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  • Yooka-Laylee: A Patient Gamer Review

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    > ## Summary > > This game is firmly in the collectathon platformer genre of games and seeks to outright revive the soul of Banjo-Kazooie and extract it into a new body. The fresh coat of paint with all new characters and modern graphical styling is an attempt to distance itself from retro aesthetics while keeping some charming aspects. Gone are the convoluted controls and returning are the random chirping noises for dialog. But is the upgrade from collecting the jiggies to ordering the pagies enough to make this title distinct? The soul of the collectathon is here, lets find out if it was worth the cost of digging it up. > > ## Controls > > I want to get this out of the way really quick and head off my review here by saying that the controls are good. They aren't amazing but since I'm going to largely be comparing this to games that just had their 25th anniversaries, I think its fair to say that controls are a real highlight for innovation here. With a similar number of buttons to the old N64 titles, we've packed in a lot of moves here and the flow is miles better. They aren't perfect however. > > My main gripe is just that they seem to have mapped controls in a retro way for nostalgia reasons and it holds the game back. Rather than triggering the moves organically through context, the left trigger is again used as a face button modifier. Jump with A, high jump with LT+A. Sonar ping with Y, Sonar explosion with LT+Y. They didn't need to do that but at least the animations are short to trigger so it isn't too painful. > > ## Characters: What did the evil Bee ever do to you? > > Lets talk about characters. This is par for the course if you're talking Banjo-Kazooie parody that the game NEEDS strong characters. So does this game have them? I'd argue it does not. It isn't even that I don't find the evil capitalist bee and his duck in a jar henchman to be unlikable, its just that they lack the personality and novelty that BK had. The evil witch in those games wasn't complicated, but the rhyming of their lines and personality really got sold in the dialog. Here you just have throwaway lines galore about money puns. I don't want to say that none of the characters have personality, but its a 7/10 effort for sure. > > That carriers over throughout the various worlds and main characters themselves. Banjo-Kazooie had a way with its humor of being dumb but delightful fun and really didn't stop you to embellish stupid puns. I won't harp on how I didn't find this game funny, but man when games miss the mark on charm, they really miss it by a mile. Unfortunately that's kind of the case here so don't show up for the characters. > > ## Gameplay: It blends right in > > I'll also keep this brief like the controls section. The game is good and the levels are pretty well laid out. They struggle to feel as integrated as BK though in the sense that each pagie is in its own area with its own objects. I remember how BK would use the same large centerpiece snowman for 3 or 4 jiggies, that just isn't here though. So like I said, it ends up feeling like each level is just a bunch of puzzles adjacent to each other, not cohesive at all. The themes really don't help that either as the themes only play into the gameplay of the level half of the time. > > ## Graphical Style: It looks like it plays, alright? > > The graphics in this game are actually pretty good and the game ran really well during my time with it at 1440p. That makes it a very good game to run on a steam deck and that is how I played about 50% of this game. The colors are bright and vibrant and its just a shame that it isn't more stylized. Believe it or not, I don't think the extreme crispness of the graphics help the game here. If you're especially brave though, there is an N64 graphics mode in the game which is a nice touch and brings in some of that charm. > > ## Wrapping this up > > Normally I keep my thoughts organized here but I think this game really deserves discussion so here goes. I went into this game expecting for the developers to have really done something with the formula. Lets be honest, this genre died because of a lack of innovation and intrigue. I was very surprised to play this and find that not only had the formula not really grown since the BK days of 1997, but this game had regressed it by quite a bit and I just really had to push through to finish it. > > The music isn't instantly classic like Banjo-Kazooie, instead it sounds mostly generic. The characters are much the same. BK always had a splash of absurdity but it also always had grounding in its world. Lacking that grounding here is absolutely killer and so each element of this game feels separate. The enemies in BK were always interesting. The obstacles also had personality. Banjo Kazooie had me fighting two dragons on the tops of volcanoes who both thought I was there to deliver them pizza. We never get anywhere close to those heights here sadly. You'll play through this game and without exaggerating I can say that you will wonder why there are even basic level enemies in this game at all. > > So what we're left with in Yooka-Laylee is a shell of what these games used to be. That isn't to say this is a bad game. It belongs in the genre 100% and its what the genre is all about. If you love collectathons and you don't want to replay BK games or want a modern version of this, I'll recommend this to you. Most people would have an alright time with this game and especially kids I think would love this if their attention can be kept by it. Those are my thoughts though, the game is decidedly average for me and I wish I could say otherwise. I respect the developers immensely for their work here. It takes a lot of work to even put most of the soul of BK into a game like this and so even if it didn't entirely land for me, I applaud them. Hopefully I feel very differently as I move onto Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair. > > Thanks for taking the time to read my review and let me know your thoughts in the comments!

