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Migrants get visas for being "victims" of Ron DeSantis Migrants get visas for being "victims" of Ron DeSantis

About a year and a half after Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis sent about four dozen migrants to Martha's Vineyard, the migrants are being allowed to stay.

Migrants get visas for being "victims" of Ron DeSantis

The roughly four dozen migrants that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis helped fly from Texas to Martha's Vineyard about a year and a half ago have been granted legal designations due to the Republican's crimes against the "victims."

On September 14, 2022, DeSantis emulated immigration policies enforced by Texas Governor Greg Abbott—who has become known for busing migrants to liberal, sanctuary cities like New York and Chicago—and sent two planes of about 50 migrants, including children, from San Antonio to the small, liberal island south of Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Critics of DeSantis said that sending the migrants, mostly from Venezuela, to the popular vacationing spot was a political stunt that cost Florida taxpayers about $615,000 in total, or about $12,300 per migrant paid out of a $12 million fund to relocate unauthorized immigrants from Florida. Days after they touched down, the migrants—aided by civil rights attorneys—filed a class action lawsuit demanding financial compensation for "economic, emotional and constitutional harms."