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I never celebrated "over there," but I like you guys
  • I haven't watch that episode in ages. I know he was supposed to be Fear but at no point was I able to suspend my disbelief. My brain settled firmly on, "oh hey look it's Michael McKean."

  • Uniform discrepancy
  • He had a female comms officer, why would a female yeoman (an NCO depicted as the captain's PA) seem shocking in that context?

  • What was using the internet in the early 2000s like?
  • In the late 1990s I was at university using their OC-48 lines. So I had a share of a ~2GBit connection while most of the people were lucky to get 56k.

    In the dorms, everyone was assigned an IP address but most people still didn't have their own computers. So my roommate and I convinced a bunch of other people on our floor to give us their IPs - and our RA was also a Network admin, so he was able to facilitate. We ran a web server, forums, Quake and Team Fortress (1) servers (Clan Clam for folks that remember Quake Clans), and some very private file servers. All running on found hardware.

    The speed was so fast compared to most folks that it was a bit like having a data related super power.

  • Human to bat comparison
  • I still think horses did best with the 5 digit feet they were given.

    Ancestry give you too many toes? Evolve a permanent middle finger salute and show natural selection who's boss.

  • Uniform discrepancy
  • I like that the movies made her comms officer (eventually) on the Excelsior. Sulu seems like a better captain to serve under than James "why did Starfleet assign me a female yoman" Kirk. What the hell kind of shit is that in the 23rd century?

  • Constantly. Or "oh, I thought I told you already."
  • I came home one weekend while in college and my mom's car was gone, but there was an unfamilure minivan. When I got inside, did the normal pleasantries, and I asked about the minivan, my mom dropped:

    Oh, I hit some black ice on the way to work last week and spun and got t-boned. I woke up to the paramedics shaking me from behind. They had to some in through the hatchback because the car was laying on the driver's door. Anyway, we're waiting for insurance before we start looking for another car and they gave me a rental in the mean time.

    I had talked to her on the phone in between the accident and my visit and she hadn't mentioned it. She broke 2 ribs and had a hairline fractured of her foot - the other driver had a mild concussion. So all-in-all it could have been infinitely worse, but still.

  • Imagine, if you can.
  • I remember going to see The Wizard because it revealed Warp Whistle locations.

  • Thoughts on terrorism
  • Poison a planet on Monday because all the reports were in on time. Friday there was a pizza party in ops because we had gone 5 days without a holosuite malfunction. Then on Saturday we assassinated a Romulan Senator as a treat for Garak's birthday.

  • Dr. Cox as spoken by Dr. T'Ana: Get a Pair
  • I can imagine her describing all humanoids as "bastard covered bastards with bastard filling"

  • has been fixed rule. :)
  • There are 3d models of the demon core, so one would make a plastic version of this game. It'd be missing the cool blue flash you get from winning, but its good to test these kinds of things before you dig into your plutonium stockpile.

  • Touch the Tummy
  • We adopted a cat recently who loves being held tight, having belly rubs, and having his paws touched. He doesn't even mind having his claws trimmed. So delightfully weird.

  • It's Dead Sexay
  • Not gonna lie, I'm sitting here wondering if I could make that phone work for a Teams meeting.

  • Things are getting tetchy in the burger fandom
  • Someone with the last name Cheese, stabbed someone with the last name Burger.

  • It's been right in front of us for all these years
  • As a follower of James Acaster, I called them permed waffles.

  • Ah, no that was the captain of Deep Space 9. A real reactionary.
  • He's a prick but the family does good work in the community.
    Little Sisko Quadrant Achievers, yes, and proud we are of all of them.

  • US acknowledges Northwest dams have devastated the region's Native tribes
  • Hopefully this leads to more federal funding for local dam removal projects / river restoration projects.

  • Or your dog.
  • My cat usually decides this mid-meeting. He likes watching the Teams gallery view.

  • UK millionaires are fleeing Britain in their thousands
  • Is the author "Mark Thompson" the pen name for Sunak or Farage?

  • Sony buys Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

    Alamo continues to operate its cinemas.

    Sony buys Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

    > Sony Pictures Entertainment has acquired the popular movie theater chain Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, the two companies announced on Wednesday.

    > Sony, which will oversee the theaters under a new Sony Pictures Experiences division, says it “will preserve Alamo Drafthouse’s distinctive movie-dining experience,”

    > Sony is acquiring Alamo Drafthouse from Altamont Capital Partners, Fortress Investment Group, and Alamo founder Tim League — a group that took ownership of Alamo after it filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2021.