  • What remains of Edith Finch

    I like it when games are short. But Edith Finch is too short, even for me. I got it for about $4, discounted. For this reason, I'm satisfied, but if I'd paid full price, I wouldn't be. It's not very replayable either.

    Edith Finch is an exploration of the main character's family and the house they've lived in. As you play, you relive important fragments of the lives of these family members. Many of those memories have different gameplay mechanics or perspectives. Most are first-person "go here" missions, but there's an isometric one, another about flying a kite, etc. I don't want to say too much more to avoid spoiling too much of the game.

    The whole game is very much an on rails thing. There isn't a lot of freedom to explore or to do things in different ways. Of course, this is a necessary aspect of the game. It probably wouldn't work otherwise. But it does make you wonder whether you're playing a game or watching a movie.

    Comparing Edith Finch to a movie is not just criticism. It's also advice. If you're going to play this game, try to do it as you would watch a movie on the cinema. Get a 3-4 hour window of continuous free time, and play it till the end. I think you'll enjoy it more that way.

    Most of what I've said is bad or neutral, but I think the game achieves what it sets out to do very well. I do recommend it.

  • Other Patient Gamers Communities

    I checked that Lemmy Explorer site and searched for "patientgamers" and this community don't show up.

    Just the ones on and sh.itjustworks

    I was just wondering how you all found this place. Are you all on

    Does this community show up on any lemmy indexer?

  • Games with Stories

    Am I the only one who enjoys games that have engaging stories. Sometimes I even turn the difficulty down, so that I enjoy the story and not struggle so much.

    I mean challenging games can be fun sometimes, but nowadays I just feel that my life offers me enough struggles not to want another one while playing. For me games offer an escape of reality and I like them chill and casual but still with an engaging story.

  • Here are my thoughts on Tinykin

    Recently I got myself a new game bundle, and in amongst the games that I actually wanted to play, was one called Tinykin. For me a game like Tinykin would just get added to my library and languish for years until I decide to play it, or remember I even had it. See my Turnip Boy post for a case in point. But I want to start doing better and give all the games in bundle I get at least a few minutes in the spotlight. So when I installed and tried out Tinykin, I wasn’t very impressed, and yet I found myself unable to put it down. Which made me want to take a closer look at it.

    I feel that my intrigue with this game, comes primarily from it’s gameplay. At it’s core, Tinykin is a collect-a-thon platformer akin to Banjo Kazooie, or a Spyro the Dragon. Where you are given a giant level to explore with various paths, hubs and areas. With lots of things to do, things to collect, and activities to complete for more rewards. But unlike other platformers, where you unlock new moves as you play, slowly expanding both your abilities and the world, in Tinykin you get Pikm… cough cough. I mean Tinykin of various colours and abilities that will expand your abilities and things you can do. From interacting with object in the world, to destroying obstacles, getting to new areas that you couldn’t before and solving various puzzles.

    Movement is where this game truly shines. While these worlds feel gigantic, exploring them never felt tiring. There’s this methodical rhythm that guides you through the entire game making platforming never dull. I fell this is part due to the game excellent aesthetics and music, but also because the game is jammed packed with something for you to do and to interact with.

    And it’s in the interaction with this game, which initially tripped me up and made it seem a whole lot less impressive then it actually is. The game heavily relies on narrative to push you along and gets you started. But the walls of text the game expects you to read and go through, just put me off. I think there is a good narrative here, but I wasn’t able to pay attention to it. At least not until the end, when there is finally a character that is voiced.

