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Minnesota AutoPastry

Minnesota State Flag on Canvas 2024

The link has a template and coordinates, if this is something that interests you!


Waydroid media controls?

Is it possible to expose the android media player when running an app in Waydroid? I'd like to be able to use my keyboard's physical media keys for controlling songs in a music app.

I'm running on Manjaro and using Wayland if that matters. Even better if it could work with KDE Connect as well.


[EA] Apex Legends™: Battle Pass Updates Apex Legends™: Battle Pass Updates

Everything to know about the upcoming Battle Pass updates.

Apex Legends™: Battle Pass Updates

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Zelda 64: Recompiled for PC - Majora's Mask Release Trailer

[Wiseguy's notes, copied from the video description]

Play Majora's Mask natively on PC! Download here for Windows or Linux: <>\ Project does not include game assets. Original game is required to play.

For more details about this project, check out the full explanation at <>\ For more details about the main tool that was used to make this project, check out <>