    Glory to you and your House music

    I blatantly stole this from a bsky thread my friend reposted, though I'm sure its history is longer and full of more tales of honor than that.


    Taskmaster (UK) Series 18 Cast

    > Join Andy Zaltzman, Babatunde Aléshé, Emma Sidi, Jack Dee & Rosie Jones in Series 18

    I just Rosie Jones on something talking about taking a first date to a posh restaurant and then seeing Greg, Alex, and Tim Key at a table, and her being torn about wanting to give her attention to her date but also really wanting to be on Taskmaster. I'm glad at least one worked out.


    > A purported leak of 2,500 pages of internal documentation from Google sheds light on how Search, the most powerful arbiter of the internet, operates.

    > The leaked documents touch on topics like what kind of data Google collects and uses, which sites Google elevates for sensitive topics like elections, how Google handles small websites, and more. Some information in the documents appears to be in conflict with public statements by Google representatives, according to Fishkin and King.


    Working behind the counter

    This is the first time I've found a squirrel sitting in the tray. They usually sit on the countertop to eat. This is also smaller than most of our brown squirrel customers.


    ICQ, One of the Oldest Instant Messengers, Is Shutting Down

    > ICQ will stop working on June 26. It's encouraging users to migrate to a messaging app from Russia-based VK, its parent company.

    I stopped using ICQ in the very early 00s. I didn't know anything of it still remained.


    Subheading: If the trend continues through 2030, the state could lose its recently added sixth U.S. House seat, a think tank says.

    > What does Oregon have in common with West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Louisiana? > > They all lost population in the year ended July 1, 2023, according to the U.S. Census Bureau’s latest estimates, along with California, Hawaii, Illinois and New York.

    > Overall, Oregon’s population fell by 6,021 people, or 0.14%, to 4,233,358. That’s the seventh-largest loss in the nation, just behind high-cost California at -0.19% and ahead of Rust Belt Pennsylvania at -0.08%. > > The declines, though small, are dangerous for a state like Oregon, which has relied on in-migration for much of its economic growth.


    Meet our new buddy Timber

    We adopted Timber (age 4) today from the a rescue in Springfield Oregon. He's only been with us about 4 hours but he's already settling in.

    We met him at a multi-rescue adaption event this afternoon and were told we'd be called this week to finish the process. Then about 45 minutes later they called to tell us the loud event was making him miserable and they'd be happy to have us take him to our nice quiet home. He's currently in our 2nd bedroom to let him acclimate for a week or so before introducing him to our other cat and the rest of the house. He was very stressed at first but by the end of the first hour he was already training us how he likes to be petted, and how he drools when you're doing it right.

    ! !


    Izakaya Meiji is Izakaya Meiji again.

    I never tried Junglefowl. Did anyone else?

    1 Stargazer’s paradise: Oregon area named world’s largest dark sky sanctuary

    Certification awarded for 2.5m acres offering pristine views of night sky, with hopes for expansion to 11m acres

    Stargazer’s paradise: Oregon area named world’s largest dark sky sanctuary

    > With clear skies and sparse trees, the Oregon outback has long been regarded as a stargazers’ paradise. Now the region is home to the world’s largest dark sky sanctuary, offering pristine views of the night sky across 2.5m acres.

    > ...becoming the largest of 19 sites around the world with the same designation. The sanctuary covers Lake county in south-eastern Oregon, a remote area roughly half the size of New Jersey, and could eventually expand to include more than 11m acres.


    The Darkness

    I was reminded of this oldie but goodie by a post my mastodon feed

    14 CenturyLink left customers without Internet for 39 days—until Ars stepped in

    After over a month with no fix, service restored hours after Ars contacted ISP.

    CenturyLink left customers without Internet for 39 days—until Ars stepped in

    > When a severe winter storm hit Oregon on January 13, Nicholas Brown's CenturyLink fiber Internet service stopped working at his house in Portland.

    > It took about 39 days for CenturyLink to restore broadband service to Brown and even longer to restore service to one of his neighbors. Those reconnections only happened after Ars Technica contacted the telco firm on the customers' behalf last week.

    > Brown's situation was almost exactly like one we wrote about in August 2023. In that case... CenturyLink left 86-year-old Minnesota resident Helen Marie Plourde without home Internet and phone service for over a month.

    This makes me glad my mom was able to dump CenturyLink a year ago.