    Thankfully I was able to play the game, without deliberately talking to a single NPC, objectives can be found, and completed at my discretion and on my own time. Tinykin is an oddly relaxing and wholesome game, where there are no villains, no enemies to fight, no bosses to beat, and no twist villains. Tinykin is just a simple, plane Jane platformer, with a simple gimmick, and unique aesthetic that give this game a unique identity.

    While for me I probably won’t be replaying it. I have a feeling trying to collect everything would be a chore, and the lack of voice acting doesn’t help starting the levels fresh. I do feel this is a game I want to recommend. It’s not the most impressive platformer I’ve played, but it has this calm and simple enjoyability that I don’t think I’ve seen in another platformer.

  • Conker's Bad Fur Day: A Patient Gamer Review

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    > TL;DR This game is still really funny with crude humor that mostly holds up and gameplay that doesn't disappoint. Its showing some age but not enough to get in the way of the fun. If you're a fan of movies from around the year 2001, this is a must play. > > ## Introduction > An alchoholic squirrel platformer, an absurd scenario adventure, an excessive amount of swear words, a surprising amount of poop, more movie references than you can shake a stick at, and World War 2 are all shoved into a single N64 cartridge. What could go wrong? > > This is a departure for Rare into a game targeted at adult audiences after producing family friedly platformers for years. Don't let the cute and cartoonish exterior of this game fool you, you're in for a ride from the moment the game boots up. > > ## The Necessary Background > I think my enjoyment and perspective is relevant to my thoughts about this game so let me explain my biases here. As in previous reviews, this is not an attempt to talk about the game as it was 23 years ago. I'm placing this game in a modern context, especially since I never owned an N64 and wasn't apart of that era. This game is almost as old as I am, so keep that in mind. > > The other disclaimer here is that I am not big on movies and tv or pop culture from this era. I'll explain more later about references, but a lot of them flew over my head. It isn't a large problem but again keep this in mind. With that out of the way... > > ## Does the Game Play Itself? > No it doesn't. The gameplay here is fairly minimal coming off of the backs of the two Banjo-Kazooie games. No need to memorize complicated control layouts to progress. The controls here remain nearly the same throughout and lead to a pretty enjoyable, but simple, platforming experience. Most levels are fairly linear but aren't straightforward and require knowing your environment and exploring. > > That isn't saying the gameplay doesn't evolve. Most of the moves you have access to come from a pad you stand on to activate. These usually change your interactions with the environment in some way. They give you a slingshot or missile launcher or maybe a bottle of booze for a scarecrow. It takes a lot of the thinking out of the game and lets you sit back and enjoy the adventure. > > Previous games from the people at Rare had this feeling of a toolkit platformer where more tools were given to you but the tools you had stayed with you throughout the game. This led to complex controls and more often just meant that moves went underutilized or were shoehorned into levels. I appreciated the restraint shown here and to make use of the tools within each level only when needed. > > ## A Squirrel and the Princess > In regards to the story, there isn't much here beyond a vague scenario given to the player. The characters and levels do a great job of telling a narrative but the core idea of the game is that many different scenarios are stiched together. It leads to a lot of varience in the atmosphere of the game. > > Further backing that up is the soundtrack which, as usual, is something Rare did an amazing job with. When you enter an area made of entirely poop in the game, the main thing selling you on the disgust of it is the farts and burps in the music. And yes, I did just say that they are IN the music. I'll let you decide how to feel about that. > > ## Conker's Great Stand Up Routine > This is the part of the discussion that makes or breaks this game for me. Is this game funny? And if so, in what way is it funny? > > To answer the first question, it will be pretty subjective to you. I'll characterize the comedy by saying that it is crude and unsophisticated humor for the most part. Most of it holds up well considering comedy from the era and theres only a few things I'd say might cross the line with modern audiences. I thought most of the game was humorous, even if it didn't leave me on the floor crying from laughing. > > The absurd scenarios and chracters are refreshing compared to a lot of games that play it more safely nowadays. That said, the references for movies will play into how much you enjoy your time here. For myself, I'd say that I understood a small portion of the references though even reading about them didn't make me think I'd view them the same way today. > > For instance, there are short scenes where a movie scene is recreated and similar or exact lines are repeated as a reference. I found these amusing, but not funny per se. It ages similar to parody of anything else though. To give an analogy, it'd be like looking back on an SNL skit making fun of US president George Bush. You'd crack a smile, maybe laugh once or twice, but not like you would have while he was president. That being said, if Terminator, The Matrix, and Starwars are still fresh in your head you'll find this very amusing. > > ## Wrapping Up the Red Squirrel > There isn't too much else to say about this game. Its humorous in a simple way, it looks great and sounds great, and the gameplay is varied and interesting. The game is on the shorter side so its easy to recommend this one. For those who worry about the humor side of it, play the first hour of this one and you'll know quickly if it clicks with you or not. > > As a final wrap up, let me thank everyone who has been recommending me this game because I had a good time playing it. Let me know what your experience with this game was if you played it! > > Feel free to check out my previous posts for write ups on other Rare games! > > Banjo Kazooie Review > > Banjo Tooie Review

