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Reddit was awesome. It’s sad what became of it. Started in Lemmy but kbin's reputation system woo'd me over!

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Roman World
  • They had some work to be done.

  • What different things are considered emotionally exhausting?
  • I have a hard time most of the time when I get constructive criticism at work!

  • What different things are considered emotionally exhausting?
  • I guess some people enjoy the action and the nervousness!

    I have found catharsis in watching extreme violence, as an example

  • What are you using AI (ChatGPT, Perplexity AI) for in your daily routine?
  • Not a daily routine.

    I've been doing some visual character stuff for my fictional story!
    It's nice to actually see some characters visually for the story - it adds to the motivation to work on it 😁

  • Rust seems to be a coding language
  • I didn't mean that service 😁

  • Scientists Reveal Why Using ChatGPT To Message Your Friends Isn’t a Good Idea
  • You can also start training your "calm down" skill and the sub-skill of writing neutral or even positive things while being pissed!

  • Rust seems to be a coding language

    Just dropping this here so others who stumble upon this magazine get some idea what this place is about 😁

    What is your ideal environment for relaxation?
  • Computer and some music that fits the mood.

  • Do you ever feel like you're chained down by your past - things you can't let go of, things you wish you could still do?
  • Start small with the process. Start getting a big picture of all the issues, little by little.

  • I'm not ok
  • I don't think you need to spill it all out at once!

    Start with something small and work with it as far as you have resources to do so.
    If the small thing grows bigger quickly, just be patient and take a pause when you need one.

  • A creepy girl, sitting around grass
  • Would be interesting to meet her at least!

  • The powerful need/feeling not to try sexualizing specific people or fictional characters

    Have you ever come across a person/character that you may feel deep connection, or respect, or deep admiration towards - and then, at some point, all of the sudden, they are somehow about to come in light in a sexual perspective, and then you suddenly find a strong feeling in yourself that seeing them as a sexual creature all of the sudden feels terribly weird, wrong, crazy, scary, horrible etc?

    Why do we not want to see or consider some people or characters as sexual people at all? (I'm not looking at people you'd find normally unappealing to start with). Even if we would get somehow interested at this new point of view, at least to a point, we just cannot seem to be able to cross that strange border?

    Is it some kind of "ruining your childhood" effect?

    seeking a dentist
  • I suppose it depends on how they feel about you!

    Naturally, if she considers you as their enemy, pain and horror would be something normal to be experienced in such a situation!

  • The Unofficial Kbin Guide is now available from the FAQ page!
  • Care to paste a link in here that takes us to this FAQ page??

  • Yay! The system is fixed!
  • Thanks!

  • Relationships
  • I think generally everything pays off more when you put more time or effort in it.

  • Yay! The system is fixed!
  • Could someone ELI5 what this comic is about?

  • NSFW
    Letting the air fill your lungs from a balloon
  • Yeah, I've heard of that too.

    In this example however, both blowing the balloon and taking the air in would happen in the same room, under same conditions (temperature and air pressure).

  • For the love of God, please delete my fucking account. It's been over a month. Please.
  • @SLaSZT Hmm. Peculiar!

    I should be able to delete an online account easily and promptly if that's what I choose to do

    I quite agree on that!
    There was one service I couldn't get rid of my info cos they required ridiculous amounts of work to do before they would have done so! It was frustrating...I gave up, they won.

  • Helping the environment
  • Well, when you put it in that way, I understand it!

    I was only getting a thought of "You cannot survive if you have no society" before!

  • Employers
  • Meanwhile I love doing volunteer work with no problems whatsoever (free work most of the time) and at the same time I have problems keeping my mental health stable for a longer period of time when working for a wage...

  • The relationship between a Human and an Android (romantic or not)

    Thoughts about it? Could it be a good thing? Could it be dangerous? Should it be explored or banned? What about ethics? Android rights? Freedom? Android feelings?

    /kbin meta Damaskox

    I still keep losing comments.

    I still keep losing comments. Stuff pointing from notifications lead to no such comment - cannot find anything with Ctrl+F and I see no page numbers or any other indicators of any other pages existing.



    Heists like seen in Die Hard I actually exist?

    Watching the movie at the moment.

    It woke up a question. Do we have successful heists like what we can see in the movie in real life?


    Morbid Curiosity: Content about strange/bizarre/disturbing stuff

    !morbidcuriosity Kbin link

    I'm the creator of the community (since it wouldn't exist otherwise). It has already lots of topics/threads even though it's next to a ghost town 😅


    Morbid Curiosity: A community for weird/disturbing/etc content (such as discussions)

    !morbidcuriosity Kbin link

    I'm the creator of the community (since it wouldn't exist otherwise). It has already lots of topics/threads even though it's next to a ghost town 😅


    She scolds me about not buying anything in the bar we hang at

    Greetings. I'm in quite of a pickle here, and just thinking about it will get me nowhere.


    I attend a group hobby weekly. Quite often we go for a follow-up hang-out in the local bar. I recall everyone else buying a drink and coming to sit down to have a chat. I don't buy anything. I wait for the first of us ordering and then I follow them to the table.

    One of our attendees has commented on my behavior twice so far. First she said that I'm a bum. That I use the bar's staff and the place for my own benefit. There's a chance that she said that in front of someone else. Last night she commented that I'm still doing this (we two sat alone for a while). She's afraid that they'll throw us out because of my behavior.

    I explained that I rarely buy stuff from bars. On the second comment I said that I'll probably continue this behavior to the end of times and they won't throw us out because everyone else spends money. And that my friend said that she or her friends do the same thing quite commonly. I could have felt her loathing upon me.

    I don't have the money to buy pricy consumables. I have my own water bottle and sometimes snacks from a market to keep my belly full enough. Or then I don't eat anything and eat later. I'm there because of the company.

    The employees haven't commented anything about my behavior. I don't know, would they even care.


    Thoughts? Am I unfair or is she?

    I'm thinking about asking her next time that should I just leave if I'm such a bother to her. I'm also thinking about suggesting us to talk about this as a group.


    EDIT: I don't think this is about alcohol. I believe most of them order something else cos it's late Monday and most people go to work the next day. EDIT2: We don't have the tipping culture here. EDIT3: Thanks for all the comments! You give my mind and feels some peace 💗


    Existing back in time where the general temperature of space was 0 celsius?

    If we copied/moved our planet and us as we are now back in time that far away, what would happen?

    Could we survive, or are we bombarded to death by something, or something else?



    "I'll woo her again! One day she's mine!" "I wood her before but she wasn't sure yet..." "I woo'd her before but she wasn't sure yet..." "I woed her before but she wasn't sure yet..."

    How does this word work?

    /kbin meta Damaskox

    Anyone else not being able to find their comment in a thread?

    Anyone else not being able to find their comment in a thread? I have a notification of two replies but I cannot find even my own comment let alone their replies.




    I wish to see a better tomorrow through greener choices that more and more people choose. I play my part to make a difference, no matter how small it is compared to something else.

    I trust that nuclear energy is one of the choices we can make that take us to a cleaner future.

    Even though I'm not subscribed to the Nuclear magazine because I get to read through every thread, I am nonetheless happy every time I see you posting one more nuclear thread.

    Maybe we get more chances to make a cleaner difference?

    Thank you for your work here!


    (Did I use the @ user mention correctly?)


    Optimistic nihilism

    "the ability of a person to create his own meaning after fully accepting that the universe is a large place of meaninglessness." \~ The Centre for Optimism

    Spooky scary skeletons Damaskox

    A discussion with ChatGPT gone creepy

    Crosspost from hmmm