    1 Nabu Casa joins the Z-Wave Alliance

    We have joined the Z-Wave Alliance, thanks to revenue from Home Assistant Cloud subscribers, and will start the certification process for Z-Wave JS.

    Nabu Casa joins the Z-Wave Alliance

    From the blog post:

    > TL;DR: We have joined the Z-Wave Alliance, thanks to revenue from Home Assistant Cloud subscribers, and will start the certification process for Z-Wave JS.

    As a z-wave user myself, I am pleased by this. I was apprehensive about Z-Wave JS at first, but its been super reliable and stable for me.

    90's Music 👍Maximum Derek👍

    Southrn Culture on the Skids - Camel Walk

    This song got tons of airplay on in the PDX area (KNRK) back in the day, and now I mention it to people and they seem to not remember it at all.


    Cascades Raptor Center in Eugene to reopen after extensive storm damage

    Everything below is cross-posted from [email protected] -


    See the original post for more pics of the storm damage and rescue of the lost owl.

    Good news, courtesy of Oregon Public Broadcasting!

    > Thanks to work from staff and volunteers, the center will reopen to the public Feb. 9. > > Executive Director Julie Collins said community members and volunteer arborists have worked tirelessly to remove hanging limbs and picking up truckloads of storm debris at the wildlife refuge. > > Donations received over the last several weeks have also covered the cost of storm damage and lost revenue from the closure. > > Collins said thousands of community members have contacted the center over the last few weeks to offer their help. > > “I think I’m going to be saying thank you a lot,” Collins said.”I hope that the community continues to stand behind us over the years so we can continue to do this work for the generations to come.” > > She said two aviaries were seriously damaged by falling trees during the storm, but neither bird, Atticus the bald eagle nor Lorax the great horned owl, were harmed. > > Both birds have been relocated to temporary enclosures in areas of the center that are open to the public while volunteers rebuild their normal homes.

    It's good to see some good owl news, and amazing to see Oregonians (and some others, I'm sure) come together to help the animals and the center out.

    If you're able, go take a visit and give it a look and your support!



    ‘Biggest relief imaginable’: Eugene wildlife center’s owl found after storm damage

    cross-posted from [email protected]:

    > Cascades Raptor Center in Oregon sustained heavy damage in a snowstorm this month. Lorax the Great Horned Owl was missing after its enclosure was crushed by a falling tree. > > From KOIN News > > > When keepers at Eugene’s Cascades Raptor Center arrived onsite Tuesday morning after the winter storm swept through the area, they became immediately concerned when a Great Horned Owl named Lorax was missing from her damaged enclosure. > > > > Keepers, including Lorax’s trainer Carrie Lorenz, recounted how they all immediately went into “action mode,” removing tree debris and making sure the bird wasn’t trapped under the rubble. > > “As we were heading back with our axes to clear the tree, we were calling out for her just in case. All of a sudden we heard her calling back to us,” said Lorenz. “We ran up the hill towards her call, and there she was: perched in a tree near another aviary. It was the biggest relief imaginable…I put out my glove and she flew right down to it, which was the best feeling in the world.” > > Lorenz continued, “As trainers, we spend a lot of time developing a strong relationship between us and the birds we work with. I’m so glad our relationship with Lorax was strong enough that she trusted me, and flew right down to the glove even after that traumatic experience.”

    Additionally from NBC16

    > The destruction of Lorax’s enclosure is just one of the many damaged areas at Cascades Raptor Center due to the severe weather that took place January 13-16, the Center stated.

    > Fallen trees and electrical damage have made the center inaccessible and dangerous, forcing a closure that may last weeks as the Center struggles to repair the walkways, parking lot, and damaged aviaries. > > Reparations to the damaged infrastructure and removal of all fallen trees are estimated to cost the Center over $30,000, and will take hundreds of hours of labor from Cascades staff and volunteers. > > “Closing our doors is always a hardship for the Center,” said Executive Director Julie Collins. ”But in this instance, it is a must. We have a lot of hard work to do to make the Nature Center safe for our guests. One of our biggest threats right now are the large number of widowmaker branches hanging over newly constructed aviaries; getting those branches removed safely and quickly is necessary to protect both the staff and the site.”

    The animal hospital is open during repairs, and emergency fundraising is going on as well. Damage was also severe in the Bald Eagle enclosure as well, but it sounds like it was found safe as well.

    Here are pictures of the damage from the NBC article.