  • I completely forgot I got Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion for Free on Epic Games. I played and beat it today!

    When I saw a new game release called Turnip Boy Robs a Bank, it piqued my curiosity. Such a contrasting tone in both the gameplay visuals and setting that I wanted to know more. Then I saw that this isn't Turnip Boy's first outing, when he committed another crime in his first debut game, Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion. For $5 on Steam and GOG it was tempting, but when I saw I already owned it on Epic Games, which I got during one of those Free Promotions. It's hard not to give it a try.

    So what is this wholesome game? Well it's a top down action game, and I'm tempted to call it a Zelda Title. Mostly due to the various puzzles including moving blocks, bomb-able walls and a portal... planter. But it feels and controls more like a twin stick shooter, especially since there is no dungeons to explore.

    The gameplay is fun, but a bit too fetch questy which usually ends with you getting, or finding a document. Like a bill, a wanted poster, or a tax document, where you will proceed to rip it up. Turnip Boy is hysterical in just how much of a jerk he can be. He doesn't want to pay his taxes and he will do everything to avoid it. I love a game were the protagonist has a personality that isn't just a blank slate.

    But while there is a lot I like about this game. I will be echoing a common criticism of this game, it's length. For a byte size adventure it's fine, especially for a "free" game or a $5 game. But for the price it's asking ~$15 I would've love to see a extra "boss"/"dungeon". The post game endless train combat arena is nice, but needs more enemies and variety to not feel like the repetitive slog it turns into after the second round of fighting the same 4 bosses.

    But when it's on sale, which it often is, it's definitely a fun adventure that's worth getting. And from what it sounds like when Turnip Boy robs that bank, it should be a better experience.

  • Super Metroid

    Super Metroid's color palette and lanky sprite were always a turn off for me. But I'm finally giving it a chance on SNES (MSU-1 version) & I'm really enjoying it!

    Vibes are: Quake + the movie Alien + Nine Inch Nails' album The Downward Spiral. Pretty cool aesthetic after all!

  • Who here remember The Fairly OddParents: Breaking Da Rules!

    I was in a weird mood this week and wanted to re-play a PS2 game. I haven't felt in the mood to replay Breaking Da Rules since I made a video about it 9ish years ago (according to YouTube).

    For those of you who either weren't born yet when this came out, or were too old to play these kinds of license games. This is your generic Platformer with [INSERT FRANCHISE HERE] slapped on it. Akin to a Spongebob Squarepants, or DuckTales.

    This time it was The Fairly OddParents, based on their first Season of episodes. Where the levels are based off of various settings shown in the episodes or at times, ripping of the plot completely. While at times the story is a bit weak, I feel most of my complaints are nick picking compared to the quality which other license games had at the time.

    Especially since the graphics are, at time, some of the better ages graphics I can remember from the time. It's nothing remarkable, but aesthetically the game feels like it was ripped right from the episode. Or at least it is for small characters, larger models are PS1 Hargrid levels of bad and funny.

    The gameplay has also held up well. It's not anything special, nor anything I haven't seen before. Outside of Vertical Camera controls there's a good variety and no two levels feel the same.

    Now it's defiantly not worth going out to get a PS2 or a GameCube out to play this game. It's good but not that Good. However it's a fun game to emulate, especially the PS2 port in PCSX2. Wide screen is fantastic, increase in the resolution makes the games aesthetics looks even better... and the jank even more noticeable.

