're looking for a lightweight set of emulators to run your dumped carts.


    Discworld MUD

    Thought I'd post this up here since I've not seen it mentioned. For those who want to explore the world of discworld, this is a great MUD.

    Very friendly community when I hop on every few months, and with a lot of rich detail from the books.