    For a game over 20 years old, it's held up well all things considered.

  • Should I continue waiting for Cyberpunk?

    Currently, I'm waiting for a sale that puts the base game and phantom liberty at around £25. Am I being a bit silly? Is it worth picking up the next time GOG do a sale for around £38?

    Edit: I'd just like to say thank you to everyone who has responded with useful information, and opinions on the game. I think I may treat myself next time the base game is £25 (and I have a weekend to play!)

  • Vocab word for "filler" items?

    In many games there are a lot of stupid filler items that you don't know what they do and they don't matter. (i.e. crafting ingredients). They are so ubiquitous across games that there ought to be a word for them. Sort of like a "MacGuffin" (except a MacGuffin moves the plot along, and these filler items don't).

    Is there a name for these filler items? If not, got any ideas?

  • Just finished Replaying New Super Mario Bros for the first time since I think it came out. And here are my thoughts on it.

    New Super Mario Bros, I think can be described in just one word. Good.

    It's not fantastic, I know I've played better platformers, more memorable games with a lasting impression and from around this time. And yet, I will always compare these games to the quality of Good that Nintendo and this game has set here.

    Back in the day this was a big game, as it was the first new 2D Mario game since Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island. Not that gamers were lacking with 2D Mario with the onslaught or re-releases on the GBA. But looking back on it now, this game is lacking quite a lot in terms of power ups, there's only 2, and the very linear level progression.

    There is a lot more replay value than I remember, especially with worlds 3 and 7 being optional. But at a time where I can play New Super Mario Bros Wii, or U on my Laptop, there's very little in the way that makes this game stand out today.

    It's gimmick is short lived, it does nothing which previous Mario games didn't do already, or did better. And while it is a very fun game to replay, my entire time replaying it, made me want to play another game.

    Which brings me back to the top of the page. If I had to describe New Super Mario Bros in a word. I would use good. But I know it could've been better.

  • Resident Evil 7 & 8

    Resident Evil 7 I’ve had this game for a while and finally sat down to play it. The game was amazing from start to finish. It legit had scary moments in the game. There were times where my heart was pounding and I was physically stressed walking through the house. The antagonists were really cool as were the boss fights. Fighting the mom was a little annoying, but it wasn’t too bad. This game is like a 10/10.

    Resident Evil 8 Right off the bat I have to say this game was more fun, but less frightening. It had a few moments in the first half of the game, but the second half became action packed. I preferred the inventory system of this game and how all the crafting material, key items, and treasures were in a separate inventory. Since ammo was abundant I found myself just rushing areas instead of sneaking through them. While I think this game is better is most regards, I give it a 9/10 as it lost some of the scary stuff that resident evil 7 had. But, if 7 didn’t exist I’d give this a 10/10.

    With that being said, I’m just about to fight the final boss of 8. But I have to say that both of these games look amazing on the steam deck. It runs perfectly as well. These games have been so good, that I’ll buy resident evil 4 remake as soon as I finish 8.

  • Just finished playing through Assassin's Creed Syndicate, here are my thoughts.

    Thanks to the recent Ubisoft Giveaway, I was able to get my hands on Assassin's Creed Syndicate for the low low price of... free. I was waiting to get it on PS4 for a few bucks since I wouldn't have to use the UPlay, sorry Ubisoft Connect Client. But free is a better deal.

    My thoughts on the game as simple. Assassins Creed Revelations must've been a pretty high peek for Assassins Creed to fall so low. Not just because the gameplay was so formulaic that I experienced everything the game had to offer after the first boss fight. But the game offered so little new in terms of gameplay and variety that I was done with the game only after offing half of the baddies.

    And I don't think that this is the fault of a bland game design. But an issue of either a slow narrative, or lack thereof. You meet a colourful cast of characters from a Little Girl running a children information network, a man with a top hat with a B, and a Woman dressed in a nice 3 piece suit who runs a... smuggling... thingy. I genuinely can't remember these people since they are introduced and the only time I see them is in, in-game icons showing that I helped them by working on the gang.

    Even the main Character Eve and Jacob (who I kept calling Jacob , Edward throughout the game since he acts just like Kenway), barely talk with each-other. And the only time they do is when you meet [INSERT HISTORIC FIGURE HERE]. Or when Eve is cleaning up Jacob after a rampage.

    I feel with a repetitive game like a Ubisoft title, the game needs a more compelling narrative, like we'd eventually see in Assassins Creed Odyssey, but that game has it's own issues. Issues which I can feel take their roots in this game with a very spongy combat system. Thank god a knife in the throat or a bullet through the head will kill anyone irrespective of their "Level".

    What's worse is that on PC, the game would crash for seemingly no reason, causing my PC to Blue Screen more time than I care to remember. But the sad thing about this is, I'd prefer to play it over Odyssey.

    Is it tedious? Yes, but you can use the mechanics to get around it.

    Is the story slow? Yes, but it is mercifully short and unoffensive.

    Tie that along with an beautiful score from Austin Wintory, which I will be exploring later, and the game is a passable experience. There is a much more memorable game in the first two Assassin's Creed games then here, but for the price of Free, or what I see the XBone version of this game going for, it's not a bad way to kill a week.

  • Perusing Pentiment's Boisterous Bibliography | SuperBunnyHop Perusing Pentiment's Boisterous Bibliography

    Support high-quality educational videos with Nebula, using my link for 40% off: 2:00 Skip to here for the good stuff 7:44 Gameplay overview 21:22 The Faithful Executioner 27:49 The Return of Martin Guerre 31:06 The Cheese and the Worms 36:31 Durer's Letters & ...

    Perusing Pentiment's Boisterous Bibliography
  • Old games you can nominate for the Steam Awards (in any category)
    • Saturnalia
    • Salt and Sacrifice
    • Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed
    • Railgrade
    • Ooblets
    • Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2
    • Mythforce
    • Saints Row
    • Arcadegeddon
    • Monopoly Madness
    • Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six® Extraction
    • Riders Republic
    • Vampire: The Masquerade - Swansong
    • Magic The Gathering: Arena
    • Far Cry 6
    • Voidtrain
    • Darkest Dungeon 2
    • Galactic Civilizations IV
    • Evil Dead: The Game
    • Pinball FX
    • Sifu
    • Omen of Sorrow
    • Phantom Brigade
    • Sonic Colors Ultimate
    • Trackmania
    • Jett: The Far Shore
    • Watch_Dogs: Legion
    • Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon® Breakpoint
    • Tom Clancy’s The Division® 2
    • Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game
  • Giveaway: Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor GOTY

    Hello gentlemen. It seems I've already have this in my collection, so maybe one of you want it?


    % = G

    Steam code. Comment below after you've redeemed it.

  • Compared to Metroid Prime 1, does the Metroid Prime 2 environment feel bland?

    Overall the game is OK, but it seems that the environment is kind of boring compared to Metroid Prime 1. But maybe it is just nostalgia. What are your thoughts?

    If you agree, do you think they did a better job in Prime 3? I'll play that next.

  • I finally got to finishing the Titanfall 2 Campaign

    and I can see where it got it's reputation for being one of the best single player FPS campaigns. Especially since the last FPS campaign I played was Wolfenstein (2009).

    What I liked about it was it's length, this can be beaten in a day if you wanted to, or if you like taking your time, about 1-4 play sessions. The gun variety was good, the gameplay variety and scenarios was fantastic. I also liked how at times the game turned into a platformer.

    That being said, this isn't a game I feel inclined to play again. For the $5 I spent on it, the game is fantastic, but I've defiantly played better shooter campaigns (looking at you Splatoons 1-3), and better FPS campaigns (Wolfenstein: The New Order). This is a solid B tier game, or if this was the 90's and early 2000's, a solid rental recommendation.

    With that said, I can only advise the PC version if you plan to go online. If you are playing signal player you might want to get the PS4 or XBONE versions since Origin/EA App is needed to run even the signal player campaign. It's annoying and has been an issues for those with Steam Decks apparently.

    Solid Recommendation from me, but get the console versions first if you have that as an option and don't care for Online. Or get it on Steam for like $3-$6 like it was in the last steam sale.

  • Those of you who played Ōkami - how did you deal with Blockhead in Kamui?

    Since it is an optional one ("just" guarding a Stray Bead) you can ignore him and still enjoy the entire story without missing out on anything, but the little completionist in me just HAS to beat him every time.

    In the Switch version you can record and replay the clip, then solve the "puzzle" ingame as long as you don't let go of the brush button for the entire time (otherwise it's an automatic fail). The PSII version does not offer this workaround, and after a couple dozen tries I got so impatient that I grabbed an erasable marker and drew the lines between the dots on the TV screen. Still took me three more tries to actually beat him.

    I don't doubt that there are some people who didn't have any problems with Blockhead at all, but I'm curious about possible other workarounds. So, how did you do it?

  • I’m playing Metroid Prime 2 and am a little stressed about the ammo. Would using an infinite ammo cheat ruin the game?

    I think the ammo for the beam weapons is a bit stressful. I just got them and am wondering if using an infinite ammo cheat will ruin the experience or if it will make the game more enjoyable.

    Maybe I will get ammo upgrades and it won’t matter.

    What is your opinion on the matter? I don’t mind being stressed if it makes the game more fun overall.

  • Thinking of getting an Xbox One for Rare Replay, what other games should I be looking out for?

    It's been over 10 years since the release of the Xbox One. I've had no need to buying one since I had a PC, and a Switch. Ever since they made the Xbox One S, I've kind of been looking it for the Rare Replay Collection. Since it's $10 Conkers Bad Furday and every other great Rare game. But I can't find it in myself to pad out it's library enough to justify buying an whole console. And buying hardware just to play one game doesn't sit well with me.

    Here's how I've been handing my games thus far.

    • PC - for Multiplayer and cross platform games from this generation, since I refuse to pay for PS Plus and Xbox Live Gold

    • PS4 - for Sony exclusives & games better played on consoles, i.e. Assassin's Creed and Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

    • Switch - for indi games and exclusives

    Outside of Halo and Forza (which I was thinking of looking into), are there any other games exclusive too, or better on Xbox which might be missing.

  • Revisiting 3D Zelda Games (thoughts)

    I decided to play through some of the 3d Zelda games as it’s been years and years.

    First, I played through majoras mask as I have not played that since I was a kid when I last played it. I didn’t like it then and I absolutely hated it this time, too. I actually just stopped playing once I got to the moon.

    After that I played, ocarina of time. I spent countless hours with this game as a kid and I enjoyed playing it again. I how much I remembered from this game. It’s pretty great and I think it holds up today. I played the ship of harkinian version of it.

    I played a bit of link between worlds, the 3ds one and it was OK, but I found some of the puzzles to be a bit too confusing and I got a little frustrated with it once I made it to the dark world. I don’t plan to finish that game. I loved link to the past, but this one was just OK to me.

    Before I decided to play these games again, I started with twilight princess. I got past the first temple and made it to kakiriko village. I got busy and put it down, I may pick it back up, but I’m in no rush.

    The real reason I wanted to write is… Wind Waker! This game is amazing! I’ve played it on GameCube and the HD version. I forgot how much charm this game has. I used to say that OOT was the best, but I’ve completely flipped. I think WindWaker is the best of the Zelda games.

    I’m not including botw and totk in this as they are a much different game. I love those games, but they are hard to compare to classic Zelda due to their differences.

  • Games with absolute banger OSTs (and perhaps good stories / gameplay)

    Dear patient lemmings, I am in need of your help. I'm searching for games that have some GOD DAAMN OSTs and come with a great story or/and gameplay.

    Games that tick these requirements for me:

    • Danganronpa 1/2/V3 + Ultra Despair Girls (most recently finished)
    • Persona 4/5 (waiting for Persona 3 remaster)
    • NFS Most Wanted (2005, 2012), Carbon, ProStreet
    • Doom 2016, Eternal
    • Test Drive Unlimited 2
    • Life is Strange
    • Ace Combat 7
    • Omori
  • Witcher 3

    Just finished Witcher 3 and got the bad ending. Properly traumatized.

    Edit: As far as I can understand, the 3 places I went wrong were: Telling Ciri she doesn't have to be good at everything, joining as backup with the mage meeting, and not trashing the lab (I thought the necklace scene was sweet).

  • I hate Majora’s Mask!

    I played this game as a kid when it released and remembered not liking it very much. I remembered almost nothing about it. I didn’t remember a single boss fight or temple, like it was really wiped from my mind.

    I wanted to play through it again because people always talk about how they love this game, but I found it really lacking and annoying at times.

    Having to redo things each time you resets time made the game feel more like a chore. I understand that your going back in time, but it did not make for good gameplay.

    I made it to the moon, but I’m burnt out at this point and a little under powered. I did not do any of the side quests as having to redo a bunch of stuff sounds terrible. I don’t want to get 3/4th through a side quest only to have to reset time.

    Before resetting, I have to deposit money, then reset, then stock up my items again, and redo all the things I need to do to get back to where I was.

    I have to admit that it is really original and a cool concept, but it does not work in practice.

    I still put oot and wind Waker at the top of the 3d Zelda’s. (Not counting the switch games)

    At this point, I’ll boot up oot and play through that again. I vividly remember child links part of the game and a decent amount of adult link. After that, I’ll try the master quest. I remember that being difficult and I never completed it when I was a kid.

  • 6
  • Just finished Sekiro

    Wow. What an experience.

    It wasn't all smooth sailing. I even took a month break thinking I might not come back to it, but boy I'm glad I did.

    I'm new to souls like, only having played Elden Ring before this (which was amazing). Sekiro was a game that I picked up afterwards, and struggled with early on. It felt like a departure to everything I'd learned in gaming to this point. You don't want to dodge, you want to deflect. Holding block helps you recover. Parrying will beat a boss quicker than trying to drive down their health. Once these things start to click, defeating bosses feels like a true accomplishment.

    Fighting the end game bosses had my heart rate going like no other boss battles I can remember. Elden Ring had some memorable and awe inspiring bosses, but the feeling in Sekiro when you're about to break the posture of a boss for a final deathblow was indescribable.

    If there's anyone left who hasn't given Sekiro a go, do yourself a favour. It takes some time for it to click, but when it does, it's something special.

  • Just finished Grim Fandango remastered.

    Always wanted to play it when it was released, but never got around to it and totally forgot about it.

    Till it popped up in my recommended feed and bought instantly.

    Damn, what a game. Point & click adventure game at its finest. If its not the humor or the beautiful art that draws you in, the music certainly will.

    If you like point & click games, this one you should definitely play this game.

  • Not sure if videos are allowed here, but I thought this was a really intriguing video essay on how the old Thief games from decades ago stack up against more modern (at the time, anyway, the video is nearly 10 years old itself!) AAA Games.

  • I've created a community for free game offers Free Video Game Giveaways - Feddit UK

    This is a place to post limited-time giveaways of full video games that are then yours to keep forever at no cost (i.e. this is not for steam sales, free-to-play games, free weekends, competition giveaways, or free in-game items!) Please don’t repost stuff that’s already been posted or stuff that br...

    Free Video Game Giveaways - Feddit UK

    Hello fellow patient gamers, this is a cheeky self-plug for [email protected], a community I've created to post limited-time full-game free giveaways. The reward for being patient is that sometimes you get freebies; post them here if you spot them first, or comment to say whether it's a must play for everyone or if zero cost is still too expensive!

  • A Hidden Gem - Spy Party

    I've noticed this one seems to be chilling (lobby emptyish), so I would love to pipe it up to people who might not know about it.

    I've been obsessed with Spy Party recently. It's this casual-not-casual 1v1 strategy game where one person plays a spy trying to complete innocuous missions at a crowdy cocktail party while the other player is a sniper trying to catch them in the act and shoot them. And the whole game runs just 3-4 minutes. The spy wins if they finish their missions or the sniper kills an innocent, and the sniper wins if the spy fails or they catch them redhanded and fire their ONE bullet.

    Dev has basically stopped, but the game is pretty much complete. What a blast. You probably want to make sure you have a friend to play with in case the lobby is sleepy (there's usually one or two people inviting me to a game immediately when I join, but mostly because they're chilling alone waiting for a join). A buddy of mine and I keep going back to it over a bunch of other games because it's so damn addictive.

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